Our Wine And Paint Class Adventure On The Caribbean Sea #sponsored #TravelDeep #travel

Our Wine And Paint Class Adventure On The Caribbean Sea #sponsored #TravelDeep

Mackenzie and Amber are hard at work.

Cheap Is The New Classy

I am sure that many of you have done those cool wine {or coffee} and painting classes. I have done a couple myself, but none like this. A few nights ago, Amber, Mackenzie {their first class} and I took a wine and painting class while sailing the Caribbean Sea on the Fathom Adonia on our way to the Dominican Republic. And since Amber and Mackenzie are underage and I also chose not to drink, the class didn’t cost us anything.

Our Wine And Paint Class Adventure On The Caribbean Sea #sponsored #TravelDeep

Mackenzie and Amber are getting ready to get their paint on.

Our Dominican Princess Paintings

If you haven’t done a Wine and Paint class before, then I highly recommend you try it. In my experience, all of these classes have basically the same theme. There is an original painting that is already painted and you can look at it, as well as a projector image that shows how to do this painting step by step. Everything is provided {canvas, easel, brushes, apron, etc.} so you just need to bring yourself and your creativity.

Our Wine And Paint Class Adventure On The Caribbean Sea #sponsored #TravelDeep

My finished painting

We all have different skill levels, as well as different tastes, so it’s fun to see all of the unique interpretations of the same painting. Plus, in my experience, people who are creative are just fun to hang around anyway. There was a gentleman sitting behind me who kept us laughing the entire time. He said his Dominican Princess looked “tore up” and that mine was giving good “resting b*tch face.” I think he was correct on both counts. A fish that I painted in a previous Wine and Paint class was giving a “snarky” look, I was told. I must be coming through in my paintings. People often talk about artists’ phases {I use that term “artist” loosely here}. Does that mean I am in my “me” phase?

Our Wine And Paint Class Adventure On The Caribbean Sea #sponsored #TravelDeep

This is Mackenzie’s finished painting.

Mackenzie was told frequently about how great the shape of the face was on his painting and Amber’s headdress was definitely the best in our group. I think it’s really hard to leave one of these classes without a cool looking painting. I am going to hang mine in the hall with my two previous Wine and Paint class paintings. I am trying to get Mackenzie and Amber to give me theirs to hang in the hall, too, but they aren’t having it.

Our Wine And Paint Class Adventure On The Caribbean Sea #sponsored #TravelDeep

This is Amber’s finished painting.

Someone told me that I had a “steady hand” in the class. I am not sure I am buying that but thanks for the compliment anyway. It didn’t feel too steady when I was trying to do that outlining against the rocking of the boat, lol. Amber’s outlining is great, don’t you think? Mine, however, was a hot mess so I stopped doing it. 😀 I might touch that baby up with a Sharpie when I hit dry land. 😉

Our Wine And Paint Class Adventure On The Caribbean Sea #sponsored #TravelDeep

This is a fellow passenger’s painting that I really liked.

All three of us had tons of fun. The people who drank wine had even more fun. 😉 If you ever get a chance to take one of these classes at sea, do it. You will have a blast and leave with a very cool and unique souvenir that you can love or laugh at for years to come. 🙂

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Have You Taken A Wine And Paint Class?

What did you think? Would you be interested in taking one if you haven’t already? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I would totally do something like this. How cool that they offered this at all. Looks like you had a great time

  2. You all did a really wonderful job on those paintings! I have been to a few paint nights with friends and I always have so much fun!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      We really want to start going to them more often. There are some local ones we might try out soon.

  3. Adam and I did a wine and painting class adventure last year and we had a blast! We don’t normally sit down regularly to paint or draw or anything like that, so it was nice to just relax and be creative together!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Yeah, these classes are not just for those that paint or draw often. I think anyone can have a good time – it’s about the experience, not the ability level.

  4. This must be so much fun. I can imagine how my painting would change the more wine I had. LOL. Laughter is so good for the soul, I am sure that this class would heal any wounds.

  5. I’ve never attended one of these classes, but I’d love to. I enjoy painting, I’ve been known to buy canvases and paint and have a family paint night. 🙂 I’m sure a classroom setting with coffee or wine and family & friends would be FUN. 🙂
    You all did a wonderful job!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Thanks! Amber and I have several canvases that we bought when we caught them on sale. When we get some paint, we hope to have several fun painting nights. 🙂

  6. I have a class of painting where all we do nothing but fun. We paint, laugh, play music, dance, sing and (oh Gosh) so on. So I can believe that you had a lot of fun and a great time during this paiting class. Doing it while on cruise though must be special!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      I think someone said we were the only painting class at sea right then, too. Not sure if that’s true but I like to believe it was. 🙂

  7. I keep seeing these painting classes everywhere. They look like so much fun! I want to try them out ASAP!

  8. We have a few of these places here where I love and we call them *sip and paint*. I just love them, it’s a great way to explore your creative side, while having some fun.

  9. I love wine and paint classes! They are so much fun. I’m actually in the process of organizing a large painting party for the end of this month!

  10. It must be GREAT on a cruise ship! I actually instruct sip & paint parties at many local venues here in New York, and everyone has SO MUCH FUN!! I am always amazed how every person’s painting comes out completely different, yet they are all great.

    Debbie Viola