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Caribbean Christmas Decoration Ideas For The Home

This year my family and I will be in the Caribbean for Christmas. So, we decided to celebrate that by having a Caribbean themed Christmas tree. We were able to do this for a low cost with the help of At Home. So, check out our Caribbean Christmas decoration ideas and let us know what you think? Is a Caribbean Christmas for you?

Caribbean Christmas Decoration Ideas For The HomeThis was my first visit to an At Home store and let me tell you, I was missing out. We have two trees, both green, but I have always wanted maybe one more so that we could either change up the trees more often or decorate more rooms. I really want to get a snow covered tree. No matter what kind of tree you want, you definitely need to check out At Home. I have seriously never seen such a selection of Christmas Trees in my life {101 varieties, to be exact}. There is an outside lot with over an acre of selection and a huge Tree for Me in-store selection, as well. Almost every tree you see in the store is exclusive to At Home, too.

Caribbean Christmas Decoration Ideas For The Home

Also, we like to stick to themes each year. If you like that, but find it hard to mix and match, At Home has you covered there, too. With 15 themes to choose from, it’s really easy to choose what matches without much thought. And it’s all right together in sections, so it’s really convenient, too.

Themes include: Seas & Greetings {this is the one I went with}, Holiday Hoedown, Lavish and Luxe, Peppermint Jazz, Berry Platinum, Forest Fairy Tales, Crystal Chateau, Cherished Memories, Heaven and Earth, Midnight Plume, Regal Renaissance, Snowcapped Scene, Handcrafted from Around the World, Dem Darlings and Handcrafted.

With At Home’s huge selection of holiday decor, you really could design every single room. We chose to go with the Sea & Greetings theme in our living room for our Caribbean Christmas decoration ideas that we are sharing with you today. There was such a huge assortment of Christmas decorations to choose from that I was in the store for well over 2 hours trying to decide. I wanted ALL THE THINGS!

Caribbean Christmas Decoration Ideas For The Home

Caribbean Christmas Decoration Ideas For The Home

One of the items I choose this gorgeous vase. It was in the Seas & Greetings theme, but I think I can leave it out all year since it matches our living room so well. What do you think? I kind of wish I had gotten a second one to put on the other side of my TV, so I may be going back soon. I also bought the seafoam green spray in the vase from at home. You should see it up close. It is so glittery and I love the way it catches the light – perfect for the holidays!

Caribbean Christmas Decoration Ideas For The Home

And finally, I love me some sparkle and glitter as I think you can see from my Caribbean Christmas decoration ideas. I mean, sometimes a girl just needs a little glitter in her life, am I right? So, I picked up some round blue glittery ornaments from At home. They were only like $5, too! They are fabulous when the Christmas lights are on. So sparkly!

Caribbean Christmas Decoration Ideas For The Home

So, Do You Like My Caribbean Christmas Decoration Ideas?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I love the blues you went with. I think your tree looks so pretty.

  2. Love the white and blues! So pretty 🙂
    I would love a caribbean long as it come with sun, sand and surf .

  3. Oh my! So, so cute!!! My in-laws live by the ocean and all these decorations would be just perfect for them! Love the blues!

  4. I love the blue and white winter combo. It brings that sparkly feel of freshly fallen snow.

  5. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Love the blue and white theme. Everything looks so pretty.

  6. What an adorable color theme on your tree. We will be in warm weather this xmas.

  7. I love how this looks! I love the blue and white and all of the coordinating ornaments!

  8. Those starfish are beautiful, and so is that vase-you can use them year round!

  9. I LOVE everything about the caribbean! It is always my favorite place to go in the winter! I love all the decor ideas here.

  10. I’m loving these ideas. It would be fun to switch up our theme a little bit. The weather here has been pretty nice so these decorations would fit!

  11. What a pretty theme, reminds me where I live – Florida! I like the colors you chose!

  12. I absolutely love it.
    It reminds me of last January when I went to St. Augustine. The holiday decorations were still up in the town and I loved the tropical themed Christmas. So many pretty colors.

