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10 Ways To Relax At Home | Cheap Is The New ClassyCheap Is The New Classy

Stress. Stress. Stress. In this hectic world where more is less and less is unforgivable, sometimes it can all just get to be too much. So, sometimes we just need to calm down and de-stress. And no, that does not have to be expensive. Whether you choose to relax with a nice salon day or create your own beauty experience at home, check out these 10 easy ways to relax that we have rounded up for you to help you find your inner zen.

 10 Easy Ways To Relax At Home

Stress Clay For Aromatherapy: 10 Ways To Relax At Home | Cheap Is The New Classy
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Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Scrub: 10 Ways To Relax At Home | Cheap Is The New Classy
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Did you know that August 15th is National Relaxation Day? I just checked my calendar and I have 3 posts scheduled for that day, lol. Perhaps I need to rework my schedule a little if I want to celebrate this holiday.

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Who couldn’t use a massage? Wow, they are expensive, though. I think I will see if I can talk the hubs into reading this article and then practicing what he learned. My sore back could use it. :D

Bed Of Nails Relaxation: 10 Ways To Relax At Home | Cheap Is The New Classy
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Everyone Bath Salts: 10 Ways To Relax At Home | Cheap Is The New Classy
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DIY Bubble Bath | Raining Hot Coupons

Whatever you do today, be sure you find a few minutes for yourself. It’s good for you and for the sanity of all those around you. :)

Bonus Ways To Relax From Cheap Is The New Classy

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What Are Your Favorite Ways To Relax?


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my craft! Off to check out the others. Sharing!

  2. thanks for sharing my massage post! I am always looking for new ways to relax!

  3. I will have to check these out. I use bath soaking after every long run I do and I am currently training for a marathon so there will be a lot of miles to soak away.

  4. These all look like wonderful tips and things to try. I admit, I don’t really take much time out for myself, but I probably should.

  5. Wow, great ideas here! I don’t do much to relax…normally I have to take going to bed on time as my relaxation LOL

  6. My favorite way to relax is to take a nice hot bubble bath while reading a good book.

  7. Thank you for sharing.The only way I normally get to relax is to go out on my horse.

  8. A hot bath is all it takes for me, I’ll just sit there for a long while and relax.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Ah, my back is hurting today. I could totally go for a long, hot bath. I wish I had a tub with the jets in it.

  9. I just recently found out about that relaxation day on another blog. btw I’ve always wanted to make my own sugar scrub but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      It’s a lot of fun to make and so customizable. You should definitely try it.

  10. I love a good body scrub. My favorite way to relax is at the spa or with a glass of wine…or both!

  11. These are some great tips for helping to relax. I’m always busy with one thing or another and need to learn to take a moment to just chill out.

  12. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    I love relaxing by reading a great book. Thanks for the tips.

  13. I could go right now for a massage!
    that foot soak looks perfect for me too
    thanks for the inspiration

  14. I’m feeling relaxed just looking at this great list, and could use a massage right now!

  15. I love all of these suggestions> A nap is also on my list! lol

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I love naps, especially on rainy, dreary days, of which we have had tons of the past 2 weeks.

  16. Got a pedicure today it was the best thing ever so relaxing.. this is a great list.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I imagine those are quite relaxing. My daughter used to get her finger nails done until she got the job she has now, which does not allow for painted nails. She always thought that was super relaxing.

  17. These look like great ways to relax. I love a good foot massage with a scrub.

  18. These are all great tips. I need to learn how to relax!

  19. Getting pampered once in a while is awesome! I could so use a nice massage or a foot rub!!

  20. It has been super stressful around here. I should take advantage of all 10 of these!

  21. I have a ton of essential oils. I really need to try whipping up a body scrub to relax!

  22. Now I really want a massage. That sounds so relaxing after a long work day!

  23. I did not know about National Relaxation Day. I’m thinking that I just might need to turn off the omputer, tune out, and enjoy a relaxing and quiet day!

  24. These are some awesome tips and ideas! I live a very stressful life as a caregiver and I am always looking for ways to de-stress or to unwind after a hard day. These are just the ideas I needed. Thank you for sharing them!

  25. A scrub sounds divine right about now! Thanks for sharing the ideas.

  26. Lavender bath salts make the house smell good for so long after the bath is gone. Love those things!

  27. These are definiltey great ways to relax. I love going to get a massage!

  28. A massage definitely does the trick. A nice shoulder or back rub will calm me down and ease my nerves in an instant. Also, a day at the beach. :)

  29. The Chef's Wife | Anne @TheSatEvePot says:

    Oh my goodness … we have a National Relaxation Day?! THAT is definitely a day I want to be celebrating!! LOL so glad I know now … thank you! These are some great ideas.

  30. Amanda mcMahon says:

    Relaxation day sounds great! Essential oils definitely can be useful in that feat.

  31. massages with aromatherapy always helps.

  32. Some very great products and ways to help you relax. I really like Aromatherapy and use that o help me relax. It’s simple but very effective for me.

  33. Love the relax ideas. They seem easy to DIY and low cost. Would love the time to try.


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