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Dove Advanced Care Deodorant | Cheap Is The New Classy #sponsored #MC

When it comes to deodorants, Dove has long been a first choice for me. To be honest, I have been using their brand for as long as I can remember. Unlike a lot of deodorant brands, Dove seems to keep getting better and better as the years roll by. This past month, I got the chance to not only try out Dove’s new line of deodorants, but to also share the experience with a friend. The friend I chose was my daughter of whom is very picky when it comes to her deodorant brand. I thought she would be the ultimate judge. Also, enjoy some free styling tips that we included from Erin Walsh, as well.

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant | Cheap Is The New Classy #sponsored #MC

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant: Keep One And Give One To A Friend

When I tried the Dove Advanced Care Deodorant out myself, I loved it. The one I chose to use was the Rebalance. I loved that the smell was not only amazing and long lasting, but also light enough so that it wasn’t overpowering or bothersome to my allergies/asthma {I hate to keep mentioning that, but it is important to state for those who have been bothered by strong smelling deodorants in the past}.

Out of all the Dove deodorants that I have used, I would have to say that this scent has been my favorite by far. The deodorant also works really well. I felt dry all day, and never once worried about an odor. It also left my skin feeling soft, which I love. Dove Advanced Care Deodorant is clinically proven to keep your underarms dry and odor free for 48 hours.

My summer essentials include: sunscreen, Dove Advanced Care Deodorant (I like the Nourished Beauty fragrance), and
lip balm with an SPF. – Erin Walsh

My Daughters Thoughts On Dove Advanced Care Deodorant

My daughter chose to try out the Nourished Beauty. After a few days, she was in love. My daughter has always had a problem with irritation due to shaving. Dove Advanced Care Deodorant claims that their deodorant helps to reduce that irritation, and Amber states that is true. Her underarms used to be red and dry due to irritation caused by shaving. She has tried different razors and lotions, but not much has worked until now.

Dove Advanced Care Deodorant | Cheap Is The New Classy #sponsored #MC

After a few weeks of using Dove Advanced Care Deodorant, Amber’s underarms are barely red at all. She used to be very self conscious about wearing sleeveless tops but she isn’t now. She even says she will never go back to her old brand. She loves the Dove Advanced Care Deodorant line so much that I ended up giving her the third deodorant for sensitive skin, as well. Overall, we both really enjoyed Dove Advanced Care Deodorant and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.

I’m not sure there are any dos and don’ts to wearing sleeveless. You can’t dictate style to someone. It’s really more about how the individual wears an item. Every fabric hangs differently and every silhouette fits differently. When you choose a sleeveless style, it should project confidence in your body stature and posture. – Erin Walsh


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  1. Ms Gretchen Ann Luper says

    was this intended to be a giveaway? I loved the review and would sure like a chance to win one.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      No sorry. It’s just a review this time. Hopefully you will get to try it soon anyway.

  2. I have been using Dove deodorant for years. I have sensitive under arms and it’s the only one that doesn’t give me a rash.

  3. I love Dove and have used it as long as I can remember. I do have an issue with the advertizing. They have a group of large women pose nude, saying to be comfortable in your own skin. Then, they sell us a new deodorant because our underarms should look a certain way.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      I definitely appreciate your opinion, but I am not sure I agree with it. About the underarms, to me I think it’s more about comfort than about appearance. Take Amber, my daughter that wrote this piece, for example. She has struggled with underarm irritation that literally hurt. I mean, rashes are no fun. Yes, it sometimes looked not very nice and it made it difficult to shave, but the worst part was the pain. Dove has helped her by clearing the rash up that many other deodorants that we have tried probably contributed to. So, for Amber, making her armpits appear better was really a bonus. Know what I mean?

  4. I have never used Dove’s deodorant. I will have to try it next time. I love all of Dove’s other products!

  5. I have never tried Dove deodorant but I love Dove products! I will be trying this out, especially with the winter coming up and the horrible skin irritation that comes along with it!

  6. I love Dove Advanced Care. I hate to say it out here for the whole world to see, but my pits can be… aromatic. Not when I wear Dove, though.

  7. Love Dove products, it’s the only brand deodorant I use. I have not tried Advanced yet but I am so going to!

  8. I used to use Dove deodorant. I need to give them another try – I’m often applying mid-day since I workout during lunch. I need something that is strong, but also doesn’t show all over my clothes.

  9. Dove is really great. I recently started using it and really like it! Would also trust Dove with my tween.

  10. Dove products are high quality and a very trusted brand. I use many of their products.

  11. I use for many years Dove products and I’m very satisfied. Best products for a good price!
    Julia | Earnest Foods For My Soul

  12. I just recently started using Dove Antiperspirant Spray. It was love at first smell. 🙂

    I have tried so many products and nothing would work, serious BO over here! But, then I got my hands the spray and it’s been fantastic. I would never go back to anything else.

  13. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Great review i have loved Dove deodorant for years. It keeps me dry and smelling great no matter what the day brings.

  14. I really had no idea that there were so many scents. I need to try some of them out. I’m kind of sick of my current deo.

  15. Catherine S says

    Thanks for the great review. I love both you and your daughter tried it out. I use Dove bath soap so I will be sure to try this out too.

  16. I love all things Dove! I havent tried the deodorant yet I don’t think so I think I must!

  17. I could really use this. My underarms are always red. I have yet to find a deodorant that doesn’t irritate my skin. Maybe this is the answer!

  18. I love Dove deodorant. It is the only kind that I use!

  19. I love all Dove products. The deodorant is great and my whole family loves it. I have one son who has really sensitive skin and he has no problem with this product.

  20. I always use dove. It works great and its budget friendly!

  21. I haven’t used Dove in awhile (I prefer Degree or Secret’s Clinical) but I do often get irritation from shaving, good to know this helps with that!

  22. I use A LOT of Dove products and this is one that I LOVE. It works really well too.

  23. I am really struggling with deodorant currently. I’ll have to check this one out.

  24. Dove deodorants sound good because of the diversity in scent and strength you mentioned. I will check this one out.

  25. I love how this product really does last longer than what it says. Usually come 9pm, I am putting on deodorant again as I sit down with my fiance, but now that I have been using this product? Nope. I don’t kneed anything. It works long term and I LOVE it.

  26. My friend is Dove loyal and says it’s because it lasts. And yes, she’s uber comfy in her sleeveless tops and dresses 🙂

  27. i used this deodorant. I love the cucumber melon scent

  28. I am a big fan of Dove Products. I like the deodorant especially.

  29. I’ve never had a problem with Dove. It is one of my favorites!

  30. I tested this product earlier this year and love it. I’ve been using it ever since!

  31. First off, let me say thanks for letting me voice my opinion. I had the same problem that your daughter did with the underarm redness. To the point that I couldn’t shave. I finally had to see the Dr. It turned out to be a yeast infection. I never would have thought about that. I’m glad hers has cleared up. If it comes back, she may want to see her Dr.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Gosh that is awful. I am glad that you were able to find a solution, though. Yes, my poor daughter is prone to different skin irritations. Luckily the doc just says she is just sensitive. I do that, too, but fortunately not under my arms.

  32. I have super sensitive skin and have to be picky about what types of deodorant I use. I am glad that you liked this one so much. I will have to give Dove a try.