International Stand Up To Bullying Day #bullying


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Today I was reading over Our Family World Blog and learned that today is International Stand Up To Bullying Day. I had never heard of this before, but I find anything to do with stopping bullying a worthy cause. It is so sad how many children get bullied everyday – especially when they are bullied for things that they really can not help, like out of style clothing and poor housing because their parents can not afford better. Children are so vulnerable and they just don’t understand that when they are the subjects of bullying that it isn’t really about them, it’s because of the insecurities of the bully.

International Stand Up To Bullying Day

Stand Up To Bullying Day

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What is really sad is that I have met parents who condone this. Some even instigate and encourage this behavior. For instance, when my daughter was in kindergarten, several older children surrounded her one time when she was playing outside and began throwing rocks at her. Are you kidding me? I promptly went and told one of the kid’s parents (as I feel it isn’t my place to discipline others’ children). That child’s mother looked me straight in the eye and said that my child needed to learn to defend herself. Seriously? Against several bigger children. I quickly realized that there was no reasoning with this woman when she started threatening me.

I even called the police and they said that there was nothing they could do unless my child actually got hurt! How can children grow up to be responsible adults when their parents lack compassion, maturity and reasoning skills? How can we defend ourselves when people in positions of authority don’t always do something until it is too late?

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I realized there was only one thing I knew to do. Although it wasn’t the best alternative, the next time the children surrounded my daughter, I came outside on the porch and told them if they wanted to throw rocks, perhaps I should play, too. After all, most bullies are really just chickens picking on smaller children (as these were). They left her alone after that. 😉

However, there are too many times when no one steps in. Please, stand up if you see someone getting bullied. Don’t stand there and watch. You may not get the chance to stand up for that person later.

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  1. Sherry Compton says:

    It’s very troubling and unbelievable how far and hateful bullying has come. The lengths people go to and the amount of torture – yes, torture. Often the behavior is even overlooked or accepted. I hate that we have to have a day dedicated to speaking out against it but I’m sure glad there is one. It is very necessary.