5 Burglary Prevention Tips For The New Year [Infographic]

5 Burglary Prevention Tips For The New Year

If you are like me, you are still wrapping your head around the fact that the holidays are over and that we are now into a new year. Many people take extra precautions during the holidays to try to prevent home invasions, robberies and other thefts, but this is something that we really need to work on all year round. Check out these burglary prevention tips for the new year and let me know if there is anything that you would add in the comments below.

5 Burglary Prevention Tips For The New Year

Burglary Prevention Tips For The New Year

1. Leave Delivery Instructions – People travel a lot for the holidays. And, many people travel often during other parts of the year, as well. This leaves the all too real possibility of packages being stolen that are dropped off on porches. Did you know that you can request deliveries be made at certain times and on certain days? You can also request signature delivery so that the packages will not be simply “dropped off.” And, finally, you can also choose to have items purchased delivered to retail stores instead of to your home address.

2. Be Discreet – I see my neighbors’ garbage all the time on trash day. And I often know who got the latest electronics, a new big screen TV and so much more because they set the discarded packaging beside their garbage bin for pickup. This is something that you should not do, if at all possible. If would-be thieves are casing your neighborhood for targets and see empty boxes that once held high dollar electronics, for instance, they might decide your house is full of items they could take and easily resell. Be sure to break down these boxes and take them to the landfill yourself or make them fit in your trash can where they can’t be seen.

3. Invest In A Home Security System – Having a camera installed near your front steps or porch doesn’t necessarily prevent everyone from stealing a package, but this will deter many potential thieves. Also, getting a home security system installed can also aid in preventing unwanted guests from entering your home and violating your safety, especially if they see the system, or advertising for it, in place before they even try to enter your home.

4. Have Someone Watch Your Home – While you are away, have a trusted neighbor check your mail, put away your trash bins and pick up any packages left on your porch. Mail that is piling up could be an invitation to an opportunistic burglar who is looking for houses that seem like easy targets. It’s a lot easier to steal items from a home that appears to be vacant, even if only temporarily, than it is to steal from a home that appears well lived in.

5. Be Careful How You Post On Social Media – Everyone wants to share on social media about their wonderful travel plans, family and friends that they haven’t seen in a while and about their adventures. And, since I do travel blogging, that is part of my job description. So I need to share. Sometimes when I go on an epic adventure I check-in after I am back home or have already left the place that I am sharing about on social media. I rarely post things in real time. If you must share, you can do the same thing. This still allows you to share your story with your friends without necessarily upping your potential of being burglarized.

Do You Have Any Other Burglary Prevention Tips For The New Year To Share?

Has anyone ever stolen one of your packages from your porch? Has your home ever been burglarized? Get more facts and tips about holiday break ins and burglaries here and if you have any other burglary prevention tips that you would like to share, please let us know in the comments below.

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