7 Tips For Creating A Beautiful Home Office On A Budget

7 Tips For Creating A Beautiful Home Office On A BudgetCheap Is The New Classy

It is an exciting time when you decide to transition your business to a home office environment. There are many perks to working at home that you cannot find in an everyday office. Setting your own schedule and hours and sipping coffee surrounded by the comforts of home are just the beginning. You will find the positives are many, however it can also be overwhelming. Whether you are starting a new venture, or your existing business is on its way home, you will have a plethora of tasks and to do lists ahead of you. Depending on the nature of your business, you will have specified items and agendas you will need to complete your office.

When you first decide to create a home office, you may envision an inspiring weekend of shopping and setting up shop. The truth is, the cost of an office at home may cost a lot more than inspiration. In fiscal terms, it will take the first few quarters of gaining a financial imprint. You will want to plan for the necessary time to meet and exceed your projections.

With this in mind, you may want to consider keeping a frugal eye on your start up budget. An office requires several items to become effective and efficient. We have designed a guide with tips of the trade that will keep your beginning overhead low and your financial bottom line out of the proverbial red. There are many ways to think outside of the cubicle and still achieve your office goals. Creative applications along with economical planning can assist in making your business dreams a reality.

The How To
The Desk and The Dollar- The price of a brand new desk can be steep for a new business. When you account for the chair and matching furnishings, it can almost seem impossible. Desks that are made of wood have a durability that can be lasting and refinished as needed. Looking in the scratch and dent departments of local stores, as most of the imperfections can be concealed or corrected with a little elbow grease. Used desks can be found online or in your local paper. With some innovation, you can make your own desk and accompanied furniture complete with shelving that will look just as eloquent as a store model.

Take A Seat
High dollar desk chairs are worth every penny. When starting a business, your pennies may be limited. Opt for second hand or refurbished seating options. Keeping a professional appearance, you will want to pay attention to details. Not all desk chairs are Cadillac style leather seats. In the art of remaining well fashioned and chic, older wingback chairs or parlor seating can be repurposed for a sleek style.

Accessorize Your Office
The furnishings you choose is only one element of designing an office space. As with any well dressed space, now you have to accessorize. Keeping with the theme of your room, you can find trinkets and treasures that can be used for everyday essentials. From pen holders to a business card display, these items will put a charming quality into your day. Bare walls are just that…. bare. Find a picture or painting at art sales or consignment shops. Keep the theme you have chosen with consistency throughout. You can download store discounts on some of your purchases such as pens, staplers, and paper. Printing companies will often have great deals on pens with your company name on them.

The Grid
The technology you plan to use will be the hub of your business center. Modern communication has evolved through the use of technology. Making sure you have a good means of internet connections and a lap top or desktop computer will aid your business in everyday endeavors. Before investing in a corporate style scanner and printer, consider an economical version that is smaller in size and price, yet can handle the workload of a mid-size company. Linking your phone and computer will help you when you are on the go or making lunch. Backing up your files will save in the long run both financially and your stress level.

Paperwork Like a Pro
Save on paper, mailing costs and fax lines by adapting a greener way of doing paperwork. Many companies are making the change to green for a chance to help the earth and save on costs. Many corporations have reported up to seven percent of their fiscal reports are obligated to paper. Learn from their P&L reports, and switch to doing business online. Invoices, receipts, orders and communication details can all be done via your computer.

Etc. Ways to Save
There are many small ways to save that will add up over time, turning into big savings. Energy efficient lightbulbs, surge protector cords, avoid spending business dollars on bottles of water by using a reusable bottle. Bundle your amenities for a less expensive price, advertise on social media and through fundraisers, when shopping for office needs, round up the cost and round down your budget. Print your own business cards and look for DIY opportunities when it comes to office space décor and design. Find paint in the back room of paint stores that have been mixed incorrectly, you can find a great shade for half the price. Fresh flowers and plants are a great way to refreshen the space and add color. Repurpose them into potpourri or sachets to keep your office airy like spring.

Ready, Set and Open
With these tips and tricks, you are well on your way to starting your at home business. You will save dollars and have a running start to your budgeting needs. Do not let a slim wallet keep you from your dreams. With imagination and a good business plan you will be open for business in no time. From planners to pens, you will have exactly what you need to be efficient and productive. Remember to water your plants and stop to smell the roses on your desk. Keeping an eye on tomorrow with what we have learned yesterday are the keys to a successful home business, and don’t forget to check out the range of affordable office furniture at Jason L.

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