6 Thrift Shopping Tips To Save You Cash

6 Thrift Shopping Tips To Save You Cash

Everybody loves a great deal and thrift stores are a popular place to score these bargains. There are shows on TV where the characters go in to the stores and find some amazing treasures. It’s amazing what you can actually find if you browse the shelves of some of these resale shops. But if you plan on doing some deal hunting, we have some thrift shopping tips that will help you get the greatest bargains possible.

Thrift Shopping Tips: #1 – Check And Recheck

Most thrift stores don’t offer refunds or returns. It’s simply a no return policy. Don’t end up buying something that you think is a good deal only to get home and find holes, stains or flaws that make the item unusable. The lighting may not be great in the thrift store, so feel free to put the item in your cart and move to a different part of the store so you can get a different angle. Paying $1.00 for an item is no bargain if you get home and find that there are stains all across the front of the shirt.

Thrift Shopping Tips: #2 – Does It Really Fit?

Remember the no return policy? If you are buying clothes, make sure you try your items on before leaving the store. Also, the same goes with furniture. Make sure it’s something that will actually fit in your house before you buy it. What kind of deal are you getting if you get home and realize your clothes don’t fit and the new-to-you oversized sofa you bought won’t fit through your door?

Thrift Shopping Tips: #3 – Think About Germs

There are many things that are a great find at thrift stores. Anything that can be thoroughly washed, scrubbed, cleaned or sanitized is fair game. But some items are notorious for bedbugs and germs. Mattresses and stuffed animals are two items that are not necessarily a great bargain. Think twice before you pick up a used item that can’t be {or may not have been} thoroughly cleaned.

Thrift Shopping Tips: #4 – Consider The Price

I’ve seen people come home from a day of thrift store shopping only to have paid almost as much for a used item as it would have cost them to buy the product brand new. If you find a deal at a bargain shop, make sure it actually is a deal and that you don’t spend retail price. There are some shops that charge way too much for a used item. If you’re not sure if something is a good deal, then step out of the store and do your research. Or if you have a smart phone, do some comparison shopping online and see if it really is a good deal. Can you buy that item new at the same price that the thrift store is charging? Can you get it used from an online store for much less?

Thrift Shopping Tips: #5 – “Antiques” Are Not Always Valuable

Just because something is old, don’t assume it’s valuable. Many things were manufactured in huge quantities and are essentially a dime a dozen. Just because you found an old board game you played 30 years ago in good condition does not mean that it’s worth anything. Some items go up in value and some go down. Once again, do some research so you don’t get jipped.

Thrift Shopping Tips: #6 – Don’t Be Afraid To Haggle

So, you found a cookie jar that you love but it has a chip on it. You think you can put that beauty on the counter with the chip side to the back and you will love it forever. But that can still decrease the item’s value. Go see if you can get a discount. Chances are the shop owner may not even be aware of the chip or it may have happened while on display. They may give you a discount or they may not, but it never hurts to ask. All they can do is say no. :)

There are some great deals to be found by shopping thrift stores, but only if you think about your purchases.

Do You Have Any Thrift Shopping Tips To Share Of Your Own?

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  1. These are great tips – I love thrift shopping! I used to do it so much, and then I felt like I was becoming a hoarder with all of the good deals I was finding, lol! Now I ago about once a month, but still love it, and look forward to it.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      That’s one good thing about most thrift stores that I have come across – they gladly accept donations. :)

  2. Most of the thrift shops around here over charge on lots of things.. But there’s one, that we donate all of our stuff to.. It’s a family run place.. He has a donate ___ and you get such n such store credit, which is always really nice..

  3. Haggling is fun. I think sometimes it feels awkward, but many places are open to reducing their prices for respectful and frequent customers. Thank you so much!

  4. I love learning how to save money, thanks for these great tips. I am very frugal and I seldom go shopping but when I do I want to do thrift shopping.

  5. #3 is always a major concern for me.
    I have a good friend who’s really an expert in thrift shopping. Here in the Philippines, we call it “ukay”. I joined her twice on different occasions and ended up having an allergic reaction to dust :(

  6. I needed to be reminded of these things – thanks for sharing.

  7. When I go shopping at thrift stores, I make sure that the item I’m getting is brand new.

  8. I think haggling is really important to get the best deals.

  9. Thanks for sharing great tips! We don’t have much thrift stores here, but I have found a couple and love them. I buy books mostly.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Books are something that I almost always buy secondhand. I just can’t see spending $30 on something that I will read once and then put on a shelf. It has to be a REALLY special book for me to pay that much for.

  10. Very great selections of TIPS for shoppers. About me, whenever I want to buy something I always check online about reviews of that thing and one review is not enough or 10 maybe and then when I am sure to purchase I will just look for the cheapest shop I can get and bargain even they do not offer so or maybe ask for freebies.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      You sound exactly like me! The internet has made it so easy to get the best prices. :)


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