Monica McGurk’s “Dark Rising” Book Review #sponsored #DarkRising

Monica McGurk's Dark Rising Book Review #sponsored #DarkRising
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After reading Monica McGurk’s first book in the Archangel Prophecies, Dark Hope, I couldn’t wait for the release of the second one. Now, I am done with the second book, Dark Rising, and I couldn’t be any more impatient for the release of the third. The second book exceeded my expectations, and kept me sneaking away to read more.

Monica McGurk’s Dark Rising Book Review

The first thing I want to note about Dark Rising is the character development. Throughout this book, many characters aside from the main two (Michael and Hope) were characters I could empathize with. I enjoyed learning more about Hope’s parents, and the other characters that traveled along with Michael and Hope. Much like the first book, Dark Rising was pretty intense for most of the book. I was constantly on the edge of my seat or gasping out loud when sudden plot twists took place – and trust me, there are A LOT!

Monica McGurk's Dark Rising Book Review #sponsored #DarkRising

During the second book, Michael and Hope are on a search for the key to Heaven’s Gate. While on the seemingly difficult search, they encounter sex traffickers, fallen angels, and many more obstacles that try to prevent their success in their journey. This time, their searching will take them across the sea to different countries to search for the key. While reading about Michael and Hope’s journey, you will also find that the book adds chapters that are solely about Hope’s parents and friends at home. I like this, because it allows us to form an emotional connection with the story and a variety of characters. While we are wanting Hope and Michael to succeed, we also feel terrible due to her parents thinking she has been kidnapped by sex traffickers.

My only “con” found in this book is the dragging out of the journey. I am someone who tends to lose interest easily, and during the middle of this book I started to – but only for a very short time. The journey took a while but before I knew it, it smacked me in the face with a HUGE plot twist, and I was drug right back in! Here is a little warning: You will face many plot twists – some that might even leave you an emotional wreck!

Overall, I really loved the second book to the Archangel Prophecies. It ended on a huge cliffhanger, which only makes my impatience worsen. I cannot wait for the release of Dark Before Dawn {sometime later this year}. I would also like to note that “A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book, and its predecessor, Dark Hope, will be donated to organizations that fight human trafficking, especially the sexual trafficking of minors.”

Monica McGurk's Dark Rising Book Review #sponsored #DarkRising

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