Potty Park – Dog Potty Training Just Got Easier #JustJanuary

potty park

We have had our dogs for a few years now, and potty training them has always been a tough job. We have tried everything from puppy pads to taking them outside. It all seems to work sporadically, with some accidents mixed in. So, we decided to try out the Potty Park! And we honestly believe that this method of training dogs is definitely the best one that we have tried so far.

Potty Park: Official White House Dog Potty


The Potty Park a contraption that looks like grass on top, where your furry friend would “do their business.” There is a compartment in the bottom that then holds the urine. You then empty the tray. If your dog goes “#2,” simply clean it up as you normally would. The Potty Park is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. So, not only is it easy to clean, but it is also probably a lot safer than pee pads. Think of all the money that it also saves you from the repeated purchase of puppy pads!

So, why don’t you take your dogs outside all the time, you might ask? Well, sometimes it’s icy and/or really cold. Our chihuahua shivers even when it’s 75 degrees. I highly doubt he will enjoy a pee stroll at 20 degrees. Also, when we go on trips, if our dogs are trained to solely go outside, I definitely don’t want our little furry friends to feel like they have to hold it until we get back! How awful! If they are trained to use the Potty Park, they have no problem. 🙂

Potty Park

 When first setting up the Potty Park, you will find an instruction manual that tells you everything you would need to know about how to train your dogs to use it. The Potty Park also comes with a special spray that is intended to attract your dogs attention to the Potty Park. When first trying out the Potty Park, I will admit that it took some patience. In order for it to work, you need to keep your dogs on the Potty Park until they actually use the bathroom. Afterwards, you praise them and give them a treat! The first time, I had to wait about 45 minutes. The second time, it only took about 30 minutes. After a few days of training, our dogs are now using the Potty Park on a very consistent basis, way better than they every used puppy pads and we are very pleased! The Potty Park is also a lot more appealing to look at than the unsightly puppy pads ever were. 🙂

Potty Park

The Potty Park grass looks pretty real, doesn’t it?

Socialize With Potty Park

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  1. steve weber says:

    the one thing I’ve had trouble with training my puppy.. if I don’t wake up in time she poops outside of the door that leads to the backyard!

  2. Encourages dogs to pee as often as their body requires, greatly reducing the risk of Urinary Tract Infection, kidney stones, and anxiety & stress related issues

  3. The biggest problem with my dog is she gets anxious when we leave her and she potty’s in the house,

  4. Cindi Decker says:

    It has an anti-odor guarantee!

  5. Cindi Decker says:

    My biggest issue is my Min Pin not wanting to go out in the cold.

  6. I learned that there is a 5-year warranty and an Anti-odor guarantee!

  7. It is guaranteed to be odor free!

  8. I am entering this for my daughter. She has 3 kids(two are under 3) and three dogs.She could use it.

  9. They are so stubborn when it comes to potty training. And the little one (they are both Lhasa Apso’s) really loves to pee on rugs, not on our hard wood floors…..go figure!

  10. It has a 5 year warranty.

  11. My biggest problem has been other family members giving the pup too much freedom and not enough supervision early on.

  12. golden storm says:

    i learned that The science behind the design of the Potty Park™ makes it attractive to dogs

  13. Leah Shumack says:

    that they piddle…i always get a dog that piddles and breaking that habit when they are over excited sucks

  14. I learned that its the official potty of the white house!

  15. I learned that there is a 5-year warranty and an Anti-odor guarantee.

  16. Beth Hargett says:

    I learned that is it antimicrobial and antibacterial and it is guaranteed not to stink. LOL I love how it keeps the environment greener (no pads to dispose of).

  17. Beth Hargett says:

    My biggest problem was when I lived on the top floor of a 4 story apartment complex and didn’t always make it down the stairs before they went potty. Also being available to take them out was a problem and how to correct them when they were stubborn.

  18. natalie nichols says:

    I learned that their “poop” don’t stink!

  19. cathy henatyszen says:

    I learned that there is a 5-year warranty and an Anti-odor guarantee! I think this is a great product

  20. I learned it has a 5 year warranty.

  21. My dogs don’t like to go outside when it’s cold, wet or snowy.

  22. As your dog urinates on the green grassy Potty Park™ surface, the urine drains through a pattern of designed openings, which empty into a secure reservoir at the base of the Potty Park™ unit.
    I just Love this …my pup Eco would too.

  23. Michele H. says:

    It’s the official White House potty and it’s odor-free.

  24. Michele H. says:

    No real big issues but sometimes it’s hard to catch them in the act indoors and teach them otherwise.

  25. Megan Parsons says:

    I learned that you can put it in a pillow case and wash it in the washer

  26. Megan Parsons says:

    My dog is so old that she has a hard time holding it : ( This would be a life saver to have for her!

  27. kelley roach says:

    As your dog urinates on the green grassy Potty Park™ surface, the urine drains through a pattern of designed openings, which empty into a secure reservoir at the base of the Potty Park

  28. kelley roach says:

    I learned that its the official potty of the white house!

  29. kelley roach says:

    biggest problem was the dog peeing in the house

  30. Sarah Harding says:

    I learned its the Official dog potty of the White House!

  31. the potty would be great for us to travel and then i have pom he train but sometime we are gone all day and then get caught in storm and then we would not have to wrry aobut it

  32. They are the official dog potty of the white house!!! My dog already lives like Beau the First Dog, so this would just go to his head even more……and he deserves it! LOL

  33. Shelley P says:

    My dogs are small and have tiny bladders so have to go often….every 3 hrs. If I’m busy or forget they pee in the house. I also have a puppy-mill survivor who just prefers to pee inside.

  34. johnny-amy lynn says:

    the urine drains through a pattern of designed openings

  35. johnny-amy lynn says:

    well I have my chiwawa thats house trained on pee pee pads and my lab thats goes outside and until we get our fence put up here at the new house we built we cant let the lil 1 go outside….so that is a big challange for us w/ her bc at our other house we had a big yard fenced in and she always went outside and now she cant!!!

  36. michelle dement says:

    i would question whether dogs would use it but it is Enhanced with pheromones to attract your dog…this would be great my cocoa bug…he lets us know with cute little spins and barks when he needs to go but when we arent home he has had a few accidents but i know that he just couldnt help it and this would be great for him to be able to go when we arent home 🙂 the website even has a dog that looks just like our little cocoa bug so its meant to be lol 🙂

  37. Linda Kish says:

    A dachshund who is very excitable and forgets to go outside

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  38. jennifer davis says:

    they wont listen.. i let them out time after time and it still not working..

  39. I learned that it’s antibacterial and anti-microbial!

  40. I have a chihuahua also…. I raise shelties….biggest house training issue is simply them waking up and having to pee before I can get the puppies outside. This would help with puppies immensely as they could use this when they needed to potty inside which would greatly help in house training. I’ve use puppy pads with puppies many times but my biggest issue with potty pads, besides how ugly they are is when puppies get bored, they want to shred them up and if they have pottied on them it makes a huge stinky mess. I have Even used the holders that go around potty pads to hold them in place but somehow babies always figure out how to get the pads off to tear up. I’ve put down a new pad many times only to come back two minutes later and find a litter of puppies playing tug of war. It would be extremely nice to have this for a litter of puppies or for my chi to use during the cold days of winter or when the weather is really nasty, like during a hurricane and event like that, this would be good to have the dogs trained to so that they could potty when they cannot go outside. Thank you for the chance to win.

  41. Learned that it has a great warranty, it is more sanitary than potty pads, easy to clean, and I would loVe to win this for my dogs!


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