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December Holidays 2013 ~

List of December Holidays

From Eat A Red Apple Day to New Year’s Eve, there are lots of reasons to celebrate the entire month of December {including my birthday *wink, wink*}! I hope that this list of December holidays will keep you celebrating the entire month of December! ๐Ÿ™‚

December Holidays in 2013

1- Advent, Eat a Red Apple Day, World Aids Awareness Day

2- Cyber Monday, National Fritters Day, Special Education Day, National Mutt Day

3- International Day of Persons with Diabetes, National Roof Over Your Head Day

4- National Cookie Day, Special Kids Day, Santas’ List Day, Wear Brown Shoes Day

5- Bathtub Party Day, International Ninja Day, Repeal Day

6- Miners’ Day, St. Nicholas Day, National Pawnbroker’s Day

7- National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, National Cotton Candy Day, Letter Writing Day

8- Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day, World Choral Day, Worldwide Candle Lighting Day

9- Christmas Card Day, National Pastry Day, International Anti-corruption Day

10- Human Rights Day, Nobel Prize Day

11- International Mountain Day, National Noodle Ring Day, UNICEF Birthday

12- Poinsettia Day, National Ding-a-Ling Day, Gingerbread House Day

13- Ice Cream Day, Violin Day, Pick A Pathologist Pal Day

14- Day of the Horse, Monkey Day, International Shareware Day

15- Bill of Rights Day, Cat Herders Day, National Lemon Cupcake Day

16- Zionism Day, National Chocolate- covered Anything Day, Barbie and Barney Backlash Day

17- Wright Brothers Day, Free Shipping Day, National Maple Syrup Day

18- Answer the Telephone Like Buddy the Elf Day, International Migrants Day, Bake Cookies Day

19- National Re- gifting Day, Oatmeal Muffin Day, Look for an Evergreen Day

20- Mudd Day, Underdog Day, Go Caroling Day

21- Crossword Puzzle Day, Forefathers Day, Ann & Samantha Day, Humbug Day, Winter Solstice

22- National Haiku Poetry Day

23- Festivus, Roots Day

24- Christmas Eve, National Egg Nog Day, National Chocolate Day

25- Christmas, National Pumpkin Pie Day

26- Boxing Day, National Candy Cane Day, National Thank- you Note Day

27- Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day, National Fruitcake Day

28- Holy Innocents Day, Pledge of Allegiance Day, Card Playing Day

29- Tick Tock Day, Pepper Pot Day

30- Bacon Day, Falling Needles Family Fest Day, National Bircarbonate of Soda Day

31- Leap Second Time Adjustment Day, New Year’s Eve, Make Up Your Mind Day

So, what December holidays will you be celebrating this year?

This list of December holidays was compiled from a calendar that I bought called Everyday’s a Holiday, from Holiday Insights and from random findings on the internet. We do not guarantee these holidays to be real nor did we create them. Don’t kill the messenger {unless, of course, it’s Kill the Messenger Day}. ๐Ÿ˜›

About Amber {contributor}

Amber is a college student and avid fashionista. Amber loves all things beauty and fashion and spends her time reading and thinking about Channing Tatum.


  1. Sherry Compton says:

    These are always so fun. My family enjoys celebrating all month long. I like to check out what days our family birthdays are. My son gets Bill of Rights Day and my daughter-in-law Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will have to share that with them. Their kids would get a kick out of it.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Yay! I love Answer The Phone Like Buddy The Elf day. That is just too funny! Happy early birthday to your family. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I had no idea there were so many holidays!

  3. Wowza that is a lot to celebrate in December!! I had no idea, thanks for sharing!!!

  4. The fourth is national cookie day?! OMG!!! That is essentially my second birthday LOL!

  5. I had no idea there was so much going on during the month of December. National Cookie Day and Bacon day sound pretty interesting.

  6. I didn’t know that there was such a thing as “Cat Herder’s Day.” It sounds interesting.

  7. Love it! So much fun (and maybe strange in a few cases) stuff in December!

  8. What a fantastic list! I love celebrating random holidays.

  9. Wish I could get into the spirit of celebrate every man made make money day. I am sick and going through a lot right now.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      I am very sorry to hear that. I definitely wouldn’t celebrate anything I didn’t want to. They are really just meant to entertain people, I am sure.

  10. How fun! I always love hearing about different holidays. I have definitely not heard of most of these, but I am game to celebrate! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. How fun is that list! I love the Bathtub day! I will be happy to spend the day soaking ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I love a reason to celebrate something everyday. What a fun list

  13. Wow, what a fun list of holidays!

  14. Some of those are really fun like Tick Tock Day and Crossword Puzzle day!

  15. So fun!! I want to celebrate National Crossword day!!!

  16. Sandy Cain says:

    Oh, I ALWAYS celebrate Festivus! I have the sacred pole ready, but my favorite part is always the Airing of the Grievances. I wait all year for that! And BTW, where is Kwanzaa on your list, hmmm?