10 Family Friendly Activities In Panama City Beach

When you think Panama City Beach, Florida, chances are you don’t think “family friendly”. More likely you think about drunken college students doing crazy drunken things. Although there is more than enough drunken shenanigans to suit anyone just like at most beaches, there are actually quite a lot of family friendly activities to do in […]

The Best Places To Sit & Chill At Sandpiper Beacon Resort In Panama City Beach #TheFunPlace ad

The Sandpiper Beacon Resort prides itself on the fact that when you go there, you don’t have to leave. It’s The Fun Place, after all. With anything you could possibly want to do on a beach trip available here {bars, entertainment, games, beach rentals, stores, ice cream, etc.}, we only left once the last time […]

Coconuts Restaurant In Panama City Beach, Florida #sponsored #TheFunPlace

Yesterday was our first full day in Panama City Beach, Fl. None of us have ever been here before so it’s been fun to check out the area for the first time. Last night, we ate at Coconuts Restaurant. It’s located directly across the road from the Sandpiper Beacon Resort.