Sea Watch Resort In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina #sponsored #MyMyrtleBeach

Sea Watch Resort - Myrtle Beach South Carolina #sponsoredCheap Is The New Classy

This past week, the family and I took a little vacation. We went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and stayed at the Sea Watch Resort at the Wyndham Sea Watch Plantation. The Sea Watch Resort is located on the quieter, northern end of Myrtle Beach, away from the business of “the strip.”

Sea Watch Resort - Myrtle Beach South Carolina #sponsored

We have been to Myrtle Beach many times in the past, but we have always stayed on what is traditionally referred to as “the strip,” on the end that is closer to Surfside Beach. For those of you who may have not been to Myrtle Beach, this is the section of road that runs parallel to the beach that is full of hotels, stores and restaurants. During the summer, this part of town is really busy and can be very loud.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina #sponsored

Location, Location, Location

The Sea Watch Resort is located on the northern end of town, closer to North Myrtle Beach and Atlantic Beach. If you like being near all the action, don’t worry, there are tons of things to do near Sea Watch Resort. We were located about very near Tanger Outlets and Barefoot Landing, as well as Pirates Voyage and Carolina Opry and driving to Broadway at the Beach only took minutes. So, we were able to have a nice, quiet vacation, and still have a lot of fun!

Our Room And It’s Amenities

We were in what I would refer to as a small condo. We had one bedroom {which had double beds}, a full kitchen, full bathroom and a living room, which came complete with a Murphy Bed. That was a nice surprise as I was sure the kids would be sleeping on a fold out bed in the sofa. They said the Murphy Bed was quite comfortable. We also had our own balcony. One thing that I especially loved was that the balcony faced the ocean at an angle {even though we were on the front}. It’s great to look at the ocean, without the sun shining right in your face. The view of the ocean from the hotel is amazing!

Sea Watch Resort - Myrtle Beach South Carolina #sponsored

Our room also had some really cool amenities that I have not seen in other places that I have vacationed, so I want to share them with you. We had a laptop safe in our room and we also had areas to charge our phones on the bases of the lamps in the room. Sea Watch Resort also offers daily maid service, but you can put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door if you do not want it. From my understanding, all of the rooms have homeowners, so it would be neat to see how each is decorated and what amenities they come with. Also, the water pressure in our shower was amazing – way better than any I have ever experienced at any other hotel, or at home, for that matter. I would totally take this shower home with me, if I could.

Sea Watch Resort Amenities

Sea Watch Resort has a ton of pools and hot tubs. We vacationed there last week, in the off season, yet the pools and hot tubs were still open! I love that. We have been to Myrtle Beach many times in the off season and sometimes we are highly disappointed to find the pools and hot tubs closed. And here’s a tip from me to you: in the North Tower {where we stayed}, there is an indoor hot tub that is rectangular. Use that one. It has jets on the sides and on the bottom, so you can have one at your back and one on each foot – ah, so relaxing. You’re welcome. They also have a lazy river. 🙂

Sea Watch Resort - Myrtle Beach South Carolina #sponsored

Sea Watch Resort - Myrtle Beach South Carolina #sponsored

Sea Watch Resort - Myrtle Beach South Carolina #sponsored

Sea Watch Resort also has a game room, complete with Pacman! And for those of you that like to work out, they have a gym. I also saw several signs around the hotel during my stay with lists of daily activities. For instance, I saw a couple “turtle races” in the lazy rivers and Bingo games, etc. If you decide to stay for an extended period at Sea Watch Resort, there will be tons of activities available to keep you busy.

The pools are handicap accessible. I have NEVER seen this at any other hotel I have stayed at. Anywhere. I did not see anyone use them during our stay, but there are chairs that handicapped people can use to be able to enjoy the pool as well. I hope that Sea Watch Resort has set a new standard that other hotels will soon follow. Everyone should have the same rights to a great vacation.

Sea Watch Resort - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina #sponsored

On Premises Food

Captain’s Cove is a restaurant in the bottom of the North Tower and the food is wonderful. We had breakfast there every morning and I will be writing a separate post about it. They really have anything that you could want for breakfast, including an omelette and waffle station. During the summer, the hotel has an ice cream and coffee bar, as well as a Tiki Bar outside near the pools. These were not open during our visit, but if anyone knows anything about them, I would love to hear more in the comments.

The only thing that I would have changed about our room was that the dishwasher did not seem to work. We tried to use it on our last day {we ate out mostly and used only a few dishes during our stay} and no water would run in. We told the people at the front desk and they were very apologetic about it. I feel that had we tried to use it earlier in our stay and it had not worked, someone would have fixed it super quickly as the staff was always very friendly and super attentive to our needs.