  13. Your decorations are just stunning! Love the non-traditional colors.

  14. Beautiful decorations – such a different spin on the usual holiday look!
    Great site to reference for future use; thanks!

  15. What “bluetiful” Caribbean Christmas decorations and decor. Everything looks so fresh and festive. I’ve always love blue for Christmas.

  16. That color scheme looks beautiful. Very fun, festive, and Christmasy 🙂

  17. I went into our local At Home just recently myself and I was truly amazed at all that was there. Will definitely be shopping there again soon.

  18. I love the theme makes me want to take a trip out to the Caribbean! I love your cheap is the new classy looks they amaze me every time! I am going to have to check out this store soon.

  19. These decorations are awesome. It looks so creative and colorful. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  20. The blues would make my son happy. Those are right up his alley!

  21. I love your decorations! Blue is the favorite color here at home . You have a beautiful home!

  22. I LOVE your tree. Gorgeous color combo.

  23. Your decorations remind me of the idea “When in Rome, do as the Romans.” I like the way you used decorations to match your location.

  24. I have an At Home close buy and i love it. I really love your tree. That is my favorite shade of blue.

  25. I think your tree and theme are so cute! I’m loving the color scheme here too, totally up my alley.

  26. I adore the At Home store! Ours in in an old Walmart and is full of so much amazing. This tree is beautiful

  27. What a beautiful tree. I love the blue theme. I chose rust for my theme this year.

  28. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I love this Christmas tree. The Sea Horses are my favorite. I will have to try this next year.

  29. This is such a cute and unique decorating idea. We went with the white tree this year and added blue ornaments along with our special ones we add every year.

  30. I don’t live anywhere near the Caribbean, but I do live near the ocean and would love this kind of Christmas decor theme! I especially love the blue and white colors and those seahorse ornaments!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I wish I lived either in the Caribbean or near an ocean somewhere. 😀

  31. I love this decoration theme. I really like blue for Christmas and this works perfect.

  32. What a beautiful tree. I’ve never shopped at that store before. I bet that I would love it.

  33. I love the colors of the decorations. It’s so soft and soothing and so beautiful. Themed trees are especially fun.

  34. Your tree looks great! I love the caribbean theme. I need to check out this store for myself.

  35. I love At Home and your beach decor is gorgeous!! Great post!!

  36. At Home is such an awesome store for home decor! I love this tree idea! A great way to change it up from the traditional look!

  37. I love the Caribbean themed Christmas tree, it looks so lovely 🙂 I love the sea and greetings theme and the use of the blue glittery ornaments/decorations on the tree. What a wonderful idea!! 🙂

  38. I love the Caribbean theme, blue ocean, so refreshing! I am going to visit Caribbean next year, so excited

  39. I love your Caribbean Christmas decoration ideas. Those ornaments are so pretty. Look at that seahorse. So whimsical!

  40. Absolutely stunning. It is so different and would work so well in a modern decor home. I never realized you can get a pink Christmas tree.

  41. Bonnie @wemake7 says:

    That is really pretty. I could see doing that to my home. So very pretty. =)

  42. We just got an At Home store in our city, but I haven’t had a chance to visit. I love how you styled your tree! Now I’m excited to check it out

  43. I absolutely love how different your tree looks like! It’s really original and great use of blue color!

  44. The tree looks beautiful! I love the colors in this Caribbean theme! Our tree is a crazy mess of color and lights!

  45. I’d like to have a different color Christmas tree next year.. maybe pink or white.

  46. LOVE the colors! You did a terrific job creating the theme! Our tree is basically the family tree that has all of the ornaments the kids have made as well as ornaments that my husband and I have collected since we’ve been married and the ornaments we made when we were kids. I’m hoping to eventually move that tree to our basement and do a themed tree in our living room. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Thank you so much! We want to have a 2nd tree in the basement, too. I think that is a great idea. 🙂