My First Black Friday Buy: A Nikon D3200 Camera #sponsored @shopularapp

My First Black Friday Buy: A Nikon D3200 Camera #sponsoredCheap Is The New Classy

Last week I shared with you guys some camera deals that I found with the help of the Shopular App and asked for your opinions as to which one to buy. Well, I didn’t even wait for Black Friday! I found a Nikon D3200 camera with 2 lenses and a case for a great price at Best Buy, thanks to Shopular. So, let me tell you about my Pre-Black Friday score.

Every Bloggers Needs A Good Camera

So, I have been blogging now for 3 years and I have been using my phone camera to take all my pictures. That’s fine for some pictures, but if it’s the least bit dark or the conditions are not perfect, you don’t often get a great picture with a camera phone.

My First Black Friday Buy: A Nikon D3200 Camera #sponsored

So, I have been checking out all of the Black Friday deals on Shopular and I found what I consider to be a great one on Best Buy {which I think is still going on if any of you would like to snatch it up, too}. I bought a Nikon D3200 with two lenses and a case for $549.00. I didn’t have to go to the store or anything. I just found it on the Shopular App, called Best Buy, and then it came straight to my house today!!

My First Black Friday Buy: A Nikon D3200 Camera #sponsored

I haven’t even messed with it yet! I am too scared/excited!

I do still plan to go shopping on Black Friday, but I will be concentrating my efforts at other stores that day. I would like to try to get a cookware set and two laptops. We also just want to look around and see what might be available that we haven’t found out about yet.

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Any Tips On How To Operate This Nikon D3200 Camera?


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  1. You are going to love this camera!!! My advice: read some of the online tutorials and tips from fellow bloggers. I’ve found them so helpful. And oh yeah, I’m totally jealous ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I am going to do just that! Great advice! And you can totally use mine if ever we are together. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Nice. I have a Nikon and have always been very happy with it.

  3. Ohhh drool. What a gorgeous camera. I hope to get one in the near future… these look incredible!

  4. Thanks for the review. I have a huge clunky camera and some smaller ones, and I am not happy with any of them. I need one that is just right! I mostly use the iPad, but a real camera would be better!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      As soon as I use the camera, I will let you know how it works, too. I hope you are able to find one that suits your needs.

  5. Wow you found a good deal. Buying lenses can set you back quite a bit. I’m glad you found a deal that came with two of them!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I hope they are good lenses. I know a lot of people talk about using so many different ones for different things. So I hope that these will work for at least a few purposes.

  6. That is a great deal! Enjoy your new camera. I think you will be happy with the purchase for sure.

  7. Enjoy your new camera!! Looks awesome.

  8. What a great deal! I want a camera like this!

  9. Wow, that is some camera and lenses. I always wanted to take a photography class and get a professional camera like this!

  10. I have this exact camera and LOVE it. Very easy to use and I love that there’s a built in guide. I got it for Mother’s day and for the same price. Can’t beat it with getting both lenses and all the extras.

  11. OH nice. Such a nice camera. Id love new one soon.

  12. I definitely need another lens. What a great deal

  13. You got a great deal! I love my Nikon DSLR, especially as a blogger. So worth it.

  14. This is the same camera I have and I absolutely LOVE it!!

  15. That’s a great camera you got there. Congrats on it! Don’t be scared girl, just get it out and start playing with it.

  16. I shoot with a D3100 and I love it. Enjoy your new Nikon!

  17. You’re going to love this camera! I have the older model and it’s been fab!

  18. Thanks for the great review. This was so helpful since I am shopping for a new camera.

  19. This looks so great. I am looking at getting a new one. Will keep this in mind.

  20. This looks like an amazing camera. I just bought a new camera and am trying to learn how to use it.

  21. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Very nice! I have this same camera so I know it takes great pictures.

  22. Congrats! I think it would be fun to learn to use one of these cameras too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. I actually have a Nikon 3100 and I love it. I would love a new lens though thanks for sharing your post!

  24. Such a great steal! Glad the app helped you find the right camera!

  25. I wish I could’ve waited until Black Friday to get my camera. I really needed it a while back though and spent a fortune.

  26. My best tip is just to start playing with it and see what happens. That’s really the best way to learn.

  27. Great deal and you didn’t even have to go into the store? That’s awesome!!

    I need to do the same as the low light situation at our house leaves me with tons of grainy pictures if I don’t use a flash.

  28. You got an amazing deal. I am debating on ugrading my canon, so I will have to keep an eye out for deals!

  29. Congrats on the new camera! I finally got my first DSLR this past June, and I’m in love. โ™ฅ I opted for a Canon T3 with a prime lens, and I’m hoping to add a new lens (that can zoom) this spring.


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