Highlights From The 2013 Fall High Point Furniture Market #hpmkt

Fall 2013 High Point Furniture Market Highlights ~

HGTV Home Furniture at the High Point Furniture Market

HGTV Home Furniture at the High Point Furniture Market

On Saturday and Sunday, Jay and I went down to the High Point Furniture Market. For those of you that are not familiar with the market, it’s a *HUGE* gathering of the leading furniture and home decor manufacturers in the United States as well as internationally. Buyers and Media peruse the new collections and make their purchases, write their pieces, etc. This is the 2nd one that we have attended and Jay and I wanted to share a some of our favorite pieces from the market that we thought our readers might also enjoy. πŸ™‚

Twin-Star International

On Saturday, the first showroom we visited was our buddies at Twin-Star International. If you are new to the blog, Cheap Is The New Classy has hosted a couple of reviews and giveaways with them in the past. Be sure to check out the beautiful fireplace and thermoelectric wine cooler that we reviewed for them.

Tresanti Kitchen Island from Twin-Star International at High Point Furniture Market

Tresanti Kitchen Island from Twin-Star International

Bladeless Fan from Twin-Star International at High Point Furniture Market

Bladeless fan! Safe for the kids and pets!

Duraflame Heaters by Twin-Star International at the High Point Furniture Market

HGTV Home Furniture

After lunch on Saturday, we stopped by to visit our buddies at HGTV Home Furniture. Be sure to check out the Bombe Chest that we reviewed for them, too, if you haven’t already, which we later re-purposed into a coffee bar.

HGTV Home Furniture at the High Point Furniture Market

HGTV Home Furniture at High Point Furniture Market

We also met some new friends at the High Point Furniture Market and we’d like to share some of their beautiful furniture and home decor items with you.

Loloi Rugs

Sunday was the first time that we spoke with the folks at Loloi Rugs but I must say, the collection they had in their showroom was gorgeous. You could literally find almost any rug you could hope for. Loloi Rugs offers indoor and outdoor rugs – even shag! Yes, OUTDOOR shag! How groovy is that?

Loloi Rugs at High Point Furniture Market

Loloi Rugs at the High Point Furniture Market

Cooper Classics Decor

This showroom had all types of eclectic and upcycled items {hello! Clocks made from bicycle parts}. They also featured a lot of distressed pieces that were very cool! Not only is the look very appealing, but also the sense of responsibility to the environment.

Cooper Classics Decor at High Point Furniture Market

Cooper Classics Decor at High Point Furniture Market

Duck Dynasty Furniture?

We kept seeing signs everywhere for Duck Dynasty Furniture in the Jackson Showroom. We thought that would be cool so we tried to go check it out but they said that only people invited by A&E could go in. Boo.

So, right after we left their showroom {well, the door, since we couldn’t get in, ha!} my husband went in one building while I waited outside and guess who walked by! Uncle Si! Ha! So, I got to talk to him for a few minutes! I admit *ashamedly* that I have never seen the show, but he was so very cool that I will definitely look for it now. πŸ™‚

press pass

And finally, we received several compliments on our *custom* Cheap Is The New Classy tees from Blue Cotton that we wore while at the High Point Furniture Market. Thanks Β for that, Blue Cotton! You guys rock. πŸ˜‰

Which Of The Furniture Or Home Decor Pieces Do You Like Best?

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  1. That kitchen island is just gorgeous. I love everything you showcased!

  2. Those RUGS and that black and red bedroom set are to die for!!

    That bicycle four paneled art is so eclectic. It’d be fun in our *someday* primped garage.

    Thanks for sharing all the eye candy!!
    Trisha D. Black and White Obsession

  3. Wow, there are so many things I want to own! The fireplaces, some of those clocks and the bed set! Wow!

  4. So many beautiful things! We completely remodeled our house last year and I’ve been decorating ever since!

  5. That kitchen island is beautiful… Love all the designs and bright colors…

  6. Such great things out there – love to know that there is a world beyond bean bags (that is all I have in my house)

    • Bean bags are cool, too. My daughter is redoing her room in a hippy motif. A bean bag chair would be great in there!

  7. Now I’m in love, seriously. I love their styles of furniture so much! But I really like the fireplaces the best!

  8. I love the couch. Although I think I’d have to remove my kitchen to make it fit in my house!
    It sounds like you had a blast. I can’t wait for the next installment.

