What Animal Would You Be For A Day? #boostyourblog

What Animal Would You Be?

What Animal Would You Be

Jay with Daisy Baby {left} and Puppy Churo {right}

If you could be animal for a day, what animal would you be? I believe that I would have to choose to be one of my fur babies, Puppy Churo or Daisy {aka Daisy Baby}. These little rats totally run the household and they have everyone in it wrapped around their little paws.

What Animal Would You Be?

As most of you might guess, my day generally consists of writing for this blog and doing all of the other things that keep this thing going. You can generally find me either in the recliner or on the couch in the living with a little doggy on either side. My husband is currently moving my office into another, bigger room in the house, so that is why my office is currently in the living room. Not that I mind sitting in front of the fireplace and blogging, mind you. And, of course, I also don’t mind watching my current addiction, Beverly Hills 90210 when I take a break.

My dogs just seem to have the life. They sit around on the couch all day with not a care in the world except for when they will get their next treat and who will pet them next. I love to sit there and pet their ears while I write. It is so relaxing. When I was in my office, Puppy would climb up on my shoulder {I guess he would pock “parrot” for the animal question} and then slide down my back and cram between me and the seat. He is a chihuahua and like 4 pounds so he is very tiny. He also always shivers, so we leave a cover for him on the couch. If you ever come over to my house, PLEASE be careful when you sit down as you are likely to make a puppy pancake if you are not. *gasp*

Daisy likes to turn circles. I am not sure what her deal is, but we think she just loves the heck out of some circles. You scare her – circle time. You give her a treat – circle time. Someone rings the doorbell – circle time. I think you get the picture. Other than that, she is just a really chill dog that likes to stare you down on occasion. I am like, “Blink Daisy, blink!” and she just continues peering into my soul. She always wins. I get creeped out after a while and have to look away.

To answer “What animal would you be?” I would have to go with either of my dogs. They are hilarious and SUPER loyal. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. 🙂 And mostly I would LOVE to know what is goes on in their heads.

What Animal Would You Be If You Could Choose?

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  1. I would choose to be my very lucky house cat. Sleep awhile, play a bit, have another nap, chase the dogs, take another nap, and then meow until you get cuddles. Pretty nice life!

  2. I’d be a cat, they seem to have much more fun than dogs!

  3. I’d also be a dog! They live in the moment, and that’s something I wish I could do more!
    No more worrying about the future/regretting the past, just enjoying the moment!

  4. Your dogs definitely have the life—just like my cats 🙂

    • We have cats, too, who also have “the life” but my hubby is more of a cat person and I am more of a dog person. 🙂


  5. Love this series! Yes, I agree – dogs seem to have life figured out, right? Sometimes I’d like to be my husband, not when he goes to work, when he comes home and puts his feet up and I continue to work. But wait, he’s not an animal… ? 😉

  6. I would want to be a bird. The idea of being able to fly just intrigues me.

  7. Sherry Compton says

    I’m with you. I’ve always said I would be a dog…not just any dog…a dog like my Missy. She’s inside, tells us when she wants to go out, and has us trained. Her day is eat, go out, go back to bed and the covers. She has toys to play when she wants and is loved and warm. We try to spoil her and love her. It doesn’t matter what her hair looks like or how much she weighs she’s happy and awed over. 🙂


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