Sea Watch Resort - Myrtle Beach South Carolina #sponsored

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  1. GretchenLuper says

    this is somewhere I could go and enjoy. I’m handicapped and in a wheelchair and the pools are handicap accessible!!! I’ve never seen that outside the pool where I get therapy. This looks like a great place to vacation

  2. It looks like ya’ll had a fantastic time. I haven’t been to Myrtle Beach in many many years – this makes me want to take a trip down the east coast and stop there along the way!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      We did, thanks! A trip down the East Coast sounds fabulous! All I have ever visited on the east coast is Myrtle Beach and Virginia Beach. 🙂

      • Ooh you’re missing out! You need to start in Maine and travel Route 1 and i95 down the coast! It’s an awesome trip!!

  3. That looks like an awesome place to stay. I have never been to Myrtle Beach, but I have always wanted to. It’s most definitley on my bucket list.

  4. This place looks wonderful! I want to go!! 🙂

  5. We used to go to Myrtle Beach when I was a kid but haven’t been back in decades! Brings back great memories!

  6. This looks like a great place to stay with everything you need. Love the decor and I always pick the daily mad service 🙂

  7. Wow, that looks beautiful! I would love to go there one day.

  8. Candice Kelley says

    Beautiful place I have never been there. Definitely good to know there are nice locations to visit in that area

  9. Dorothy Boucher says

    wow looks very beautiful and comfy,, nice place to relax and unwind but also to have a good time by that pool 🙂 thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  10. Myrtle Beach is one place I would like to go. I have heard so many nice things about the area. The pics look gorgeous!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Thanks so much! We have been there pretty much every month of the year and it always looks gorgeous like that.

  11. What a gorgeous view! It looks beyond beautiful and relaxing. This is the kind of place I would enjoy vacationing to with my family.

  12. That sounds wonderful. I usually avoid beach areas because of the over crowding. I’ll keep this place in mind.

  13. My Granddaughter is headed to Myrtle Beach for her 21st birthday. I just hope she doesn’t get into trouble. Kids!! The Sea Watch Resort looks beautiful

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Oh I hope that she has a wonderful time! We visited many attractions that we will be reviewing in the coming days. Perhaps she can check out the blog for an idea of places to visit and things to do. 🙂

  14. What a gorgeous resort! I’ve only been to Myrtle Beach once, and I stayed in a vacation home.

  15. Would love to go here.. looks so relaxing and yall’s hotel was not too bad.. Small but hey… you probably aren’t spending much time there anyway.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Oh, I have definitely stayed in smaller, lol. This one was actually decent sized as compared to many at Myrtle Beach. What I don’t like is staying in just one room…no kitchen, no private room. I have done that before and it isn’t fun when you have more than say 2 people.

  16. Very nice! I haven’t ever been to Myrtle Beach…. we usually stick to Ocean Isle or Nags Head.

  17. Nicole A. says

    I love Myrtle Beach. I went twice in College. One of my friend’s grandparents had a place on the beach. So much fun!

  18. That looks like so much fun! I definitely want to take a vacation with my girls this year. We definitely could use it! The pool looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Myrtle Beach is just a few hours from me, so I would love to plan a weekend and stay at this resort.

  20. That’s it! I’m ready for a vacation! I’ts been way too long!!

  21. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    SeaWatch Resort sounds amazing and I wish I could go there now. I’d love the hot tubs and the food.

  22. This looks like a great resort! I’d love to visit someday.

  23. Alesha OliverLane says

    You had me @ water. I love the water, so from outside to in, “I am in love!!” Add to that the sheer beauty, the view, the size of where you stayed..and my dh used to go to MB a lot before we were married, now MAYBE this could be inspiration for future travel?! Ah, a girl can dream!!

  24. What a gorgeous ocean view! The Sea Watch Resort sounds like a wonderful resort to visit when you want a relaxing vacation.

  25. Thanks for posting about this resort. I love MB and want to visit again in the not so distant future, but the resort we use to stay at kind of went downhill and I’ve been looking for a new place to take my family.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      There were about 3-4 hotels we liked to hop between on the strip. One has the word “Resort” in the title and, trust me, a “Resort” it is not, lol. It got worse every year until one year it was just unacceptable. It seems they use the word “resort” rather freely in Myrtle Beach, lol. The Sea Watch is nice, though, and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

  26. This looks like a fabulous resort. I love that lovely kitchen, not to mention the gorgeous view!

  27. I love the look of this hotel. The states have way nicer hotels than the ones Iv been to bere in Canada,

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      I have only been to Canada once, and did not stay in a hotel there, as we were staying in New York.

