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Bright Light Pillow Review ~

Bright Light Pillow Review and Gift IdeaCheap Is The New Classy

My 10 year old daughter was thrilled when I got the opportunity to review the Bright Light Pillow. There are two Bright Light Pillows to chose from. One is pink and shaped like a heart and the other is white and has a square shape. My daughter chose the white one.

Bright Light Pillow

The Bright Light Pillow is very easy to operate. The pillow has a zipper on the side. After you unzip the zipper, carefully pull out the battery pack. You can use a small Phillips head screw driver to get the battery pack open. Then install 3 AA batteries and close the battery pack. After you are done, put the battery pack as far into the pillow as you can.

Bright Light Pillow Review and Gift Idea

Bright Light Pillow Review and Gift Idea

The first time I put batteries in the pillow, I used rechargeable ones. The pillow did not show all the colors like it did on the cover of the box. I decided to try some brand new batteries instead and it worked great after that.

Bright Light Pillow Review and Gift Idea

Here is a video we made of how the Bright Light Pillow looks in the dark.

My daughter hugs the pillow to turn it on but the box says all you have to do is tap the pillow. It gives off no heat and the lights stay on for 15 minutes before turning off. I think this is great, especially for a young child who is scared of the dark. This will give them plenty of time to get to sleep before the Bright Light Pillow turns off.

Bright Light Pillow Review and Gift Idea

Our Thoughts On The Bright Light Pillow

My daughter just goes on and on about how “comfy” the pillow is. She has slept with it every night since she got it. She still sleeps with her regular pillow, but she loves to sleep with this one as well. She says the lights are hypnotizing. I have watched it myself and I have to agree with her. I think the Light Bright Pillow has a calming effect and would be great for small kids to the college age group. The Light Bright Pillow not only looks cool, but is also a comfortable, usable pillow and, in our experience, it does everything it says it does. 😀


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  14. How pretty! This looks perfect for children who have a little anxiety about the dark, and I’m sure the lights are very soothing while falling asleep.

  15. Sherry Compton says:

    Glad to hear its comfy. I was worried with the lights and batteries that it might not be. This is a neat idea and really smart that it doesn’t heat up and goes off on its own

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