Spicy Spaghetti Recipe #whatsfordinner

Spicy Spaghetti Recipe ~

spicy spaghetti recipe

January 4th is National Spaghetti Day. So why not enjoy the dish that Arabs may have invented THOUSANDS of year ago! Bet you thought it was originally an Italian dish, eh? Regardless of who invented it, you know you snarf it down often. ;) So, why not have it this evening? If you are like me, you might want to jazz it up a bit. Sauce and noodles are great, but it can get a little repetitive, so here is the recipe that my husband came up with to spice things up a bit. :)

Jay’s Spicy Spaghetti Recipe

You will need..

1 16oz package of spaghetti noodles {cooked per package directions}
1 45oz jar of pasta sauce
1 lb. ground beef (optional for vegetarians)
1/2 tablespoon crushed red pepper

*You can also add garlic or oregano if you like {we sometimes do, depending on the sauce we use}.

*We use homemade {canned} pasta sauce when we have some in our spicy spaghetti recipe.


Pasta: Break pasta apart into cooking pot with water. Cook noodles according to package directions. After the noodles are completely cooked or just before, turn the temperature to low and don’t mess with them anymore until the sauce is finished.

Sauce: Break up the ground beef and brown it in a saucepan. Allow the beef to simmer on low for at least 10 minutes until it is completely brown. Cook longer than 10 minutes if you need to, to make certain it is browned all the way through. The picture shows the beef simmering about halfway through the process.

Drain the beef in a strainer and then put back into the pan. Add the pasta sauce and red pepper. Cook on medium/low for at least 20 minutes until thoroughly heated. Be sure to stir constantly as it can stick and/or burn if you don’t.

Drain the water from noodles. Some people put butter or oil in the water while the noodles boil to make sure they don’t stick. Jay does not. He just leaves the noodles in the water until the sauce is ready and then adds the sauce immediately to it. You can do it whichever way you prefer.

Top noodles with the sauce. Add parmesan cheese if you like, too! Enjoy your spicy spaghetti! Happy National Spaghetti Day!

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  1. We love spicy food, thanks for featuring the vegetarian option too! :)

  2. Sounds good. I like to use ground meat and ground hot Italian sausage.I use Prego and add fresh tomato,pepper,onion and celery.I love pasta dishes!

  3. I love spaghetti and sometimes use cuban peppers in mine.

  4. I didn’t know today was National Spaghetti Day! Cool! I love spaghetti and meat sauce, and don’t usually do it spicy, but it sounds like it would be a good way to try it out. I have dinner plans tonight, but may make this for dinner tomorrow night instead. Yum!

  5. yum! this looks soo yummy!!

  6. And here you go – I am hungry now and in a mood for some spaghetti – Thank You for that

  7. This looks so yummy! Thanks!

  8. ooh yum, as nice as your recipes are you should be using a recipe plugin for better SEO. Your pictures are lovely

    • Thanks a bunch! Do you have one that you recommend? I heard that you could lose your recipe if you stopped using them and it scared me. :D


  9. we make spaghetti pretty much the same way. It’s so quick and easy to make!

  10. Jenna M Wood says:

    This loos so simple, but so hearty! Spaghetti is always a HIT here!

  11. Mmmmm! I just love spicing thing up! This looks delish! We have pasta night 2-3 days a week and rotate things around. Will have to add some kick to our next S’ghetti night and see if the Hubs will notice! LOL

  12. I love spicey spaghetti! Simple and yet it gives a kick!

  13. Love spaghetti! And one day I will attempt to make my own spaghetti sauce…heh. As of now, I just buy a jar of whatever and add my own spices to it. But I will say, I like it spicy!

  14. Naomi Osborn says:

    We do this almost every week! So fast and easy and all the ingredients can just be kept on hand in the freezer/cupboard.

  15. Ohh I love pasta..
    This dish looks hearty and put me in the mood!
    I know whats for dinner tonight.
    Thank you for sharing..
    Spice it up? Definitely!

  16. that look so good and quick to make

  17. I add chopped garlic, carrots, bell peppers and onion to my spagetti sauce. Good basic sauce.

  18. Oh man, I’ve gotta try this! The kids wouldn’t like it but me and hubby would. Thanks!

  19. Jennifer Mae Hiles says:

    I always appreciate recipes that only require a few ingredients. Whenever I go to make something new, I rarely have what I need. The dish looks wonderful.

  20. I love spaghetti. We have a good homemade recipe of my husbands. I use Prego and doctor it up with meat, tomato and fresh veggies.

  21. Mona MonaG says:

    My mom used to make something like this for us when we were kids but she used egg noodles.

    I will definitely make this but with ground Italian sausage and diced tomatoes(instead of sauce). I may make a double portion of the meat and use it to make a batch of lasagna too.


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