Valentines Day Ideas: 21 Valentines Date Ideas For Teens

Valentines Day Ideas - 21 Valentine's Date Ideas For Teens

Lately everywhere I go, I am being bombarded with great Valentines Day ideas. The only problem is that most of these ideas are targeted towards adults, and adults only. Do marketing companies not realize that teens need something to do also? Below are some great Valentines Day ideas for the younger adults out there who want to make their date feel special.

 Valentines Day Ideas – Date Ideas For Teens

  • Movies: One obvious choice would be to go to the movies. But let your date pick the movie, and sit back and enjoy the show with your lovely someone.
  • Picnic: This is a cute and sweet gesture that is never out of style. Make a few sandwiches and take them out to a beautiful area and enjoy the scenery while being able to talk (unlike at the movies – no one likes a talker at the movies).
  • Themed Night: Why does your Valentine have to be a date? Pre-plan a movie night with a bunch of your friends based on a certain genre. For instance, I would pick to watch a lot of 80’s movies. This could potentially cost no extra money {another budget friendly option} if you have Netflix or another subscription service and this allows you and your friends to have a comfortable time in your pajamas! This is definitely one of my favorite Valentines Day Ideas.
  • Watch A Season Of Your Favorite Show: Are you and your love both into the same show? If you have a subscription service, make yourself some popcorn, grab a soda and watch a season of your favorite show together.
  • Go To A Sporting Event: Did you and your date bond over sports? Go see a live game together.
  • Go To A Concert: If you both love music, perhaps a concert would be the perfect night for you. Can’t afford to go out? Watch one on Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime. Just do a search for artists you love and see what you can find.
  • Dinner: Nothing can make a girl feel more special then going to a fancy restaurant with the one she adores. Take her somewhere you wouldn’t usually go, and enjoy the nice meal and company of your date!
  • Make Dinner: Know how to cook? You can always make your date a tasty meal!
  • Bake Cookies Together: If you can cook, this is another great idea. If neither of you can cook, why not get a cookie kit and try anyway. If the food is nasty, it will still make for a fun story.
  • Visit A Game Room: Challenge your date to Skee-Ball, air hockey or Pac-man!
  • Build A Snowman: Have a ton of snow in your area? Build a snowman together.
  • Ice Skating: This has always been a slight fantasy of mine, to go ice skating for a date. It’s romantic and unique because most people don’t get to go ice skating often. I have had friends go ice skating on dates and they absolutely loved it! There is something cute in watching each other clumsily skate on ice while trying not to fall. No ice skating rink near you? This is one of my other favorite Valentines Day Ideas. Regular skating rinks can be fun too.
  • Go To A Coffee Shop: Most people love coffee, and if your coffee shop is in a bookstore, you can also have tons of books to talk about.
  • Go Bowling: We have bowling alleys in our area and sometimes they have blacklight bowling, which is really fun!
  • Make Tie Dye Shirts: You can pick up a kit to do this at stores like Walmart. Grab a kit and some white pillowcases, white tshirts, etc., and have fun making something pretty {or, perhaps, not so pretty, lol}.
  • Paint Something: Are you artsy? You can buy art supplies for relatively cheap. Buy some paints, a board and some brushes and team up to paint the perfect masterpiece!
  • Teach Each Other Something: Do you each know how to do something that the other one doesn’t {i.e. make a craft, play guitar, get to the next level of a video game}? Find something that you each are interested in that the other is an expert in and share some of your knowledge.
  • Host A Valentine’s Day Dance: If you have a basement, set up some fancy lights {strobe lights, blacklights or even Christmas lights}, tell a few of your closest friends to bring their favorite CDs and have yourselves a dance. You can even make it a Sadie Hawkins dance. 🙂
  • Do Some Social Good: Why not do something to help make someone else’s Valentine’s Day special? You and your date could help someone else in need. Visit a nursing home and give Valentine’s Day cards to the residents. Many of them don’t get regular visitors and they love talking to kids. 🙂 This is one of the sweetest Valentines Day Ideas.
  • Go To The Zoo – Everyone loves fuzzy animals! Take your date to see some cute pandas and penguins and I am sure they will be impressed.
  • Go To An Aquarium – To round out my list of Valentines Day Ideas, I suggest visiting and aquarium, for the same reason as above. Everyone loves a cute animal.


Do You Have Any Other Great Valentines Day Ideas For Teens?

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  1. If you are both readers why not go to a big book store for a beverage and some book browsing. Or am I showing my age?