  28. Wow, wow, wow! Can I just pack up and move there?! I have never been but everything about that looks amazing! I’m not sure I would ever want to come back home though!!!

  29. Brooke F. says

    Man, oh man do I wish I could go somewhere like that! Looks warm and relaxing!

  30. I love the beach and before we moved within 40 minutes of one, finding a great condo was key! THis one looks great!

  31. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! This would be a perfect getaway for the husband and my 10th wedding anniversary!! I think it’s time to make some travel arrangements!! 🙂

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Oooh, happy anniversary! Yes, Myrtle Beach is where my husband and I went on our honeymoon. 🙂

  32. Georgia Beckman says

    Okay, I’m going to try clicking my heels together 3 times (or however many times it takes) to get there! This is gorgeous! Definitely on my list of places I’d love to vacation.

  33. Oh wow what a lovely looking resort, it looks like you had a lovely spacious room as well.

  34. You guys had an amazing
    Week!! We would have a blast visiting I’m sure

  35. Wow! That looks like a really nice place! It looks like you had a great time. I would love to go some day.

  36. I would love to stay in a place like this! What exactly is a “laptop safe”? Do they provide the laptop or is it for you to put your laptop in for when you are not in the room?

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      It’s a safe that is the perfect size to put your laptop in. We did not actually use it, but it looked like you could lock it with your room key card, too.

  37. Evelyn Chuter says

    Looks like ya’ll had an awesome tome. I want to go to South Carolina so bad. I like the little room you had.

  38. What a gorgeous resort! That beach picture is breathtaking. I’m ready!

  39. Christanna Tucker says

    I’ve always wanted to visit Myrtle Beach. I like how it is decorated and I also like the lazy river. Very cool!

  40. Wow just wow. I want to go there for vacation! How fun, and pretty. Looks like a great relaxing place to be

  41. What a resort! That is one area of the country my husband and I have not visited and we keep saying how we need to. We will definitely keep this resort in mind when we do.

  42. I’ve never been to Myrtle Beach but I’d like to go there sometime. This looks like a nice place to stay!

  43. I love that there was as dishwasher. The one thing you don’t want to do on vacation is fuss with dishes. 🙂 That’s some pretty scenery you have going on there too!

  44. sheri street says

    I would love to stay here on one of our beach trips. Look like a nice place and great views. We go to Myrtle Beach every year for vacation.

  45. Looks wonderful. After this winter, I can’t wait for my vaca in May!

  46. That sounds like such a wonderful vacation! I love going in the off season when things aren’t as crowded…it looks like it was just as gorgeous.

  47. What a beautiful place to stay! I could use a vacation right about now.

  48. It all looks amazing! I’ve never been to Myrtle Beach before, but The Hubs and I always talk about taking our annual beach trip there on year…

  49. Beautiful. I have been wanting to head down there to check out everything for a long time/

  50. This looks like an AMAZING place to visit – and kid-friendly too. I hope to take the family one day.

  51. That looks like an amazing vacation. Your home for the week was beautiful. I want to be in that pool~

  52. I’ve been to South Carolina but not to Myrtle Beach. This looks like an awesome place to saty if we ever decide that we want to go.

  53. Cynthia R says

    We love visiting Myrtle Beach but we haven’t stayed in this hotel yet, looks like a nice one we should maybe check out next time.

  54. The beach looks beautiful. I’d love to visit SC!

  55. That is a nice place to stay at. Was there last year (2013.) The tiki bar has some really good drinks! Kinda pricey but I think that is everywhere you go tho for a drink.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Oh, I wish the Tiki Bar had been open when we were there! That is the only place I have ever stayed that actually had one. We only had one mixed drink while at the beach – at Medieval Times. I think it was $7.50, but can’t remember for sure now. Does that compare to the price of the drinks at the Tiki Bar?

  56. These are some seriously gorgeous accommodations! I have Myrtle Beach on my list of places I will go!

  57. We always think of Myrtle beach on our treks to florida. I haven’t visited yet although that looks great.

  58. After the horrendous winter we’ve had in CT, I’d like nothing better than to be in Myrtle Beach right now. That’s a nicer hotel than any I’ve seen. I also love a balcony to have coffee on in the morning and enjoy the ocean breezes at night. It was a very wise choice you’ve made of a destination and accommodations. Good job.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      You like the balcony for the exact same reasons I do. There is nothing better than having a nice cup of coffee to that view. 🙂

  59. I love staying at places like this, the little kitchens ave so much money over going out to restaurants!

  60. Eliz Frank says

    What a stylish getaway… It is such a beautiful setting and the photos are so inviting too.

