Back To School Car Care Tips #ad #1stImpressionsCount

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Back To School Car Care Tips #cbias #ad #1stImpressionsCount

Back to school is about more than buying the right school supplies. That is definitely important, but you also want to make a good first impression. Amber is starting back to college next week, so we want to make sure that both of our cars look their absolute best for the upcoming school year. We also want to make sure you guys have a great first week back to school, so here are some of our favorite back to school car care tips.

Back To School Car Care Tips

The first step is to get your car nice, clean and organized so you can find the stuff you need, when you need it. The next step is to use the right products to ensure you get the longest life out of our cars possible. So, let’s talk about organization first. We recommend a nice basket or cubby in your trunk of your car. I mean, how can your friends get in your car if your books are thrown all over the place? Also, have you ever tried to lean through bucket seats to grab a book bag. No fun.

Back To School Car Care Tips #cbias #ad #1stImpressionsCount

You can pick up baskets like these really cheap. Stand up all your notebooks in the basket so that you can easily see what you need. Keep all your pencils, pens and other small items in a pocket in your book bag or in a pouch in the cubby. It’s also a good idea to keep an umbrella or a poncho in your car and perhaps some snacks. Then, you can easily grab just throw the notebooks you need and the pencil pouch in your book bag and know that everything else you need is already there. Everything is in easy reach, nice and organized.

Back To School Car Care Tips #cbias #ad #1stImpressionsCount

Tips To Getting Your Car Pretty For Back To School

My daughter has a 2002 Jeep Liberty. It was my car first, but then when she got her license, I bought a 2012 GMC Acadia and passed the Jeep on to Amber. Her car has around 200,000 miles on it so, naturally, it shows some wear. Though this has been a great car and given us little trouble over the years, it definitely is starting to show it’s age. The leather could definitely use a little TLC. So, we decided to try out Armor All® Outlast Leather Restorer on her seats to see if we could prolong their life. After all, the Jeep has been a great car and we would like to keep it around as long as possible.

Back To School Car Care Tips #cbias #ad #1stImpressionsCount

Back To School Car Care Tips #cbias #ad #1stImpressionsCount

I have a 2012 GMC Acadia. This is, by far, the nicest car I have ever owned and I would like to keep it that way for as long as possible. Plus, I might pick up Amber from school some days for a nice girl date. You know she wants me to show up with a clean and pretty car, too. We can’t be embarrassing the teen. 😉

Back To School Car Care Tips #cbias #ad #1stImpressionsCount

So, we used the Armor All® Outlast Leather Restorer on my seats {with 3rd row seating, that is a job, lol} and we also used Armor All® Outlast Protectant on both of our dashes and consoles. I have to say, the weather has not been that cooperative lately.

Back To School Car Care Tips #cbias #ad #1stImpressionsCount

Finally, we used the Armor All® Outlast Tire Glaze on our car tires as, for me, that is the most important step to making your car look really snazzy. It’s rained all week here and let me tell you, our tires really needed that. Ah well, it’s supposed to be sunny here tomorrow.

“The sun’ll {maybe} come out, tomorrow….”

Back To School Car Care Tips #cbias #ad #1stImpressionsCount

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If you would like to get your car all hot and snazzy for the new year, pick up some of these Armor All products for yourself. We found them easily in the Car Care section {next to Tire and Lube} at Walmart. Oh, and don’t forget to grab this $2.50 off coupon, while supplies last. Starting today {8/7} you can save $2.50 off on any of these 4 products: Armor All® Outlast Trim & Plastic Restorer, Armor All® Outlast Tire Glaze, Armor All® Outlast Leather Restorer, and/or Armor All® Outlast Protectant!

Back To School Car Care Tips #cbias #ad #1stImpressionsCount

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Will you please come organize mine next? It’s in desperate need and I haven’t had time to do anything lately.

  2. Armor Alll is a miracle product! I love how it turns faded objects into clean and shiny looking brand new!

  3. What a difference it made to your seats especially, I’ve never used this before but will be giving it a try for sure, or should I say hubbie will !

