Summer Essentials To Compliment Your Healthy Summer Routine #cbias #ad #RewardHealthyChoices

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Summer Essentials To Compliment A Healthy Summer Routine #cbias #ad #RewardHealthyChoices

My daughter and I have been working on living a healthier lifestyle. We have both been choosing healthier foods and making smarter choices as to how to hydrate this summer, as well. But, a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about what you put in your body, it’s also about what you put on your body. Melanoma is something we worry about as people that we know have had to deal with this in the past, including family members. One way to lessen your chances of getting melanoma is to choose the right sunscreens.

Amber is going to the beach next week, and she has been working hard on her beach body and weight management. She loves fresh fruit and we love to have a nice selection of it at home. She is also very busy and dehydrated fruit is especially healthy to stash in your bag of summer essentials so we like to stock up on that as well.

Summer Essentials To Compliment A Healthy Summer Routine #cbias #ad #RewardHealthyChoices

Healthy Summer Basket

If you have a friend who wants to work on improving their life this summer, might I suggest putting them together a nice, encouraging basket. Recently I put Amber together a basket of goodies for her upcoming beach trip that will make it easier to stay on track while on vacation.

Protect Your Skin This Summer

Amber and I both are fair skinned. All people should use sunscreen but we, especially, burn very easily. So, I went down to Walgreens to make sure that Amber will have a great sunscreen for her trip next week. I also wanted to grab her a few summer essentials so that she could have a relaxing trip without worrying so much about breaking her healthy habits that she has been working so hard on the past few months.

Summer Essentials To Compliment A Healthy Summer Routine #cbias #ad #RewardHealthyChoices

I picked her up Neutrogena Beach Defense Water + Sun Protection Sunscreen Lotion and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen. Both are broad spectrum SPF 70 lotions, water resistant and last for well over an hour. The Ultra Sheer is also non-greasy and has a weightless feel. This will be awesome if it is really humid or hot as I never want anything “extra” in these conditions. I also find that going to the beach can make my skin a little dry so I picked Amber up some Lubriderm Intense Skin Repair Lotion. Skin protection is so important and is something you should definitely do as part of your healthy summer routine.

A nice pair of glasses that protect against ultraviolet rays is also essential. We all know that you can burn your skin but did you know that you can actually burn your eyes? Ouch. I definitely don’t want this happening to my daughter.

Beach Friendly Snacks

I also bought Amber a case of bottled waters {only $2.99 at Walgreens} and a nice selection of dried fruits to carry in her beach bag. I imagine her sitting on the beach, reading a nice book and enjoying her bottled water and fruit. I must admit, I am a teensy bit jealous. That is okay, though. Jay and I are going to Panama City Beach, FL in September, so I don’t think that I can complain too much. 😀

Summer Essentials To Compliment A Healthy Summer Routine #cbias #ad #RewardHealthyChoices

Walgreens Balance Rewards

You can also download that Balance Rewards for healthy choices app directly to your phone. We like to use this to get discounts on the items that we like to purchase. My daughter especially likes using this app and the reward card which help her save a ton of money on makeup. A healthy lifestyle also includes happiness and makeup really makes my daughter smile and feel good about herself.

It’s not just about makeup, though. You can get rewarded for all of your healthy activities like weight management and quitting smoking at Walgreens. Learn more about geting points today for your healthy activities at

Summer Essentials To Compliment A Healthy Summer Routine #cbias #ad #RewardHealthyChoices

Do You Have Any Beach Plans This Summer? How Will You Protect Your Skin? What Are Your Favorite Tips For A Healthy Summer

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Oh yes! We get a season parking pass for the beach, so we will be there all summer long! We are total beach bums in our family!

  2. We get to the beach when we can, but when we can’t, we’ve got plenty of creeks around! Either way, we make sure we keep our supplies on hand for a day of fun in the sun.

  3. I’m trying to take advantage of all the fresh fruits and veggies summer has to offer for healthier living! We aren’t close to the beach, but if we go, we for sure will use sunscreen!