  61. Looks like a great place to stay and that y’all had a great time! I haven’t heard of laptop safes, something all hotels and motels should now have!

  62. Corrine Jacobs says

    The Sea Watch Resort is a GREAT place to stay!!! I had my wedding ceremony there on the beach an my reception there in September 2012. The staff was so friendly an helpful. The prices are great an the places are nice. Each one is decorated different but nice. We had 80 guest come with us from Maryland an they had a blast. A few even went back the next for vacation. I would recommend them to anyone!! My husband and I can’t wait to go back down there.

  63. I have never been to Myrtle Beach. It is on my list and that place looks fantastic.

  64. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I can’t begin to say how impressed I am with this resort- all the amenities it contains, even for the handicapped. It looks beautiful too. If we evertravel to N+Myrtle Beach this is where we wuld stay.

  65. Kobi Hensley says

    Wow, this looks like an amazing place to stay. Love the pool and the rooms look cozy and comfortable. How ere the beds?

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      The kids said that the Murphy Bed was really comfy, though I did not try that. I was worried that the beds would not be comfy because they were a little “bouncier” than I am used to, but I have to say that I had some awesome sleep while at the beach. 😀

  66. Bethany Broughton says

    It has been years since we have gotten to go back to Myrtle Beach. Our daughter was in grade school and she is now grown and 25. So needless to say a long time. There just seems to never be either enough time or not enough money. Never the two shall meet haha. But this place looks amazing and I would love to someday get to go back. My husband and I have been married now for 32 years maybe on our 33 anniversary will be the lucky date!

  67. Susan Broughton says

    It has been years since we have gotten to go back to Myrtle Beach. Our daughter was in grade school and she is now grown and 25. So needless to say a long time. There just seems to never be either enough time or not enough money. Never the two shall meet haha. But this place looks amazing and I would love to someday get to go back. My husband and I have been married now for 32 years maybe on our 33 anniversary will be the lucky date!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Oh I definitely hope you get to go back very soon. It had been two years since we had been, so not too bad. And we went to Pigeon Forget in September, so I can’t really complain. 🙂

  68. I love staying in hotels. This looks like a really great resort! I like that its so close to everything too. Perfect for a quiet vacation!

  69. Dorothy Teel says

    Wow, it has been many years since I went to Myrtle Beach, now that we live in Oklahoma not as convenient, when we lived in Georgia it was a choice to go to. This resort sounds wonderful and I like you think it is more relaxing to be off the busy areas of any vacation area, as it is less stressful, less noisy and you have better chances of getting deals at less for not tourist sites. I love that they had a murphy bed instead of sofa bed, as if you ever slept on a sofa bed you know that they are very uncomfortable. I love the view of the ocean. Thank you for sharing this post

  70. The Sea Watch Resort is perfect place for me to stay. That’s my kind of location. I hate being on the strip. I’m not 21 any more and the busy scene isn’t for me. I love Pacman. I once won a Pacman tournament. Telling my age here. So the game room is a plus in my book. What I liked most was that the pools are handicap accessible. I have never seen one either. Hats off to The Sea Watch Resort.

  71. This looks like an amazing place to stay! I wish we could take a vacation!

  72. Holly Thomas says

    I have never been to Myrtle Beach but would love to go, thank you for the review it is someplace I will be looking into.

  73. Jess Eden says

    I have been to Myrtle Beach as a teen..such great memories!

  74. I love hotels with full kitchens. It is nice to be able to cook breakfast and make sandwiches.

  75. Sherry Compton says

    That view is amazing and the pools are calling to me. How disappointing it would be to have them closed but an indoor hot tub and lazy river sound great too.

  76. My brother use to take trips to Myrtle Beach every summer. I wonder if he ever stayed here? I’ll have to ask – it looks like a great spot.

  77. We almost went to Myrtle Beach last year, but our plans fell through. We kinda just moved on, this post is really making me want to go. The hotel you stayed at sounds great (barring the probs with the dishwasher), we like to have a kitchenette type area, it saves us so much $ so that we can splurge on a nice dinner at the end of the day or something. But some hotels charge a lot more for the kitchen that it’s not worth the money you’d save. I hope you had a wonderful time, it looks like you did.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      We did have a wonderful time. We ate breakfast every morning at the hotel and we went to a lot of dinner shows and a few restaurants, so we really didn’t eat much at all at the hotel that required dishes. I really think that the hotel would have fixed the dishwasher very quickly had we realized and asked.

