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Daisy Baby enjoying her Nudges Made In The USA dog treats

My dogs love treats! Really, though, do you know any dogs that don’t? However, I have never seen any dog treats that my little pooches have devoured so enthusiastically until we offered them up some Nudges® Premium Jerky Cuts™ Treats. Wow! Daisy Baby and Puppy Mister about went berzerk for these USA made dog chews!

Our {Dog’s} Thoughts On Nudges Dog Treats

Puppy Mister enjoying his Nudges Made In The USA dog treats

When Puppy Mister gets something he likes, he will not let you get near it. He turns his head and no one is to come near! He LOVED his Nudges dog treat. Also, these treats are not tough. Puppy Mister doesn’t really enjoy treats that are crunchy or that are tough anymore. He is getting and they are just not as easy for him to handle. These treats are easy for him to chew and he loves them.

Also, Daisy Baby {in the first picture} gives her seal of approval. I love how she holds the treat in her paws and eats it. Very cute. Both of our dogs love Nudges!


Why Choose Nudges Dog Treats?

Nudges® Premium Jerky Cuts™ Dog Treats are chicken jerky dog treats that are made in the USA in Independence, IA. They are made with quality and safety in mind and every batch is quality tested to ensure they are safe for your dog. Nudges® Premium Jerky Cuts™ Treats are made from the chickens hatched and raised in the U.S. and are enriched with added vitamins and flavors. Nudges® Premium Jerky Cuts™ Dog Treats are also FDA and AAFCO approved and have never been taken off the market and are not associated with any recalls, so you know that these dog treats are made from quality ingredients that are good for your little furry friend.

Nudges Made In The USA dog treats


Buy Nudges Dog Treats For Your Dog

You can buy Nudges® Premium Jerky Cuts™ Treats at Walmart and Kroger stores nation-wide, as well as many other locations nationwide. Find a retailer near you.

Nudges Made In The USA dog treats

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  1. I like it, really a cute post! To the point and fun all in one.

  2. These look great for dogs!

  3. LOL Our Tobey would be all “don’t you look at my nudges, I’ll nudge YOU” if he had those!! He loves treats like this

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Hahahaha! That is EXACTLY the way Puppy Mister acts. He is the friendliest dog you could ever meet, until you act like you are going to take his treat. Then he turns into a rabid, growling maniac. He morphs into terror dog. All 4 pounds of him.

      We try not to laugh because that seems to make him madder. lol

  4. That sounds like something Baby Girl would like!

  5. I don’t know much about dog treats, or dogs for that matter. The best my kids are gonna get is an electronic one, lol

  6. Oh, what cute pictures. I need to check these out for my chihuahuas.

  7. I want that cute dog and I will buy all the Nudges treats for my house too! LOL I don’t have a dog but this is good for my friends who do. I will pass along

  8. Our fur babies would love some Nudges treats. They are spoiled muts who love their treats. I love that the treats are made in the US from chickens that were hatched. I will have to check them out,

  9. These treats look great and I’m glad they are made in the USA too!

  10. I don’t have a dog or any pet for that matter but if I did I would try Nudges especially because its made in the USA…

  11. looks like your puppy is really enjoying the treats. I am always looking for healthy treat for a lab and have actually started collecting pet treat recipes online because I want to make sure that I feed him healthy snacks.

  12. I think my dog would love these! I love that they are made in the US!

  13. Love that look on Puppy Mister’s face when he is holding his treat!

  14. I will only buy dog treats that are made in the USA. I am so glad to learn about this option. My dogs haven’t tried these treats yet.

  15. Cute photos of your little pup enjoying a great treat! I am sure my little baby would enjoy them too!

  16. My mom’s miniature poodle would love these treats.

  17. Aw, I want a cute dog! Yours are just adorbs.

  18. My dog is so hard to buy treats, and food for! These look tasty enough that she should like them!

  19. First of all, Daisy Baby is cute, cute, cute, holding that treat in her fuzzy little paws. Awwww….

    We enjoy giving our dog Otis treats, but I’ve read recently that many common dog treats are made in China, which is worrisome to me, in that you can’t really trust that the ingredients are pure, or are even what’s listed on the package. Thanks for letting us know about good treats, made in the USA.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Awww thanks! We sometimes feed Puppy Mister his treats, but Daisy Baby insists on feeding herself. When she isn’t holding her treat in her paws, she has it hanging out the side of her mouth and it looks like she has a cigar, lol.

  20. Made in the USA is KEY! Love that, especially for my furry friends.

  21. I am going to have to keep these in mind when shopping for my mom’s dog at Christmas time. Love quality treats for her.

  22. Your dog is adorable. It looks like the treats were a hit!

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Thank you very much. 🙂 Yes, they love them a lot! I need to go get them some more soon. They might freak out if we run out, lol!

  23. I don’t have a dog but yours sure is cute!!! Guess he loves his treats!!

  24. We have a chihuahua with an attitude as well. I love it “Step away” Ha ha !!!
    I am heading to Walmart so I will look for these! Thanks for the good info – I am always nervous to buy dog treats because I am afraid my guy will get a tummy ache. These sound great.
    & Your doggie models are Gorgeous!

  25. My dog knows where we keep our treats and goes running as soon as we get near that cabinet. Dogs sure are smart! 🙂 I love the fact that these are made in the US

  26. My sister’s two dogs would probably go NUTS for them! I’ll email her and tell her!

  27. Love how your dog takes over the show. lol
    We need to remember our furry friends during this season, too.

  28. Oh my goodness, your dog is SO adorable! These treats sound really wonderful, I like to give treat gifts to my family’s pets for the holidays. I’ll have to check these out!

  29. I’ll have to get these!

  30. People are paying a lot more attention to what their pets eat and that is a goo thing.

  31. Your dog is so cute, I have to put my dogs in separate rooms for treats, one takes her tie eating hers, the other inhales his and then steals hers if I do not. I will check these out, it is so hard to find treats that are safe for our pets right now

  32. Sherry Compton says:

    Cute! Don’t come between a dog and their treats. My girl is as sweet as can be but don’t mess with her when eating. :). Love that these are high quality and made in the USA. We want the best for our pets and that means safe treats they’ll love.

  33. Sharing with my mom, her pups would love these 🙂

  34. We do not have pets but these sound like great doggy treats!

  35. How cute! My dog loves treats… its the only time I can get him calm most of the time.

  36. How precious! My mom’s dog would love these!

  37. Awww I love your cute doggy! I’ve never heard of these treats, but my sister just got a new dog so I’ll let her know.

  38. Funny! Just give ‘em the dog treats and everybody will remain unharmed. My mom and sisters have dogs, and I can tell you that if the animals don’t like the treats, they will NOT eat them. They need something natural that keeps pace with the diet you feed them. We’ll definitely give these a try!

  39. Sandy Cain says:

    My dogs always loved treats. Between 2005-2007, my roommates and I fostered and trained 16 dogs (not all at once, LOL!) that had been abandoned in the desert outside Las Vegas. They were all adopted into good homes. We trained all of them with treats. I would never choose any treat for a dog that had chemicals, or that was the subject of a recall. This sounds like a great product. I’m glad to see they’re made here in the US. How fresh can something be when it’s imported from the Far East?