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Classic Flame Flagstone Electric Fireplace ~

Classic Flame Flagstone Electric Fireplace

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When I was young, my grandmother had an electric fireplace in her home. I used to love to play with it when I went over to her house. It had long since quit heating, and would only glow the orange glow, but I still thought it was super cool. My parents eventually wound up with the old fireplace in their basement. Β My wife saw the old fireplace over at my parents’ house and wondered what it was. When I told her, she thought it was the coolest thing! So, when the fine folks at Classic Flame decided to work with us, it was a time of much excitement around our home!

Classic Flame Flagstone Electric Fireplace

“Hand crafted from faux stone to create the appearance of genuine stack flagstone at a fraction of the cost and weight.”

My wife has always been a huge fan of stone. She told me one time that when we remodeled our home she wanted a wall in the house that was stone. Needless to say, she fell in love with the Classic Flame Flagstone Electric Fireplace almost immediately. She and I both were like kids at Christmas when the fireplace arrived. We could not wait to set it up and see what it looked like. When I got it out and started to assemble it, both of us had eyes as wide as silver dollars! It was absolutely amazing how beautiful it looked, and I had not even assembled it yet! Assembly was really easy (see the post on “How to Assemble an Electric Fireplace” for detailed instructions) and I had it together and operating within a couple of hours! And that is with stopping to take tons of pictures for the instructional post!

I did not have high expectations of the flames because I had seen my grandmother’s old fireplace in action and remembered how it looked. When we lit the Classic Flame Flagstone Electric Fireplace for the first time {by clicking the remote – EASY!}, I was astounded at how real it looked! You absolutely could not tell that it was not a real fire! Seriously! It just added to the beauty!Β But, the beauty of the fireplace isn’t the only thing that had us excited. The fireplace is also a heating source, heating up to 400 square feet! Our living room and kitchen were cozy, and that is without our heat pump running at all!

This Classic Flame Flagstone Electric Fireplace also came with a remote control to operate it while sitting in your favorite chair, and it can be operated with or without the heat, so if you want to use it just for the beauty of the flame and not to heat with, you may do so!

The temperature and heat controls all show directly on the screen of the Classic Flame Flagstone Electric Fireplace in the top right corner. These controls are easy to see whether you are setting the temperature and time from the buttons above the screen itself or from the comfort of your chair across the room. This light up display disappears shortly after you have everything set to your preferences, so don’t worry about it getting in the way of viewing your beautiful fire.Β 

All in all, the Classic Flame Flagstone Electric Fireplace has added much beauty and accent to our home, and we are more than pleased with this gorgeous fireplace. It has only gotten cold a couple of days since we received it, but we have the flame on a lot. It is just so beautiful – we can’t help ourselves. πŸ™‚ We can not wait to get the full enjoyment out of this fireplace this holiday season!


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Jay enjoys cooking, music {his favorite artists are KISS, Def Leppard, the Eagles and a lot of the newer country music}, and sports {Carolina Panthers, Tarheels and the Appalachian State Mountaineers}. He also enjoys grilling out and cruising around with the radio up and the windows down.


  1. I like it. We use a gas log for extra heat. This is much better. It does look real!

  2. Crystal Irvin says

    I love the stone work on this fireplace. Plus I the ability to move this to fit any room

  3. Sarah Muennix says

    This is beautiful!! I would love one of these in my home!

  4. Jennifer Boehme says

    This is so amazing. I need something like this to heat my lining room & kitchen. My house would be so much warmer!

  5. I love the detail of this fireplace, very cozy looking also setting the temp. is pretty cool!

  6. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    I love that it has the temp right on it screen. I know someone who has one of these and they do look unbelievably real! I would love to have one of these someday.

  7. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    Thisis beautiful and the fire looks real. It’s great that you can control it remotely and with or without heat.

  8. we had a fireplace growing up and always loved it. we dont’ know and would love to have one again. This looks great.

  9. This looks so real, and the stone work is amazing. I would love to be a proud owner of this.

  10. carol roberts says

    wow i like it the fire looks reaal on the pics and its hand me down just awesome looking

  11. Kelley Johnsen says

    I have this fireplace and I LOVE it. I have a regular fireplace too but this one is in the living room where we like to be a little more toasty. I love how it regulates its temperature and comes on when the room needs it.

