Mother’s Day Gift Ideas On A Budget #sponsored @DollarTree

Easy DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas On A Budget #sponsoredCheap Is The New Classy

Mother’s Day is coming up so most of us will either buy or do something nice for our moms on this day. But I often need help with Mother’s Day gift ideas. Challenges I face are that I am a student and I don’t have a job. I do have allowance, though, and I would like to send my mom flowers but she is allergic to them. What to do? So, here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas that I came up with for those on a budget.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas On A Budget

I think one of the best ways to save money is to make a gift for your mom. Did you know that everything at Dollar Tree is only $1? They have tons of craft items that you can buy cheaper than most anywhere else.

Easy DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas On A Budget #sponsored

I decided to make my mom a flower filled vase. Dollar Tree has a ton of floral arrangements and vases, so if you don’t care for the color or style of anything I chose don’t worry, there are a ton of other choices.

Easy DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas On A Budget #sponsored

To make a flower arrangement like the one I made, you will need to purchase…
– A vase
– 4 flower pieces {I chose 2 blue and 2 white}
– A bag of blue transparent marbles
– I spool of blue ribbon

First, I arranged the flowers in the vase the way I wanted then and then I then I added the blue marbles in the vase, pouring gently around the flowers to hold them in place. Be careful to tilt the vase and pour the marbles in slowly as you do not want to break the vase.

Next, I took the blue ribbon and tied it to the top of the vase to create a pleasant yet simple bow. The end result was a beautiful flower arrangement that not only cost under ten dollars {it was only $7 and change!}, but also it was really easy to create. Moms, this is one of the many Dollar Tree Mother’s Day gift ideas that your small children can create for you {with your help and close supervision, of course}. ;)

Easy DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas On A Budget #sponsored

Dollar Tree offers a wide variety of different types of flowers. They also have different colors and style of ribbons, vases, and marbles to choose from. I just chose blue because it matches our current beach theme of our home and mom loves blue. Overall, I am thoroughly satisfied with not only the easiness and thriftiness of this Mother’s Day gift and I think that mom will be, too. :)

More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas From Dollar Tree

There are tons of things you can make for your mom from items you find at Dollar Tree. Be sure to check out Dollar Tree for more Mother’s Day gift ideas. Not crafty? They still have you covered. One gift idea that would work great for my mom would be a nice coffee mug filled with candy or single packets of creamer. She loves coffee and collects coffee mugs. If your mom likes candles, Dollar Tree also has a large selection of candles and pretty mosaic plates to set them on. Just browse around the site {or better yet, go to a store} and see what you can find. :)

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  1. The Dollar Tree has some seriously cool stuff. I don’t think people give them enough credit.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I agree. Unrelated to the topic of this particular post, but they really have awesome holiday decorations. I have gotten some of my favorite Christmas Tree ornaments at Dollar Tree. :)

  2. Cute, simple, yet effective gift for mommies! Plus the flowers will never die ;)

  3. What great ideas. I love shopping at the Dollar Store!!!

  4. These are lovely – reminds me I have to do something for my mom, too!

  5. I didn’t realize Dollar Tree has plastic flowers. I usually get mine from Hobby Lobby (much more expensive). Will have to look next time!

  6. Dollar store presents have been some of my favorite gifts to get and to give. i can’t believe mother’s day is getting so close.

  7. Melissa S says:

    That is a cute idea. I love Dollar Tree and am always hitting up the craft aisle when I go in to get my cleaning supplies. I have done a basket of candles and candle holders from Dollar Tree as gifts in the past.

  8. What a great idea. Thank you for sharing.