10 Fun Ways To Build A Snowman Without Snow

10 Fun Ways To Build A Snowman | Cheap Is The New Classy

Winter is coming and for many of us, that means snow. I have to admit that I am looking forward to the winter. I love to see the snowy trees and everything covered in white. We live near the mountains and it’s beautiful to see their snow capped peaks in the distance. If you love snow like I do, chances are you like building snowman. Well, you can’t always build a snowman outdoors. For those times when there isn’t snow, perhaps your would like to bring the fun times indoors and try building one of these warm weather friendly snowmen indoors.

10 Fun Ways to Build a Snowman Without Snow

Marshmallow Snowman Craft For Kids: 10 Fun Ways To Build A Snowman | Cheap Is The New Classy
Marshmallow Snowman Craft – One Creative Mommy

Terra Cotta Snowman Tutorial: 10 Fun Ways To Build A Snowman | Cheap Is The New Classy
Terra Cotta Snowman Tutorial – One Creative Mommy

DIY Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament: 10 Fun Ways To Build A Snowman | Cheap Is The New ClassyDIY Snowman Ornament from Bottle Caps – Views From The Ville

Marshmallow Snowman Cupcakes: 10 Fun Ways To Build A Snowman | Cheap Is The New Classy
Marshmallow Snowman Cupcakes – Southern Girl Ramblings

How To Make A Snowman Tree Topper: 10 Fun Ways To Build A Snowman | Cheap Is The New Classy
How to Make a Snowman Tree Topper – Grinning Like An Idiot

How To Make A Snowman Kit: 10 Fun Ways To Build A Snowman | Cheap Is The New Classy
How to Make a Snowman Kit – Grinning Like An Idiot

Snowman Crafts Mini Clay Pots: 10 Fun Ways To Build A Snowman | Cheap Is The New Classy
Snowmen Crafts – Mini Clay Pots – Views From The Ville

Printable Build Your Own Snowman: 10 Fun Ways To Build A Snowman | Cheap Is The New Classy
Printable How to Build a Snowman – Views From The Ville

Snowman Truffles: 10 Fun Ways To Build A Snowman | Cheap Is The New Classy
Snowman Truffle – Raking In The Savings

Mini Snowman Donuts: 10 Fun Ways To Build A Snowman | Cheap Is The New Classy
Snowman Donuts – Raking In The Savings

Bonus Snowman From Cheap Is The New Classy

Chicken Nugget Snowman: 10 Fun Ways To Build A Snowman | Cheap Is The New Classy

Chicken Nugget Snowman And Reindeer – Cheap Is The New Classy

What Is Your Favorite Way To Build A Snowman?

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  1. Super fun ideas! I am going to have to try a few of these!

  2. These are fun ideas! We will have plenty of snow here in Iowa – but that won’t stop me from making those donuts!

  3. We decorate our white six panel door with a snow man every year. The kids love it. I love the bottle cap snowman, what a clever idea!

  4. I love this post so many. I loooooooooove snowmen and buy way more than I should. Every year kiddo and I make some new snowmen crafts when the weather gets gross and we don’t want to chance the roads. Thanks for this!

  5. Catherine S says

    These are all really cute ideas. I live in Florida so this is perfect for me I have never made a snowman.

  6. These are all super cute ideas. I love snowmen. It reminds me of the Frozen song. Now I’m gonna have that stuck in my head all day.

  7. We don’t get much snow where we live, so these are all cute ideas! I love the snowman tree topper.

  8. What fun ideas! We don’t usually get snow here, so I have to get creative to make snowmen!

  9. These are so cute! I definitely prefer the indoor & crafty way to build a snowman vs. bundling up to go outside in the cold.

  10. Thanks for including my snowmen! What a fun roundup!

  11. This is such a clever roundup! Thanks for including two of my ghosts.

  12. My kids are going to love these ideas. We will have to remember these ideas!

  13. Those are such cute ideas. I was just talking to the pre k teacher about a great winter craft.

  14. Are we already talking about Christmas? Man, it is that close! Fun ideas!

  15. I will totally be dreaming of Snowman Donuts tonight! Is your Xmas tree up already?

  16. Cute – I pinned to my Christmas Board. Once Halloween is over – time to get ready for Christmas.

  17. Since we don’t get much snow here in AZ these are great ideas.Thanks for sharing. Love them all.

  18. loving the doughnut idea. That would be so cute for christmas morning

  19. I like the mini claypot snowmen. Those were cute. I think I could actually make those.

  20. These are so cute! Love this roundup and especially love the mini clay pot one!

  21. So many cute snowman crafts! It’s a great build-up to Christmas coming to see this post. I for one, cannot wait. 🙂

  22. These are pretty cute ideas! I love the bottle caps.

  23. Can’t believe the season is almost here! I definitely want to build a snowman!

  24. These are all such cute snowmen! I totally want to make them all!

  25. Do you wanna build a snowman?! 🙂 These are all so cute! I like the clay pot snowmen!

  26. That is such a cute idea! I love the 10 different ways to build a snowman without snow.

  27. So many cute ideas. I think I like the sweets the best. Thanks for sharing.

  28. What great ideas! I’ll have to try some of these… maybe not the edible ones, since I’m not doing sugar right now, though. 🙂

  29. I adore snowmen, just adore them, so I have got to do most if not all of these. That donut is too cute!

  30. Those are some pretty fabulous snowmen. I am not ready for snow just yet though.

  31. I love all the snowman ideas. I’ll be putting them to use soon for the kids. Thanks.

  32. Amy Desrosiers says

    These are all so cute! I am loving the donut idea!

  33. This is such a creative collection! I love the Terra Cotta snowman the best. That actually gives me an idea for winter themed party decorations. You could do this with different sized styrofoam cups. That would be cool.

  34. Do you want to build a snowman? I love this. I actually was thinking about ways to make a snowman craft with the kids! You have given me some more ideas to use! Thank you!

  35. I love all these ideas! We often don’t have enough snow here to build snowmen or it’s not the right kind of snow. So this would be a fun way to create snowmen on those days.

  36. You would think living in Alaska would mean lots of snowmen. However, we rarely get the right kind of snow to do it. Love all these non-snow ideas!

  37. Oh my gosh, what wonderful ideas! The tree topper is my fave! I collect snowman and decorate with them for months after winter is over.

  38. Great ideas, I remember making those bottle cap snowmen as a kid. I like snowmen, but I can do without snow!

  39. I have been looking for some healthy food options for some fun with my son. The chicken nugget snowman will work perfectly.

  40. I am so going to make these clay pots! We don’t get snow in Vegas, which I’m totally cool with. But I do miss the doing snow activities!

  41. These are such great ideas. I LOVE snowmen! Thanks!

  42. These are some really cute and fun ideas. I think I want to make some snowman ornaments with my kids.

  43. Dorothy Teel says

    THese are such cute ideas, I had a terracotta snowman, he got broke, but now with this I can make another one, these are real cute, thank you for sharing.

  44. ellen beck says

    Love the clay pot snowmen those are really cute. If you lived somewwhere without tons of snow they would be nice outside or with snow yoou could still have thm on your proch or inside.

  45. Karen Glatt says

    I love decorating my house for Christmas with snowman and making snowmen cupcakes is always so much fun! I like to make the tree topper snowman. It looks like fun to make!