  12. I would love to have this, it would work perfect to keep one room warm for me, my boys can have the rest of the hose freezing for them.

  13. I’m hearing about these everywhere! Now I’m wishing I had one too!

  14. I love the stone, that would be my first pick. Thanks for the review.

  15. Love the stone great accent ! Looks great!

  16. That looks so pretty and so much cleaner than the real thing!

    • You are right about cleaner! You don’t have to worry about this one turning black with soot {sp?} over time. πŸ™‚


  17. That is very nice! I want one in my home πŸ™‚

  18. Anita Leibert says

    I think the stone looks so beautiful and would add a perfect touch to any room. I think it’s totally awesome that you also get a remote control! I just can’t express how much I would love to be admiring this in my home. Wishing everyone the best of luck and hoping you all have a wonderful holiday!

  19. That is so cool that you can enjoy the look with or without the heat … this would be so great in our bedrooms, which are at the back of the house and the coldest in the winter. Love it!

  20. April Yedinak says

    Thanks for the the thorough and honest review. I have been thinking about getting something like this. My house is so frigid in the winter.

  21. Gina Brickell says

    I think the fireplace is soooo beautiful’!! I love the stone so very much! That looks so nice as opposed to plain wood I think. I’ve been wanting one of these for my home as well for a really really long time.. I love the looks of a fire.. even if it isn’t real πŸ™‚

  22. barbara remaly hart says

    My kitchen, Livingroom, & dining area are one large area with a high ceiling, This would help take that chill off the area without overheating the bedrooms. Thanks for the review, I feel better about purchasing something after hearing someones feedback

  23. This is GORGEOUS! Looks like it would be so cozy, too!

  24. This is just gorgeous! I love the remote feature; having an almost real fire whenever I want it sounds wonderful.

  25. love this . Would be perfect for my bed room

  26. These are so pretty. I like the wood and that you can get a different color. It looks so real. I could use one of these in my computer room cause not much heat goes to the back of the house. A remote control for it to wow , that is great. I love the flagstone on it too.

  27. librarypat says

    This style is perfect for a family room or basement game room. It looks nice and the controls are easy to use. Nice for a spot that isn’t heated by the home heating system and need only to keep the chill off.

  28. lisa tolbert says

    I would really love to win one of these. they are beautiful, and would go great in my home. save me money too!

  29. Sue Wilson says

    This fireplace looks so much like three real thing. It would sip help with heating our house on the winter. I love the look and the stone is the perfect color.

  30. OH that is beautiful. I would love to have one for my bedroom


  31. Jennifer Crane says

    I have wanted one of these for sooo long It looks very pretty My grandma had one too but,nothing close to this.

  32. It looks very pretty and natural.

  33. This is beautiful!!Would love to have this in my bedroom just sayin πŸ™‚

  34. I love the old fashioned look with the new modern technology… absolutely beautiful!

  35. Shawna Summers says

    love it!

  36. Rebecca Reinwalt says

    I’ve been wanting something like this for my master bedroom for some time now. This would be perfect.

  37. I love this my grandma always heated her house with a real fireplace

  38. Between the wood, the stone, and the fire…it’s a beautiful combination of nature and elements!

  39. NIcole Strunk says

    I love these fireplaces. They look really great and what a cool way to add warmth into a room!

  40. OOO I want one so bad! thanks for the cool review!

  41. Lisa Brown says

    I really like these fireplaces. I have wanted one for the longest time. It would be perfect for my bedroom.

  42. This is beautiful. I love the stone and this would fit perfectly in my living room. Thank you for the chance to win!

  43. Jennifer Barr says

    it looks awesome!!!

  44. Tracy Wheeler says

    This is awesome! Thanks for the giveasway!

  45. Cheryl DeGroat says

    I love that is has a remote and thermostat , and it looks real.

  46. Suzanne Deleon says

    I love the stone too! It is just beautiful! I would also love to have the ambiance of just the flames going when no heat is needed! This would add such beauty to any room! I would love to win this for our house!
    Thanks y’all for this awesome giveaway!!