  9. Jenna Wood says:

    All the colors on the LoLoi rugs really grab my eye, but the bladeless fans are a great tool too. Just think, not more dusting blades, no more hazards for pets and kids. I’d love to attend an event like this soon!

  10. I need that bladeless fan because its so hot in my house and the usual fans don’t work as well.

  11. Such beautiful things!!! I would love to decorate my whole house like this!

  12. These are lovely pieces. All of them. While I loooove my comfy couch, I really would love a makeover to this modern look. Especially like the sectional and chairs (first pic).

  13. I love the bladeless fans. I have one on my wishlist!

  14. This looks like an awesome event. There are so many things pictured there that I would love to have in my home.

  15. Those bike clocks are pretty adorable!

  16. I really like the selection of rugs…nice!

  17. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I love the sectional sofa in the photo and the colorful rugs. This furniture market really looks like a great adventure.

  18. This looks like a really cool market!

  19. Love the clocks! And OMG you met Si?!?! I’m so stinkin’ jealous.

  20. Wow, how fancy! It reminds me of a trip to Ikea!

  21. Wow that looks like a lot of fun and gorgeous furniture. Can you believe I live in NC (Raleigh) and have never been furniture shopping in High Point

  22. Those rugs. Oh my, are they beautiful!

  23. I love that kitchen island!

  24. I want that bed!!!

  25. Sherry Compton says:

    How fun! Could get you into trouble. There are lots of great pieces, and it makes you want to redecorate. I can see several of those things in my house. πŸ™‚

  26. We want that fan so bad! LOL And jealous! i want to meet Uncle Si!

  27. I’m particularly fond of the bicycle parts and clocks. I love eclectic pieces!

  28. There are so many cool things that I would love to see. The kitchen island looks great, I could use a new one and that would match my kitchen great!

  29. stephanie says:

    i like the Cooper Classics Decor

  30. BEAUTIFUL furniture and I love the decor too! Wish I was there toO!

  31. I love how everything is so clean, crisp and fresh looking. I can wait until I can buy great stuff like this and dont have to kill my kids to keep it nice.

  32. I love places like that. It’s so easy to get carried away.

  33. While I have been to both High Point and Hickory before, I have never got to go to MARKET! So jealous, sounds so fun. THanks for giving us a peak inside.

  34. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    This review and the photos make me wish I could travel to the high point furniture market. It sounds like such a great place to browse and buy.

  35. Rebecca Parsons says:

    Some really pretty pieces. My favorite were those stunning rugs.

  36. Blessie Nelson says:

    I love all those rustic designs! That clock looks beautiful!

  37. Jane Ritz says:

    High Point Furniture is amazing. I live in SC and many people go there for furniture. It’s beautiful.

  38. You got to talk to Uncle Si!?!? Seriously?? I am so jealous. They are my family’s favorite show! So funny and so wholesome! And somehow it doesn’t surprise me that they have Duck Dynasty furniture – they are taking over! πŸ˜‰

  39. Arwen Peszynski says:

    I love the contemporary style and bright colors! Colorful chairs, pillows and ottomans really brighten up a room.

  40. April Yedinak says:

    I love their stuff. The rugs are gorgeous.

  41. From what I’ve seen, High Point has so many great pieces! From contemporary to traditional. And they seem to be price competitive which is great!

  42. Jill A. Collins says:

    I love furniture shopping! It is so much fun decorating the house and they really have lovely stuff judging from your photos!

  43. The kitchen island’s are beautiful. I would love to have one for my kitchen

  44. andrea bullock says:

    I have heard of this furniture event and I would love to go! The prices are probably better there also. I can’t imagine such a huge furniture event or how many miles long it must be but if I go I will take a truck because I plan to make some purchases….Sectional is #1 on my list!

  45. love the couch and the Bladeless fan I can use that in the summer time

  46. What a neat bladeless fan. I have to get one of those.

  47. Sara Duff says:

    I love all of the decor I have seen. It’s all very usable and I am impressed with it.

  48. Mia Dentice Carey says:

    WOW! They have some VERY NICE looking furniture….& it looks sturdy too~!

  49. Candy Cain Severson says:

    Found you through the home for the holidays giveaway, what nice things you have, will look around more, thanks bunches

  50. Heather Bridson says:

    I absolutly love the clocks, I’d love one in my house!

  51. Carolann Leibenguth says:

    I loved the HGTV furniture display. I would love to go to a place like this. I am a huge fan of HGTV and I have so many ideas for decorating my home. I would love that place but my honeys wallet would hate it lol

  52. Danielle Wuest says:

    I really like the fireplace furniture lol

  53. Kelly Amos says:

    I have lived in or near High Point my whole life, so I have been to the Furniture Market many times. I actually worked in International Home Furnishing Center before. We really have some great furniture here – even wholesale furniture outlets. The only thing I hate about it is that my birthday usually falls during the spring market. Since you have been here you know what it is like trying to get into a nice restaurant during that time!! I usually settle for a bucket of take out chicken. LOL

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      The spring market this year was the first time I went and since we live close, we just drove home to eat. This time we went to eat at Liberty Steakhouse one night {I would NOT recommend – our waiter was horrible} and Outback Steakhouse the next {YUM!}. I would have definitely taken the bucket of chicken over the first one. It’s sad because we have been at the Liberty Steakhouse at Myrtle Beach and it was awesome. My husband and I were so looking forward to it. But our waiter spent so much time chatting with some people he apparently knew at one table that we waited 20 minutes for him to even take our order. We were there 50 minutes before we got our food. I doubt we go back to that one.

      I hope you are able to get into a nice restaurant this spring, though. πŸ™‚ Maybe you can make reservations somewhere?

      • Kelly Amos says:

        I may try that, but I will still probably drive to Greensboro to avoid the mob and the traffic. I have always said, “If you want a new car paid for by someone else, drive during market!” Too many people driving rentals and WAY too much traffic. I hate to hear you had a bad experience with Liberty Steak House. I hope you complained. Businesses and restaurants try to be really conscious of treating people to a great experience during market. Your waiter definitely did not deserve to keep his job. There are too many great people looking for a job for him to be lax with service. If you come again, try Steak Street. It is one of my daughter’s favorite restaurants. You can even get a deal on Restaurant.com ($25 gift certificate for $10!) I am all about a bargain! πŸ™‚

        • Dawn McAlexander says:

          Oh sweet, we already have a $25 gift card from Restaurant.com. I will definitely check Steak Street out. Thanks for the recommendation!

          And, no, I didn’t complain. I worked for years as a waitress and I know that a lot of times when complaints are made it’s in one manager’s ear and out the other, lol. Not coming back works for me. πŸ™‚

  54. I really like that bedroom set with the pretty dresser. Very nice. So much neat stuff to look at and put on my wish list.

  55. Katie Klein says:

    Such beautiful items I would love to decorate my house with everything you showcased!

  56. I grew up in North Carolina and I’m very familiar with the show. I never took time to go though πŸ™

  57. candy kratzer says:

    Love the clockes and rugs.

  58. Mya Murphy says:

    Well considering I am on a Goodwill budget, I can definitely tell this is out of my price range, but it all looks nice.

  59. Marcia Lee says:

    I love the gas fireplaces. A friend of mine just bought her first home and when I got the grand tour I saw how practical a gas fireplace is. The models shown at the High Point Furniture Market are just what I’m looking for.

  60. Tiffany B. says:

    Beautiful creations!!!! I love everything on this page, especially the gorgeous 3 drawer chest in front of the bed…that took by breath away! Stunning items and would love to own any of these beautiful pieces!!

  61. I really like their stuff. The fireplaces/stoves are beautiful too. Lots of other things to my liking. thanks for the pictures and info

  62. I love how unique all of these pieces are! I would love to own any of them.

  63. natalie parvis says:

    I love the bladeless fan.

  64. I love that sofa! Too bad it won’t fit in my living room.

  65. Dorothy Teel says:

    HGTBV has helped many different stores and furniture makers, I love the furniture at this store and I love this island for my kitchen, would brighten things up Tresanti Kitchen Island from Twin-Star International

  66. Lisa Felger says:

    I would love to get a bladeless fan. They look so cool!

  67. Julia Cosgrove says:

    I love those rugs and the kitchen island is to die for.

  68. I bet it was really fun visiting the show! I’d love to attend a home show and review furniture too,very cool! I like the bombe chest, I love rugs and the islands to name a few! Sounyds.like it was interesting.

  69. Marti Tabora says:

    So many beautiful pieces. I really love the bladeless fan. It would be great to have. Thank you for sharing.

  70. Susan Broughton says:

    Wow, there are some really nice things on that page. I especially like the fireplace.

  71. Bianca Lloyd says:

    Wow there are so many cool products here!

  72. Stephanie Olmsted says:

    I love all the black and white rugs. I also really like the blue and white.

  73. Dona Lewis-Pearce says:

    nice furniture glad I found this page

  74. Katt Lewis says:

    I can’t wait to see a blade-less fan in action. As for Duck Dynasty, they have a $30,000 mobile home out with camo interior, I can imagine the furniture is the same, I do find it a bit ironic (and I love the show) that they are millionaires advertising mobile homes. Maybe even more ironic will be the fact that people will buy the mobile home because Uncle Si recommended it.

  75. i love the fireplaces the best! Reminds me of my grandmas old woodstove πŸ™‚

  76. I love that couch

  77. WOW! Considering the layout of our home I have to admit my favorite is the Tresanti Kitchen Island. I like the couch too, but the layout of our living room would not work with that couch. Such amazing products!

  78. Susan Broughton says:

    They have such pretty furniture It looks very high quality. I bet it would last a long time

  79. Jennelle J says:

    So mamy great items. I especially love the island and the bladeless fan.

  80. This looks like such a wonderful event to attend. I would have been like a kid in a candy shop wanting
    everything I see. πŸ™‚

  81. Kathy Luman says:

    I love the look of the kitchen islands. I also love the decore.

  82. A great selection of styles for all tastes! I like the retro look.

  83. I love the kitchen island and the styles of rugs!

  84. Theresa Jenkins says:

    Oh, I’m in love with the Tresanti Kitchen Island and I enjoyed everything you reviewed

  85. Cynthia Brandon says:

    So many beautiful things, wish our house was so beautifully decorated

  86. Holly Thomas says:

    The Bladeless Fan is awesome!

  87. natalie parvis says:

    Wow, I love all of these things.

  88. Wow! Great fun!

  89. Terra Agueda says:

    great looks. the pieces look well made and go together nicely. The fireplaces would be perfect to snuggle by!

  90. courtney b says:

    oh la la I love the gorgeous chevron paper…

  91. Sarah Marshall says:

    All of the items in these pictures are fabulous! I love buying furniture and decor! Too bad the budget doesn’t allow for it too often!

  92. Love it all!

  93. I LOVE the bike clocks!

  94. tammy saylor says:

    They have so many pretty things I love shopping for home decor.

  95. Lorena Keech says:

    I would be like a kid in a toy store, you would never get me out of there.

  96. Deborah Caudill says:

    I live in High Point, North Carolina and the furniture market is pretty cool. I rented out my house to buyers for years. It is non-taxable income. Well, let me get to your review of the market. I really liked all the showrooms you commented on. I have signed up for the kitchen island giveaway and like all the photos you entered from Twin-Star International. However, I would say that the HGTV furniture is my favorite. Thanks for the review.

  97. looks like great furniture would love to try them

  98. So many lovely things! The bicycle clocks are awesome.

  99. Some lovely pieces! I’m in the very early stages of redecorating, so it’s fun to see the variety of stuff out there. And Duck Dynasty furniture, wow. Looking forward to seeing what that looks like.

  100. ilike the rug wow i could use them in theliving room and then on the floor in the bdroom

  101. I like all of the pieces you highlighted but I especially would like one of those fireplaces for my bedroom. Thanks for a nice informative post.

  102. Madeleine Dewan says:

    I love the Loloi rugs, Palm Springs! I have all wood floors and love rugs on the floors instead of tile, carpet, or linoluem.

  103. Those rugs are gorgeous!! I love shopping for home decor (especially rugs). In fact, I need a new living room rug to cover our hardwood floor since my daughter loves to lay on the floor!

  104. I’m in love with the kitchen island, although there are so many beautiful pieces. I would love to go shopping now πŸ™‚

  105. amanda whitley says:

    i could decorate/furnish my whole home with them!! they have awesome stuff. i love the sofa.

  106. Calien Laure says:

    I am jealous! I think I could actually get Hubby to walk through this event with me. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous items with me, now I know what to be on the lookout for in the stores – and figure out early where I can put it. LOL

  107. Darlene Wright says:

    There’s a lot of nice items

  108. I love the blue chair in the first photo! So nice!

  109. I would love to use some of these ideas!

  110. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says:

    Because we have a very poorly designed kitchen – with very little counter space and not enough storage/cabinets – it just makes me crazy! I’ve worked in a lot of private/home kitchens and this one is the WORST – so I would just LOVE to win/have the Tresanti Kitchen Island – it would be a true godsend!

    That said – of the furniture/furnishings show above – as a crafty/creative type – my heart was stolen by the COOPER CLASSICS DECOR – upcycling – and I know my husband who love crafting, woodworking and old BICYCLES – he has dozens of them and often create β€œsculptures” with various parts! I like this so much that I pinned it and emailed to my Honey/Hubby for inspiration!

