Compete In Virtual Races At Any Fitness Level

Compete In Virtual Races At Any Fitness LevelCheap Is The New Classy

As you guys know in my post from yesterday, I just completed Cardiac Rehab a few days ago. Though I was fortunate enough to be able to do both the treadmill and the recumbent bikes, not everyone in my class had that same ability. There were several people in my class who could only use the bikes for a variety of reasons. One of the ladies told me that she could not walk on the treadmill due to hip issues. Regardless of ability, I think most people are motivated by rewards. So, I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great if I could find something like a 5K that didn’t have to be done either walking or running?

And live races are conducted at one specific location. Unless you have the time and budget to travel, that knocks most races out for you except for the ones that are local that also fit into your time schedule. Let’s face it, not everyone is off work on weekends. I think these races are great for those that can do them, but since not everyone can, I decided to try to find a race community to partner with that was a bit more inclusive.

Compete In Virtual Races At Any Fitness Level

So I joined Yes.Fit. These virtual races vary greatly in length from around 25 miles to well over 100. Don’t freak out. You don’t have to run 100 miles in a row. You don’t even have to run. Yes.Fit races can be completed at your own pace, your own way. If there is a machine at the gym that you love that tracks distance, it’s fair game. For me, that’s the row machine and the elliptical. Just add up the distance and manually enter it into Yes.Fit. If manually entering your mileage isn’t your game {math = no thanks} that’s fine, too. Just like everyone isn’t about the walking or running life, math isn’t everyone’s thing either. Just hook up your favorite fitness tracker and let it do the work for you.

Compete In Virtual Races At Any Fitness Level

Just me, doing my part to keep it sexy at the gym. Ha!

Compete In Virtual Races At Any Fitness Level

“Love your next workout! Walk, run, cycle, or crawl at your own pace and any number of workouts. Earn progress updates along the way and awesome rewards once you finish.”

Personally, I’m all about the swag. I don’t think the inability to run a 5K should stop you from getting a medal. You still worked. You still burned crazy calories. You still met or exceeded your goals. And you should be rewarded for that. Like Yes.Fit‘s slogan says, “Walk, run, cycle, or crawl at your own pace” and receive “awesome rewards once you finish.” Yaaaaaassss!

I have been tracking miles on the treadmill, recumbent bike, elliptical, lateral elliptical and rowing machine at the gym. I’m currently snowed in the house [I am in North Carolina where we just got the epic snow storm] so I have been doing around 5 miles a day on the FLEXISPOT Home Office Standing Desk Exercise Bike. It’s perfect because I pulled it out of the guest bedroom, set it in front of the TV and ride it while I check my phone, read or work on my computer. It also calculates my distance, calories burned and time – all of the info I need to log for Yes.Fit. Through Dec 20th, you can save $100 on this desk bike. Be sure to use code V9DEAL.

Compete In Virtual Races At Any Fitness Level

Compete In Virtual Races At Any Fitness Level

Yes.Fit has a super supportive community on Facebook that’s open to all members.

So far, I have finished two races [Beauty and the Beast and Tombstone] and am currently working on the Viking Conquest. The first 2 were both a little under 30 miles each and I finished each one in like 4 days. Viking Conquest will take a bit longer. It’s over 65 miles and I’m only 18 in! My goal is to complete 6 races a month, so this month I am learning how many miles I can actually do so that I can better gauge what I sign up for next month. I have listed the races that I am in for December in case you would like to join me. There is a money saving code below. Make sure you enter that when you sign up for your race and let’s do this thing!

Compete In Virtual Races At Any Fitness Level

The races I am competing in for December. Join me?

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