  47. krista grandstaff says

    I think it is fantastic that you can choose just to watch the flames and not have the heat with it, etc… I miss having a fireplace ( I grew up in Ohio where every house had at least a couple of them..) here in Texas, they just aren’t as popular…

  48. Kimberly Davis says

    Wow, this is so nice. I would love to win this

  49. I am seriously in love with it. I’ve wanted one for so long. My brother use to have a cheaper model that didn’t quite look as lovely and I was so jealous of it. Thank you for your review

  50. Tina Seagraves says

    I would love to have this in my bedroom…

  51. Our family room is in an unfinished basement which we finally got carpeted after flooding. It still is just so dank and dark with no character, more of a man pit. This is just beautiful! It would be so nice to have to warm it up, in more ways than one. So cool that it comes with a remote. We figure our family room is about 250 sq feet so would be more than enough to heat the area and maybe provide a little romance for hubby and I . Sure could use a bit of THAT! LOL.

  52. I have always dreamed of having a fireplace. I love the one you chose, its beautiful

  53. Phyllis Adams says

    It’s beautiful! the fire looks so real

  54. I so want one. After seeing this on your site, I have imagined it in my home and the perfect spot for it. It would make my home feel more like a home :o) Cozy, warm and good looking.

  55. Brenda Burgess says

    The fireplace is so beautiful. It would be a beautiful addition to my home.

  56. This looks to be a great quality product!

  57. Cheryl Chervitz says

    I have always loved fireplaces, and never had one. This would be so nice to have and safe too

  58. william saylor says

    This is gorgous I have always wanted one.

  59. I want one!

  60. I love the stone work ,plus the ability to have a fireplace without a chimney to clean πŸ™‚
    I really would love to have one!

  61. This would be wonderful! We used to have gas logs but after very very poor customer service from two different companies that repeatedly let our tank run dry, we quit them.

    • Poor customer service is the worst. πŸ™ I can say from my experience with Twin-Star, I have received excellent customer service. πŸ™‚


  62. Robin Quick says

    This fireplace is beautiful! I have been wanting one for a while now. I love this one! Maybe Santa is reading this. LOL

  63. Betty Humphries says

    I love the stone work on this fireplace.

  64. Bonnie Ridenour says

    I love the stone look that it has!

  65. Looks like great quality!

  66. OK this is so cool and it has a Remote Control! come on! Fabulous

  67. Annasue Lamphier says

    It’s absolutely gorgeous. I would love to have a fireplace again. We had one when I was a little girl and had stonework all around. Just such a cozy warmth. I love the no heat but flame option. That way it can be enjoyed all year. Thanks for sharing.

  68. I like this fire place for real , I love to have it ,recently we bought a new house , and it is nice to have this piece of art in our new home!

  69. Sacha Schroeder says

    LOVE that you can get this in stone. So pretty!

  70. Janel Letosky says

    The stone is beautiful!!

  71. I love that you can have the flame without the heat! Such a great feature.

  72. tamathahunter says

    this is an awesome fireplace, thanks for the review

  73. I’ve always wanted a fireplace but not the hassle of messing with it. This one is so beautiful and classy. I love the stonework. It would be so nice to have. =)

  74. Melissa O'Brien says

    Looks great! Love the stone a lot!

  75. woo hoo ..another remote control…seriously these are so pretty

    • Never fear. There are on screen controls as well, just in case you lose that remote control. πŸ˜‰


  76. I love this. Although I live in Houston and wouldn’t use it much, we do get a few cold snaps. I would love to add the coziness of a fireplace to my living room.

  77. these are so beautiful and would give any room a warm cozy feeling..what an awesome product πŸ™‚

  78. Deb Anderson says

    Just gorgeous! I can’t afford a “real” fireplace, so this would be the next best thing.

  79. Lynee Kelley says

    Go gorgeous and functional too. We have an old wood stove in our house and it’s nice but it looks horrendous in our living room. So huge and bulky and black and rusty. This would make our house such a beautiful home!

  80. Cindy Bowling says

    I love this fireplace. Would look great in my home.

  81. Angela Cash says

    I love that it can be used without the heat so that the flames can be enjoyed year round.

