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Plexidor Review ~

Plexidor Doggy Doors Review


I know several people that have doggy doors in their homes. But I don’t know anyone who has one as cool as what I have now from Plexidor. This energy efficient door comes with security features that simply aren’t available with other doggy doors and it never needs replacement flaps.

What Makes Plexidor Doors Better Than Traditional Doggy Doors

The Plexidor also locks. For instance, we have a weekend vacation scheduled for December. If we want the dogs and cats to be able to go outside while we are away, they now have that option. Or, when we go to sleep at night, we can lock the Plexidor for to keep our fur babies in. It also comes with a lock and a steel plate that you can attach to the Plexidor for added security.

Plexidor doggy doors review

Plexidor doggy doors review

Plexidor doggy doors can be installed in doors {wood, metal and glass} and in the wall of your home. They even offer electronic units that work with a piece that easily snaps onto your dog or cat’s existing collar. That way the Plexidor knows exactly which animal to let in {Fido and Fifi} and which animal to keep out {hello random possum}. We chose to get ours installed in our front door that is made out of wood. We have two levels to our home and the Plexidor is on the main floor where our dogs live.

PlexiDor Pet Doors do not require costly vinyl replacement flaps. The unique saloon style, shatter resistant dual thermo-pane, hardened acrylic panels open and close with a gentle push and automatically close without banging. Each panel is lined around all four edges with snug fitting, high density, industrial nylon pile weather seal to provide superior draft-control. When closed, the panels reduce air conditioning and heat loss.


Plexidor Doggy Doors Review

Plexidor sent us a Plexidor and a handy man out to our home to install it for the purpose of this review. After installation, Puppy Mister {aka Puppy Churo} immediately took to the Plexidor. He is adventurous and nosy by nature, so with Jay on one side of the door and me on the other, Puppy Mister was hopping back and forth through the door in minutes. He is only 4 pounds, so if he is strong enough to get the door open, I am sure that your little fur babies can, too. No problem. :)

Ooooh, what is this doorway to freedom?

Plexidor Doggy Doors Review

Plexidor Doggy Door Review

See you later, alligator!

Plexidor Doggy Door Reviews

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  1. Jenna Wood says:

    I’ve seen these before and heard about how easy they are to install. Having a small breed dog, I can imagine how this would take a lot of stress out of pet ownership.

  2. We’ve reeeaaly been thinking about getting a doggy door – but I’ve never had one, and wasn’t sure what to look for or expect. This is super helpful! :)

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      We never had one before, either, because I was mostly worried about security. