10 Family Friendly Activities In Panama City Beach

10 Family Friendly Activities in Panama City Beach

When you think Panama City Beach, Florida, chances are you don’t think “family friendly”. More likely you think about drunken college students doing crazy drunken things. Although there is more than enough drunken shenanigans to suit anyone just like at most beaches, there are actually quite a lot of family friendly activities to do in Panama City Beach, too.

Panama City Beach. More Family Friendly than You Think

There’s a ton of fun to be had for families and those who aren’t into imbibing themselves into oblivion at Panama City Beach. I should note that although strictly speaking Panama City Beach is just the beach, both the beach and the city are generally grouped into one.

Race City

Race City is the largest fun center and arcade in Panama City Beach. Featuring 6 different Go Kart Tracks, including a “Kids Kars” track, indoor blacklight mini golf, bumper boats with mounted squirt guns, bumper cars, a ginormous indoor arcade, a Sea Maze, and a Skycoaster ride, Race City is one of the “can’t miss” attractions in Panama City Beach.

Pirates! ARRRR!

Sea Dragon Pirate Cruises offers one of the most adventurey adventures in all of Panama City Beach. Take one of their daily dolphin cruises on a replica of a 1700’s cargo ship. It’s the real deal, and kids can do all sorts of pirate-type stuff on-board like treasure hunts, firing canons, and even sword fights! And there’s plenty of grog for the grownups, as well. FYI, grog means cocktails and cold beer!

Gulf World Marine Park

Gulf World Marine Park is one of those places that allows you to really get in touch with nature. No really. You touch it. Visitors can swim with dolphins, feed sharks, take in an alligator exhibit, pet stingrays, hold boa constrictors, and even take in a magic show. It’s all about fun and learning, and the best part is that tickets are good for the whole day. You have the freedom to leave and come back using the same ticket!

Helicopter Tours

Panama City Beach is a gorgeous place, especially when you see it from a bird’s perspective! Panhandle Helicopter offers great aerial tours of Panama City Beach and the surrounding area. And bonus – the kids can even wear their own headset and speak with the pilot while they’re on the tour.

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum

If you’re like me, you loved Ripley’s Believe It Or Not on television back in the day. If that’s the case – or even if it isn’t – take the family to the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. This is one of the best family friendly attractions in Panama City Beach because it tricks the kiddos into learning something. In addition to the weirdness, Ripley’s also has a 4D theater, and Laser Race.


WonderWorks is the perfect place to take the kids in Panama City Beach. Just as the name implies, WonderWorks gets the kids’ imagination working over time. From the fact that the exterior is an UPSIDE DOWN HOUSE to the over 100 interactive hands-on exhibits, experiments, and rides, WonderWorks has all kinds of amazing things to see and do for kids and adults alike.

Shipwreck Island Waterpark

It’s a universal law that all kids love water parks, so if you’re going to be in Panama City Beach, why not take your kids to one of the best water parks in the area. Shipwreck Island has a special area for toddlers called “The Tadpole Hole” as well as rides such as “Tree Top Drop” and “Pirate’s Plunge” for teenagers. It’s a waterpark with a little bit of something for the entire family.

XD Darkride Experience

According to our friends at Sandpiper Beacon Resort, no Top 10 Family Friendly Activities list would be complete without the XD Darkride Experience, located at Pier Park. Who wouldn’t love a 7D Movie that’s also an interactive video game that let’s you shoot at the bad guys on the screen as the movie unfolds. It’s a multi sensory interactive experience that the entire family will love. Oh, and it’s pretty cheap, too.

Coconut Creek

Coconut Creek Family Fun Park has no shortage of family friendly activities for vacationers at Panama City Beach. Families can have a day of mini golf at one of the best courses in all of Panama City Beach, or they can navigate their way through the Gran Maze. As the name implies, it’s a grand maze. Human mice must navigate the maze, finding four checkpoints before making their way back out.

Goofy Golf

Experience the sensibilities of a 50s miniature golf course while you’re in Panama City Beach at Goofy Golf. The biggest Goofy Golf course ever built by Lee Koplin, the course in Panama City Beach is run by Koplin’s son, and it remains largely unchanged from its 1959 opening state.

Panama City Beach. It’s Not All Booze and Bad Choices.

Panama City Beach my be synonymous with excessive drinking, partying, and generally endangering one’s future, but that’s not all there is there. Panama City Beach is actually a wonderfully family friendly destination. Between mini-golf, outdoor adventures, amusement parks, and more, Panama City Beach has something for everyone.

Have You Ever Been To Panama City Beach?

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    I would love to take a helicopter tour of the panama city! That sounds like a fun way to explore and avoid the heat for a bit. Can’t wait for my FL trip soon!

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