  4. Sunscreen = definitely at the top of our list this summer. We apply it religiously whenever we leave the house, and nothing less than 30 SPF. Lol! I guess that’s what happens to pale Canadians when we move down to California

  5. These are great summer essentials. I always have a bottle of Lubriderm for my son’s super dry skin.

  6. I love the idea of creating a basket of goodies for someone, it’s so thoughtful. You couldn’t be more right about everyone needing to wear sunscreen. I am black and still burn, the sun causes wrinkles and i’m not about the premature aging 🙂

  7. Proper H2O hydration and tons and tons of sunscreen is how I plan for my days of fun in the sun. If you can, bring an umbrella to take cover from excessive, harmful UV ray exposure.

  8. That is a really nice basket essential for summer. Water and sun screen are always my number two important things to have.

  9. Great article. My tips: Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, drink water, wear sunscreen always and enjoy the sunshine.

  10. I use to shop at Walgreens alot. Til I moved and the one doesn’t accept my insurance.

  11. These are truly some great products for the summer! I sadly don’t have any Walgreens here at all, at least not in my area.

  12. I need to pick up some summer essentials for myself. The sunscreen and Lubriderm will help me out for the long days outside.

  13. Water and sunscreen is what our days always consist of! You can never have too much of either of them!

  14. I love the beach. I can’t wait to go this year and take the kiddos. It’ll be a nice change of pace from the pool.

  15. I miss the beach but at the same time I dont. I’m not a huge fan of sand because it sticks to everything.

    I forgot to lather on sunscreen on Friday. It was cloudy and I was dumb to forget it. Thankfully, we didn’t end up with severe sunburns. Just mildly burned.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Sometimes cloudy days can be the worst. They just don’t “seem” as threatening and it always gives me a false sense of security, lol.

  16. We don’t live near a beach but spend plenty of time in our pool. We’ll need to stock up on suncare essentials for sure!

  17. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I always pack a lot of water and snacks when we go to the beach. It is important to stay hydrated in the heat. Sunscreen is so important to protect your skin from the sun.

  18. Jamela Porter says

    I havent been to the beach since I was a kid. I should plan to go this summer

  19. CourtneyLynne says

    Sunscreen is so important. I’m all about being as tan as possible, but I have to remember my daughters skin isn’t the same and burns.

  20. Nice basket of goodies for summertime. Must have for the beach or sunning in the backyard. Makes me look forward to our summer vacation even more.

  21. We have a fairly new Walgreens in our neighborhood. I forget to use my rewards card. I really need to take advantage of it.

  22. I don’t have any beach plans for this summer since I have been mostly about hiking lately. Maybe next summer, though!

  23. neha sultan says

    I plan to go the beaches in Michigan and yes I too use Neutrogena beach defense. Love this product and works great on my skin.

  24. We love Neutrogena sunscreen! We have got ours at Costco in a larger pack to hopefully last us through at least some of the summer. We have had a lot of sunshine recently here, and the kids have been using a lot of the sunscreens already. Guess I will be getting more sunscreen!

  25. Panama City Beach? That is awesome. 🙂 I am so so so glad it’s summer!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Me too! I also found out today that I will be going to St Simon’s Island, GA, as well. 🙂 Ah, I am so ready for the beach. 🙂

  26. Those are all great things to have to in the beach bag for a healthy summer. I’ve always been a fan of Neutrogena!

  27. I’m terrible about putting on sunscreen. We live close to a beach and will likely go often. I try to avoid as much as I can. I’m a pool gal myself.

  28. All of these are great products. I use sunscreen everytime I go out side I burn very easily.

  29. I just wrote about Neutrogena products today too. I love the sprays! They are so easy to bring with me everywhere.

  30. Elizabeth O. says

    We head to the beach as often as we can during the summer. Keeping our skin protected is a must. These are awesome products.

  31. Thanks for the tips! I plan on having a great time outside with my kids this summer!

  32. Hi Dawn,

    So glad to see your valuable advice on healthy summer essentials. This summer beauty essentials will keep you looking gorgeous. These product are Perfect for hot summer days,