  4. My hubby’s car sure needs to be cleaned and organized!

  5. Yes, need strength to clean my car and get it organized . Never use this product Armor all but will definitely try.

  6. Rebecca Bryant says:

    Being organized is a must for mornings to go smoothly. want to come organize my car.

  7. Catherine S says:

    Armor All has a lot of great products. My husband is always using them on our cars.

  8. My husband only uses Armor All when he cleans my car! I love how it looks all polished up!

  9. My car is anything but organized–but wait I did put a cardboard box in the trunk which does contain some of the stuff–but mostly is used to keep grocery bags from opening all over the trunk when I go shopping! I don’t have leather seats but I could use the console and tire glaze.

  10. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Your before and after photos are amazing. I really need to do something about the interior of my car. It’s a mess.

  11. Your before and after photos remind me that I NEED to clean my car. It’s been so long that I forgot how nice it should look if I got some Armor All and a vacuum out!

  12. Your car is looking really good!!

  13. I’m definitely going to recommend my son and daughter to ArmorAll their cars. They probably haven’t done it in years.

  14. My car needs some work for sure. A good cleaning is in order also.

  15. That looks fantastic. My husband deep cleans the car every so often and it makes a huge difference.
    And then we mess it up again eventually!

  16. I am obsessed with the Tire Glaze! It does an awesome job! Your vehicles both look great. I can’t imagine cleaning a third row of leather seats – I get tired just cleaning seating for five. [client]

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      It’s definitely an adventure trying to clean a third row of seats lol. The Tire Glaze is honestly the best tire product I have ever used.

  17. My dad’s car needs to be organized. i love this tips . i love being organized it helps to those who have a messy car thank you for sharing

  18. Such a useful post!! I love the difference on your tires — I’ll definitely be checking this product out 🙂

  19. Great info and wow to your car! Such a visible difference. I love the Armor All wipes and keep them on hand but will be adding these to my list . The interior of my car will need to be “found” first! 🙂

  20. My car need this so bad. We are not school age yet but you can for sure tell I have a toddler in my car. Of course there is the carseat but also puffs everywhere, toys, random clean diapers.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      My car used to be a lot messier when my daughter was a toddler, too. It’s really hard to keep a car clean with a little one. 🙂

  21. Elizabeth O. says:

    My husband loves most of their products. I love the before and after photos.

  22. CourtneyLynne says:

    These are some great car tips!!! I love the leather restorer!!! I have some in my car at all times!

  23. You car looks great! Mine really needs cleaned. Yikes 1

  24. one thing that for sure will get lots of use the car and the mess that it can become thanks for your tips

  25. Melissa Smith says:

    I have a Liberty too, but no leather seats. 🙁 You can bet if I did though, I’d be all over that stuff! Especially since you can really notice the difference!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      We are lucky that we have leather in the Liberty and the Acadia. However, my husband’s Chevy HHR has fabric. It’s cheap fabric, too, and it has not held up well, unfortunately. Now, before that, he had a Pontiac Bonneville that had fabric seats, but it was really plush, nice fabric that held up very well.

  26. Great tips … the Car can get a bit messy at times. I like that “shine” product you used

  27. You’re so ready for school! I’ll be using your tips, I need to start getting ready.

  28. My husband just detailed my car today with Armor all! Shines up my car so pretty

  29. Debbie Denny says:

    Organized is the way to go. I really need to pay attention to my truck.

  30. My van has just about had it with summer! She needs to be detailed and organized in a really bad way. My husband keeps his truck spic and span and loves ArmAll products. I know what my family and I are doing this weekend! Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Thanks so much for all of the car tips for back to school. I’m fixing to have to get a new car after totaling my car a couple of weeks ago.

  32. My car is a disaster. I totally need to get it ready for back to school. These products would be perfect.

  33. In the past I have used different color tote boxes, one for each person that can easily be carried into the car

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      That is a great idea. I love the idea of the different colors so it would be so easy to know what was yours.