Visiting The Culinary School At Walters State Community College #ad #Sevierville

Visiting The Culinary School At Walters State Community College #ad #Sevierville

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Last night a group of bloggers {including myself} got a very cool treat. We were served a 4 course dinner at the Culinary School at Walters State Community College in Sevierville, Tennessee. I love these culinary tours because I always get to try something that I have never tried before and that I might not have otherwise gotten to try. What was really great about this one, though, is that it was in the college and made my college students. I love a nice restaurant, but there is just something really special about fostering our children’s talents with programs like these, you know?

Visiting The Culinary School At Walters State Community College #ad #Sevierville

Why You Should Attend The Culinary School At Walters State Community College

As many of you know, my daughter is in an Early College in North Carolina. She will graduate in the spring with both a high school diploma and an Associates Degree. This was both free for us and close to home, so she got to live at home the entire time. This allowed us to save money on the degree and housing. I am always shocked by the few amount of kids who take this opportunity. Children in Tennessee are given a similar opportunity to attend this culinary school. People, culinary school is expensive, so if you have kids in this area who are interested in being chefs or pursuing other areas in hospitality, definitely consider this school.

Dinner At The Culinary School At Walters State Community College

Folks, let me tell you about this menu. The first thing we tried was Duck Confit and Goat Cheese Salad. I had never tried duck before last night. I have to tell you though, it was really good. For those of you who have not tried it, it was crisp and no, it did not taste like chicken. ;) I encourage people to always try something you have never tried before. What I liked best about this course was the fruit. It was nice and crisp. :)

Visiting The Culinary School At Walters State Community College #ad #Sevierville

The next course was Bacon Wrapped Wild Salmon with Smoked Tomato Butter over Parsnip Puree. I have tried salmon on many occasions but I think this might have been the best. It was so light and flaky. One of the bloggers I was dining with {from Kelly’s Thoughts On Things} had not tried salmon and she really enjoyed it. :)

I am not sure that I have eaten parsnips before, but the puree was mild and went well with the salmon. The highlight of this course for me was the Tomato Butter. Sometimes when people order something new to them, they skip on the accompaniments and focus on the main dish. Don’t do that! Always at least try a little taste of everything on the plate.

Visiting The Culinary School At Walters State Community College #ad #Sevierville

The entree was Frenched Supreme of Chicken Breast with a Creamy Pesto Sauce. It was served with Stuffed Tomato Provencale and Crispy Garlic Vermicelli Nests. Ah, the vermicelli. I immediately thought of Amber while eating this. The texture made the dish even more interesting. When we cruised in December, Amber kept ordering a fettucini that was in a pasta bowl and I wondered if this was similar. I am thinking she would have loved this. I think the crispy vermicelli and the tomato butter were my favorite things. :)

And, finally, we had Julianna Cake, served with Praline and Vanilla Creams and Chocolate Triangles for dessert. The hearts! How cute is this? I had mine with coffee, Who’s shocked? :P

Thanks so much to the students at the Culinary School at Walters State Community College and Chef Joe Cairn for a lovely evening!

Have You Ever Been To A Tasting Event At A Culinary School?

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  1. What a wonderful treat! I’ve never heard of a tasting event at a culinary school, but I’ll definitely have to look into that in our area. Thank you for sharing your experience and favorite dishes of the evening. That Frenched Supreme Chicken Breast sounds quite interesting; would love to try that one. Thanks again!

  2. Robin Masshole Mommy says:

    That is insanely cool! I would love to attend a culinary school for an event like this or a class.

  3. Wow! Lucky you! All of those dishes look amazing but the Julianna cake has to be my fave! I have such a sweet tooth :)

  4. That looks so delicious I was drooling as I read your post! I’m super jealous. I’d love to attend a special event like that. :)

  5. FUN! I’ve always wanted to attend a culinary school, just because. Do you suppose they have courses for non-traditional students (i.e. adults who don’t want to go back to school)?

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      It appeared to me that there were students of all ages in that class so they very well may. :) I would suggest visiting their site {linked in the article} to see exactly what the requirements are.

  6. I would love to attend culinary school simply because I love to cook.
    Granted, hours spent chopping veggies might turn me off but the experience would be so cool!

  7. All of this food looks amazing. I think this would be a wonderful experience. I really love to cook too. I use to actually want to go to culinary school. I still think about it to this day.

  8. What a fun event. This is something I would enjoy. I love watching people cook and create plus learning to do it myself would be awesome.

  9. I would LOVE to go to a tasting event. I can’t believe that cake, it looks amazing!

  10. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Everything looks delicious and I’m sure tasted even better. How fun!

  11. That sounds like it was so much fun! I’ve always dreamed of being a chef. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good hand when it comes to fancy stuff. I would have LOVED that!

  12. How nice…we too had dinner at a culinary school and it was wonderful. I am in Canada so not the same place of course.

  13. I am so jealous! What a fun treat to be able to go to this yummy event.

  14. I would love to attend a tasting event a a culinary school like this!! What a fun night and event to attend, looks delicious!

  15. Everything looks so good here! Love learning new cooking concepts and trying new foods too.

  16. Ashley Sparks Mullins says:

    I have never been to tasting event at a culinary school but we have a school not far from my house and I’ve heard about them. Everything looks so good, especially the Julianna Cake!

  17. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    This would be an amazing evening. I would love to try that cake. It looks so delicious.

  18. What a cool experience! I actually live about 40 minutes from this location. I need to check into their program;

  19. It sounds like a fabulous program and that that last dessert- yum! Going to culinary school is on my bucket list and something I really want to do someday!

  20. I so wish I had the talent to bake. This trip looks like it was a lot of fun! I would be too tempted to eat everything, LOL!

  21. This is so cool! They really treated you with those courses. They look amazing!

  22. I haven’t attended an event like this but it would be a great experience. The food looks absolutely amazing!

  23. Ooh, I love visiting culinary schools and tasting their dishes. It looks like these students will become amazing chefs!

  24. Mmm, how do I get in on one of these tours? That food looks delicious! What a fun night.

  25. What a fun experience! Looks like your meal was delicious!

  26. I have always wanted to take some culinary classes just to learn how to do some complex things that are fun to make. There are so many different type of classes you can take too- it would be hard to pick

  27. It’s always great to see talented young chefs learning their craft! Sounds like an impressive display!

  28. This sounds (and I bet tastes) like a won-win. A fun event that is a feast for the taste buds sounds up my alley!

  29. I need that bacon wrapped salmon! What a fun and yummy event!

  30. It’s so nice to be a part of event like this. I have been in culinary school and it was fun and exciting, I’ve learned a lot and explore something new.

  31. What a wonderful opportunity! I should look into this in my town, too! I love that salmon plate – it looks amazing!

  32. Aw man, that looks like such a fun time! As a foodie, I would have loved tasting all four courses! Bacon wrapped salmon…oh yes!

  33. That food looks amazing and to have a time to meet other bloggers looks amazing. Four courses and fun!