Knock Out Your Christmas List And Save Big At Sears #ad #MoreMerry

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Finish Off Your Christmas List At Sears And Save

Have you got your Christmas shopping done yet? I actually have, except for one, no two, gifts. Oh wait, I guess that means I am not done yet then, doesn’t it? Oops. Well, if you are like me and still need a few more things yourself, what say we meet at Sears and see if we can knock these lists out today? After all, there are big savings to be had – and you know how I love that.

Time To Finish Up That Christmas List At Sears

If you are looking for clothes, Sears is definitely your place to be. My daughter and husband both love sleep pants and right now you can save up to 30% off sleepwear. I always buy them sleep pants for Christmas so this really is a win-win for me.

Also, I really love shoes {hint hint} so I definitely need to send some gentle nudging reminders to the hubs to hook the wifey up. 😛

If you aren’t all about some sleep pants and shoes like we are, don’t worry. There are tons of great deals going on at Sears right now. Check out the breakdown to see what you could check off your Christmas list.

Finish Off Your Christmas List At Sears And Save

Save Big Right Now At Sears

*30% EXTRA off when you spend $150 or more on regular- and sale-priced clothing, accessories, lingerie, sleepwear, shoes & home fashions.

*25% EXTRA off when you spend $100 – $149.99 on regular- and sale-priced clothing, accessories, lingerie, sleepwear, shoes & home fashions.

*20% EXTRA off when you spend up to $99.99 on regular- and sale-priced clothing, accessories, lingerie, sleepwear, shoes & home fashions.

Online Code: JINGLE

After you get done with all your Christmas shopping be sure to do something fun with all of the cash you saved. I am thinking a trip to a local light show sounds fun! Load up the family and go. We have an awesome professional light show here, complete with hot cocoa, a bonfire and a craft show. That sounds like a great use for my savings. What do you think?

Have You Finished Buying For Everyone On Your Christmas List Yet?


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    That is a great deal. I am done with my shopping, but could use a few things for ME!

  2. I am not done with my shopping this year. The time flew by and I’ll be shopping through tomorrow.

  3. What a great deal. Sears always has awesome sales.

  4. I love this! Sears is a great store, and this is a great sale.

  5. Thank goodness for this sale. I still have a few last minute gifts to get, and this looks like the perfect deal for that!

  6. I love that Sears is offering so many great deals for my last minute shopping needs!

  7. Almost everyone I know is a last minute shopper, so this is a great deal for them. Thankfully we finished shopping a few weeks ago and I can hide from all the chaos.

  8. I am normally done shopping early in December. For some reason, this year I got way behind. I need to finish up on Christmas eve and will be printing these coupons.

  9. Thanks for sharing the great coupons. I know they will be handy for many people who still have shopping left to do for the holidays.

  10. Sears is really making it easy this year. This deal make last minute shopping a little less stressful.

  11. I am all done with my shopping, but those christmas gift cards are not going to spend themselves! Thanks for the coupon!

  12. Oh my goodness. I think 30% off is such a good deal. Even the 20% off rocks.

  13. I still have some last minute Christmas gifts to pick up. Thanks for this because Sears is on my list to stop and shop!

  14. I love shopping at sears! They always have such great deals on everything! 30% off is great

  15. what a great savings. i always forget about sears!

  16. This year I did well with my Christmas list. I was able to get everything crossed off by the middle of the month. And yes, several stops at Sears did help make that possible! 😉