      I should have added this in the review, so I will add it here…
      One night on our stay, people in the next room were really loud. Normally I don’t care about that sort of stuff but this was really loud noise of the *adult* nature and we had kids with us. It went on for at least a half hour. So, we called down to the front desk and told them what was going on. The problem was taken care of within 10-15 minutes. Other than that, we had no more noisy neighbors and these particular neighbors were on their best behavior the rest of the trip. One thing about hotels, they can’t possibly know how people will behave once they get there, but they definitely get gold stars from me when they take care of the ones who act like idiots. 😉

      • Ann Strickler says

        Thanks for the great review on SeaWatch Resort. I happen to be one of the lucky people who own a condo there and have it in the rental program. For anyone who wants more space, there are also two and three bedroom units. My unit is a two bedroom. I was there last week with my daughter, son in law, and two grandkids. There was plenty of room for all of us to have privacy and be comfortable. I am always interested in how renters like the place. I think it is wonderful and extremely convenient to everything.

        • Dawn McAlexander says

          I would love to own a place there one day when our house is paid off. Do you get to go their often, with your place in the rental program? I always wondered about that.

  78. ,This s such a beautiful place. I would like to visit Myrtle Beach, it seems like such a great place from you description.

  79. Laura Harrison says

    I have never been there. The amenities in the room were cool. So, people own these rooms and then rent them out? Like a time share thing? I guess I don’t quite understand when you said the rooms have home owners. I agree though…I am a lookey-loo when it comes to decor and would like to see all the rooms.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Well, I don’t know all the details, but from what I do understand, in many hotels, they sell the individual rooms/condos. So, then the private owners often rent them out when they are not there {perhaps to help with the mortgage or HOA fees}. I am not sure if all hotels do this, but I have seen many listings online.

  80. I love going to the beach during the off season. It’s nice to take a stroll on an almost empty beach. Very peaceful.

  81. Looks and sounds beautiful! I am going to the East coast and I will have to visit!

  82. What a beautiful place. I would love to visit the ocean, walk on a sandy beach and enjoy a vacation where it is warm. The pool looks so inviting.!

  83. I have never been to Myrtle Beach but I would love to some day. Your vacation pictures are lovely and it makes me want to visit this location. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  84. I love all the water activity. It looks so nice. Going on the off season is what we like to do because my son has autism and its less stressful.

  85. In the summer before my sophomore year, we vacationed at Myrtle Beach. We travelled there in a RV along with family friends so there were 8 of us altogether. We kids had a blast. We didn’t stay at any hotels though, just campgrounds.

    Sea Watch Resort looks amazing — especially the pools. I would love to try the Lazy River. I’ve never heard of a whirlpool with jets on the floor.

    Water pressure is really important to me too. It makes all the difference in the world! I am in love with the shower at the condo we are currently renting — ample hot water and the pressure is the best I’ve ever experienced. The pressure at our previous rental was a joke. And, to add insult to injury, the water was hard and no water softener. Finally, the owners of the home were tall(hubby and I are not) so the shower head was really high.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Are you at Myrtle Beach right now {you said you are renting a condo – so I am wondering if you are currently on vacation}? I have never stayed in an RV at Myrtle Beach or anywhere, for that matter. I always thought it would be a lot of fun to just get in an RV and just go…wherever. 🙂

  86. Jennifer Hiles says

    Oh do I have a story for you about Myrtle Beach. First off, I’d like to say everything sounded wonderful, from the food to the pool, the room, the view. My experience was one of mortal embarrassment. It was about 14 years ago and I went on a vacation with my mom. We actually weren’t staying there but we wanted to see the beach so we made a stop. Now this was my first time to the ocean (I was twenty) and I brought and wore my 2 piece bathing suit. Nothing spicy, just a black and white two piece. Well, my mom wasn’t ready to go in so I went ahead of her. I got a few feet in and a huge wave came and knocked me over. When I stood up, my bottoms were around my knees. As I tried to pull them up, another wave came, knocked me down again and when I came to, my top was wrapped around my neck. This process of horrification continued until I just lied down in the water, flopping around like a fish out of water trying to get everything back in position and nearly drowning in the process. I finally made it back to the beach and my mom was laughing so hard she was in tears. Yep, that was my experience at the beach. Lesson learned: wear a one piece.

  87. Melissa Marinho says

    wow, this place looks fantastic! I actually lived in Myrtle Beach for a summer around 10 years ago. I loved it there. It’s a beautiful city. I’d love to go back and visit with my kiddos, and this resort is right up my alley. I love the amenities, and the pool looks so refreshing! Thanks for the review on it, I’m going to look into travel dates and possibly book here!