  82. i would love to have one of these

  83. I would love a fireplace, especially around Christmas. I keep telling my fiancΓ© I wish we had a mantle for stockings πŸ™‚

  84. Now sitting far away would definitely be nice, to be able to control it and not get up. Laziness! πŸ˜›

  85. Tammy Schweitz says

    I like due to the fact it can be turn on remote control woohoo

  86. Brenda Leon says

    A beautiful item to have in any home!! You did a great review!! I want one now so much.

  87. Patti Ellerby says

    I Love the stone work makes it look like it’s built in….Would love to have it in my Living Room!!

  88. My grandparents also had one growing up that didnt work at all but I always loved it and was sad when it was sold after they passed. I would be thrilled to have this, it is amazingly pretty!

  89. This looks amazing and easy to use!

  90. This is beautiful. I want one! We don’t have a fireplace in our rental so this would be awesome! Love the stone, love the remote, The flame looks great!

  91. Connie Taylor says

    This would be great. We still heat with a wood stove. It sure would heat up this room right now!

  92. It is seriously beautiful!

  93. Lanicsha Wynn says

    This is cute, I love the details, so realistic!

  94. The faux flagstone is gorgeous! And I know what you mean, when you said you didn’t have high expectations for the flames. My grandparents had a fake fireplace. It wasn’t good for anything, didn’t give out any heat, but it did light up. It had some sort of wheel in it, I think, that turned to make light bounce like flames. It looked pretty fake. From the photos, though, this fireplace looks great!


  96. Amanda Miller says

    I LOVE this fireplace! It looks so real, even the flagstone detailing! We rent a house here on base, and don’t have many options as far as heating goes. Our gas bill can really add up some winters; this would be the perfect solution to our downstairs!

  97. Jmstrunk (Sybille) says

    The remote control is really cool. I had no idea electric fireplaces came with those! Setting that aside, the aesthetics are just… wow! I’d kill to have one of these in my living room. It would not only make the whole house seem more beautiful, but it would be great to snuggle up with my loved ones in front of this.

  98. That is so beautiful! I love the flagstone! I have wanted a fireplace for years – since moving to a condo gas is not allowed here and I was thinking electric fireplaces looked cheap – but not this one!

  99. Love the temp control feature plus it looks beautiful

  100. Sara Banister says

    I love the stone look on this fireplace!! It is beautiful!! I have never seen one that is just so pretty!!!

  101. Aside from being attractive, I suspect that if one lived in an area where electric outages were a problem, this could be used with a generator to provide some heat without as much effort as hooking up an entire household furnace system.

  102. I love this- my daughter needs something like this for her house, it’s freezing cold because of the materials used, but they can’t put in a “real” fireplace. It looks nice, too.

  103. Beautiful! Remote controlled too! Temp showing and all with heating for 400 sq ft!!!! Gee who could ask for more? And flagstone that looks like the real deal together with the fire and all of it.
    Heat is a WONDERFUL thing when you have very little to none!!
    Thanks for the chance!!

  104. Love the look of it as I am fond of flagstone and looks realistic. Remote is nice too!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  105. I would LOVE this…this would fit in perfectly with my decor and it would certainly help with my heating costs (I have oil heat — UGH!). I have been curious about these fireplaces — I just need to take the plunge!

  106. Buddy Garrett says

    I love this beautiful fireplace. Thanks.

  107. Dianna Thomas says

    Wow!!!—-this is awesome–so beautiful,and very functional,and it sure would help keep a place warm

  108. It’s so cold up here, that would be so perfect!

  109. I agree, it does look real!

  110. Would love this in my house!

  111. That is absolutely beautiful! I love the stone!

  112. The combination of stone with the simplicity of electric fire is great.

  113. It is beautiful! I would love it in our living room. We have a small electric fireplace now, but I would love something really nice like this for the living room, and then I would move the smaller one to the man cave!

  114. Shelbie Johnston says

    Gorgeous! You can’t even tell it isn’t a built in fireplace! Love the stone look!

  115. Lori Dunbar says

    My friend has one and it puts me to sleep when I am lucky enough to stay the night!

  116. jane jakins says

    stone work amazing

  117. jane jakins says

    like the remote control feature, would be careful to be sure all connections and safety features workign’

  118. Valerie Evans says

    This is so pretty! I really would love to put one in my master bedroom!

  119. It looks so real! Mmm, I could imagine falling asleep in front of that thing.


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