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      That is definitely a great idea. We have something very similar in the list. I think that books and coffee are universal. 🙂

  2. Cute ideas. Sounds like a lot of fun and safe.

  3. Sherry Compton says:

    So many good suggestions. I really like the idea of teaching each other or doing social good. Valentines is about love but that also applies to friendships. Get a group together for a marathon of TV show or choose an a favorite actor and enjoy their movies. Girls can have a spa or makeover party. And games are always fun. Happy Valentines!

  4. In our 13 years my Fiance and I have never had a Valentine’s day date… Unless you count sitting at home playing games… Which I think I will 😀

  5. Baking cookies together is one of my favorite memories from when my hubby and I were dating. I love your list. You have so many great ideas here.

  6. What a great list. I know my friend struggles with what to do for the teens, there are so many activities for the little ones, but not so many for the teens!

  7. Such fun ideas! I always hit the Zoo or a Museum on my Valentines as a teen.

  8. Interesting idea. I’d have to run that one by my teens. 🙂

  9. When I was a teen I didn’t really have a real “boyfriend” – so we didn’t go out on a date, but I’ll never forget how he came to my house at dinner time to drop off a box of candy & a card in front of my parents!

  10. I’ve seen tons of ideas and none for teens. I’m going to forward this link to some of my church members so that these can be shared with some of the teens who are always feeling left out.

  11. Oh to be young and romantic! I am old, gay, and married 21 years. I just hope my son gets a lot of Valentines in his 5th grade class!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Lol! I am old, straight and married 7 years. We got married late. 😉 My daughter is a teen – I hope she gets the hook up this V-day, along with your son. 🙂

  12. I think these are cute ideas for adults too! Sometimes we love checking out an arcade on date night!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      We had the most fun one time when my husband and daughter and I all went to an arcade while on vacation in Pigeon Forge, TN. Arcades are fun for all ages. 🙂

  13. These are great ideas for teens and young adults I remember going on a bowling date my freshman year of high school!

  14. Making dinner and movie night are such great things for teens – cheap and fairly simple to do!

  15. I love that most of these ideas are cheap or free – just being creative and spending time together! Great list!

  16. Definitely great ideas. I think teaching each other something will really help two people (who are dating) learn a lot about the other person and the possibility of a future.

  17. I love the build a snowman idea, of course I am in Florida so that would require a nice little trip! I will try a few of these for my son, give him some ideas of things to do as well.

  18. great ideas. lots of ideas are key so you have back ups in case one ends up not working out

  19. There are some great ideas here. I don’t read a lot about date ideas for teens so this was nice to see.

  20. I don’t have a teen, yet, at my house. My son is nine, so this is a bit in the future. But these are lovely ideas, I’m sure he’ll like them when the time comes.

  21. How cute would building a snowman be?! Love that idea.

  22. Great date ideas for teens! I see many on this list I’d love my for my husband and I to do this year.

  23. I have a teenage daughter and she has had a boyfriend for about a year now. They were just talking the other day about date ideas since they don’t have much money to spend. Thank you for sharing!

  24. Most of these sounds like things my teenager would enjoy doing. Thanks for the ideas.

  25. I don’t have a teen yet.. but these are super cute ideas!

  26. katherine says:

    I remember doing a lot of these when I was a teenager!

  27. What great ideas for teenagers who don’t have a lot of money to spend. I am so not ready for this stage just yet.

  28. These are some fun ideas, and although my husband and I do not celebrate valentines we do try to have a date night each month…plus I don’t have to worry about this cause my kids aren’t dating til they’re in their thirties…hehe.

  29. Those are good ideas.At first, I thought these were moms suggestions. It’s nice to hear that there are still wholesome young people out there.

  30. Lots of great suggestions for adults too. It’s a great way to mix up the usual dinner and a movie.

  31. These are great ideas. Not only are they good for a teen but for any couple or even a Valentine’s family outing!

  32. These are all really nice date ideas; very budget-friendly, not too over-the-top and safe. And lots of creative activities beyond the normal dinner + movies date!

  33. you forgot the amusement park ………. fun fun fun

  34. Melody Grayam says:

    Cute valentines day idea!!:Just Hang out with your significant other and talk about drama or some cute things you guys do or even go back and think of how you guys met and events that have happened since then.
    XD Just try and have a little bit of fun!

  35. Great ideas. I used to go skating all the time. Loved it. Maybe this overage teen should do one of these things on Valentines day as well!

  36. All of these are great ideas for gifts for teens. I think mine would love the idea of going to a coffee shop connected with a Book Store.