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November Holidays 2013 ~

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From Day of the Dead to Square Dance Day, there are a ton of reasons to celebrate all November long! I hope that this list of November holidays will keep you celebrating the entire month of November! 🙂

November Holidays in 2013

1- All Saints’ Day, Day of the Dead, Extra Mile Day

2- All Souls’ Day, World Vegan Day, Cookie Monster Day

3- Daylight Saving Time Ends, National Sandwich Day, Jellyfish Day

4- King Tut Day, Election Day, Common Sense Day

5- Guy Fawkes Day, Gunpowder Day

6- Marooned without a Compass Day, Saxophone Day, National Men Make Dinner Day

7- International Tongue Twister Day, National Gin Day

8- National Dunce Day, Cook Something Bold Day, X-ray Day

9- Chaos Never Dies Day

10- Remembrance Sunday, World Orphans Day, Sesame Street Day

11- Origami Day, Veteran’s Day

12- Chicken Soup for the Soul Day, Young Readers Day, National Pizza With The Works, Except Anchovies, Day

13- World Kindness Day, National Indian Pudding Day

14- National Pickle Day, International Girls Day, Operating Room Nurse Day, World Diabetes Day

15- Sadie Hawkins Day, I Love to Write Day, America Recycles Day

16- Button Day, International Day for Tolerance

17- Full Moon, National Take a Hike Day, World Peace Day, World Prematurity Day

18- Use Less Stuff Day, Mickey Mouse Day, Occult Day

19- National Blow Bagpipes Day, Have a Bad Day Day

20- National Absurdity Day, Beautiful Day, Universal Children’s Day

21- World Hello Day, World Television Day, False Confession Day

22- National Start Your Own Country Day, National Survivors of Suicide Day, Go For a Ride Day

23- Eat A Cranberry Day, Dr. Who Day, Black Friday

24- Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

25- Anniversary of Woody Woodpecker’s Movie Debut, National Parfait Day, Shopping Reminder Day

26- NHL Hockey Day, Tie One on Day

27- National Bavarian Cream Pie Day, National Day of Mourning

28- Thanksgiving, Red Planet Day, Make Your Own Head Day

29- National Leftovers Day, Buy Nothing Day, You’re Welcome Day

30- St. Andrew’s Day, Square Dance Day


November is also National Family Caregivers Month.


So, what November holidays will you be celebrating this year?

This list of November holidays was compiled from a calendar that I bought called Everyday’s a Holiday, from Holiday Insights and from random findings on the internet. We do not guarantee these holidays to be real nor did we create them. Don’t kill the messenger {unless, of course, it’s Kill the Messenger Day}. 😛

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  1. Who comes up with this stuff? They must be really bored or something.

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I love National Leftovers Day. It’s funny to have King Tut day with Election day.

  3. Sherry Compton says:

    I always enjoy theses. Thanks. Hope people follow today’s Common Sense Day. Pizza with the Works except Anchovies sounds like a day for me, but I think I will skip Bagpipes and Have a Bad Day.

  4. Michelle F. says:

    great list. will be celebrating some of these.

  5. amanda whitley says:

    National Pickle Day is a holiday i will be sure to celebrate 🙂 i love pickles