    Thanks again for this fabulous and VERY generous giveaway!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Thank you, too! Since you love Cooper Classics so much, you may want to check back often. We might *wink, wink* have a giveaway with them soon, too. πŸ˜‰

  111. As a new homeowner, this post has me drooling!!

  112. I love the Saffron because it matches my existing kitchen perfectly! I SO need an island!

  113. Michael W Perkins says:

    Love the kitchen Islands

  114. Carrie Conrad says:

    Beautiful items! I would love a kitchen Island!

  115. Love the upcycled items!

  116. I love the stoves I would love to have one in my living room

  117. robyn paris says:

    i love everything featured on this page

  118. I would be proud to have this furniture in my home. It is beautiful.

  119. Michelle Tucker says:

    My husband has been wanting that bladeless fan forever. Was it as cool in person as it looks on the internet? Great and awesome furniture from all the vendors! Wow.

  120. Jennifer Johansen says:

    I love everything in the first picture. Especially the blue chair. And the white dresser. And the way the walls are painted in those huge colour blocks. It’s so cool!

  121. There are so many wonderful things showcased here – I’d love to have one of each! I will have to pass this company on to my son who is finally getting ready to actually furnish the rest of his house (another bedroom, dining room and an office)

  122. My favorite is your Saffron Island. I need one for my kitchen real bad. I don’t have any place to store pots and pans and this would be perfect. Plus I would like to place my silverware in it. The Duck Dynasty furniture is too cool too. I like the upcycled look. The bicycle plaque is awesome and I like how they turned an old radio into a clock.

  123. Angela Cash says:

    I live just across the state line in SC but had never heard of the High Point Furniture Market. I definitely plan to check it out and I have absolutely GOT to get one of the bladeless fans.

  124. Krista Grandstaff says:

    I am super jealous…:) I went to the market some years ago…and it will always be one of the highlights of my furn shopping spree! Every turn made me want to throw out all of my ideas about design and start over…lol.. I’m lucky I had other people there to keep me in check or I would have ended up with a mod-asian-vintage-shabby chic-euro hodge podge!

  125. Beautiful items, I am moving and so wish I had many of these beautiful items for in my new house!

  126. Cindi Decker says:

    I love that red chest with the black bedroom set – gorgeous!

  127. Kim Allmon says:

    Looks like there’d be a lot of stuff I’d be interested in – especially love that kitchen island! Also, the bladeless fan would be nice to have, pretty space age looking. πŸ™‚

  128. what beautiful things!

  129. Rebecca Parsons says:

    A lot of beautiful items. I especially love the rugs.

  130. Nettie Larson says:

    I love the couch and the rainbow rug!

  131. natalie parvis says:

    I love the kitchen island!!

  132. Vicki Howes says:

    Just looking – makes me want to do over my whole house. Lovely items.

  133. barbara corbitt says:

    i am on disability and receive less than four hundred dollars monthly for disability and suffer from several serious health problems. wish i could afford one of your sectionals they look so comfortable. my couch is completely worn out. springs are broke, it has tears, and is so painful for me to sit on, but i have no choice. babscorbitt@gmail.com

  134. What creative designers there are–beautiful fabrics, interesting decor pieces, & wonderful functional pieces.

  135. This looks like it was a load of fun! Beautiful pieces too. Need to put this on my list…

  136. Oh wow every room of furniture looks fabulous love the bedroom the most wish my bedroom look that fabulous

  137. I LOVE that HGTV furniture display! It’s SO my style!

  138. I just love the Kitchen Island piece…gorgeous!

  139. Never heard of them before, but great pieces!

  140. Sheri Ferguson says:

    I really love the kitchen island! I can dream…

  141. terra agueda says:

    lovely ideas! I like browsing through this site and getting some great dΓ©cor tips. Affordable prices and neat things!

  142. We hae one of those fireplaces. They really help to keep us warm.

  143. Jenn Oldaker says:

    If I were a rich girl ….. hehe! That kitchen island is GORGEOUS and that bladeless fan is a VERY smart idea… especially if you have little ones that are curious and like sticking their fingers where they shouldn’t!

  144. Betsy Barnes says:

    There are so many beautiful. new items, loving those rugs πŸ™‚

  145. The bladeless fan looks cool. I’m sure it stays cleaner than a regular one, too. I might have to put that on my wish list.