Signs and Symptoms of Appendicitis and When To Seek Medical Attention

Appendicitis ~


Amber’s candy bar bouquet that her BFF Kelsey got her for her hospital stay

My daughter had a friend over this weekend with movie rentals and girl time in mind. However, she got really sick on Saturday with what we all thought was the flu. By Sunday morning, we decided that it must not be the flu after all and we took her to the hospital where they immediately admitted her for appendicitis.

Signs of Appendicitis

I have known several people that have had to get their appendixes removed so when Amber started complaining about her lower right side hurting, that is when I felt that we needed to take her to the hospital. I have heard about many situations where appendixes actually burst because the parents had no idea what was really going on in time. Like I said, even we thought it was the flu ourselves, until she complained specifically about her side. Fortunately we did realize something was wrong before her’s actually burst.

appendicitis patient belonging bag

Some of the symptoms that my daughter experienced were…

  • vomiting {she threw up many times – she is a bit of a puker, so we did not find this alarming, at first}
  • fatigue
  • mild fever
  • paleness
  • loss of appetite
  • pain in her lower right side close to her hipbone
  • nausea

As each person is different, please check out other signs of appendicitis from Mayo Clinic.


This is the machine she is using to test lung function {to aid in pneumonia prevention}

It’s important to react quickly if you think that you or someone you know has appendicitis. If the appendix ruptures, it can leak infection into your abdominal cavity {peritonitis} and can then escalate into a potentially deadly situation.

Amber’s Appendicitis Recovery

Luckily for Amber, we got to the hospital and surgery was performed before her appendix burst. Unfortunately for Amber, her appendix was in a weird location, making her not ideal for laser surgery, thus she has a big incision. I have not looked at it, but from what the doctor described it seems to be about 3 or 4 inches long. But she is alive and healthy {though she is in a bit of pain right now} and for that we are extremely grateful. Her surgery only took about 30 minutes and the doctors kept us very well informed and in the loop – for which we are also extremely grateful.

appendicitis iv

She is currently still in the hospital and I am actually writing this from a chair at the foot of her bed as she sleeps. My husband and I are making sure that one of us is with her here at all times, which means shifts. He is currently at home for his designated sleep time. :)

Appendicitis is very common and far more serious than I thought. In the end, Amber will have spent at least 72 hours in the hospital. She may be be released sometime today if there are no complications. She will also miss several days from school and will have to alter her lifestyle for at least a few weeks due to the lengthy healing process that this procedure requires. If your child shows symptoms of appendicitis, please take it seriously.

Have You Had Your Appendix Removed?


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  1. I had it three days after I had my second child. Only went home for a day and then back in the hospital! I definitely had the loss of appetite, but my pain was straight in the middle of my stomach. Glad she’s on the mend!

  2. So glad you caught it in time and she is hoping to go home! Praying for a speedy recovery!

  3. Thank you for this post. I swear, EVERY time I get a stomach pain, it’s the first thing that comes to my head. I’m so worried about it! I hope your daughter recovers fast and well!

  4. Wow! I have not had mine removed. That’s great you reacted to what you saw and felt. Thank you for sharing!

  5. sandra davis says:

    prayers for a speedy recovery for your daughter. i had mine removed when i was 15 yrs old. mine did burst and i remember being very sick. glad she had it taken out before that happened.

  6. Glad everything worked out okay, I’ve heard stories about them bursting as well.
    That bouquet looks super yummy too!

    • We have a cousin that did have her’s burst. She was in the hospital for like 10 days and has a bad scar from the surgery. Poor thing.


  7. I never had my appendix removed but heard the whole process is quite painful. I pray a quick recovery and lots more candy bouquets! ;)

  8. Glad she was seen quickly it really can be serious, the gall bladder is the same way can go bad really quick. It gives similar symptoms and can go undetected as the cause also, my daughter suffered with many attacks before it was finally diagnosed correctly and removed. Glad your daughter is on her way to recovery, and what a great friend, forget the flowers bring chocolate! Love that arrangement :)

    • They did test her for gall bladder problems while she was there, too. You are right, the doc said it can be the same exact symptoms.


  9. I’m glad she’s feeling better! I haven’t had mine out, but I’ve had 2 c-sections. Abdominal surgeries are no fun.

  10. Wow…what a story. Thankfully, neither me nor my family has experienced. However, I’ll surely keep your story in mind when symptoms occur. Thank you!

  11. So glad she’s doing better! I’m even more relieved you caught it in time. I wish her a speedy recovery!

  12. That candy bar bouquet is awesome! Hope Amber gets well is no fun. Never had my appendix out but I had an emergency gall bladder surgery. Don’t ignore those symptoms either! I thought I had food poisoning and back spasms.

    • The doctor said the symptoms are very similar in appendicitis and gall bladder issues. I feel sorry for anyone going through either of these.


  13. I still have my appendix, but I did have my gallbladder removed in November. I agree some of the symptoms are similar. Kudos to you for being a great mom and knowing something was wrong. Hope Amber recovers quickly!!

  14. How scary! My daughter is only 3 and any sickness makes me nervous! I do still have an appendix, but I had my gall bladder taken out last year.

    • I still have my appendix and gall bladder but several members of my family have had either one or both removed. *Knock on wood*


  15. I didnt realize it was this serious either but it IS a major surgery! I am glad you caught it early. Hope she is recovering well. Thanks for the info.

  16. I am definitely one who is slow to react to illness, but I have heard of a child dying from the parents not acting in time. Thank you for the tips!

  17. Not my appendix, but gall bladder. but years ago you used to have big scars to show for it now alot of times you dont. My neighbor had her baby and had her appendix taken out the next day – Geez that sucks


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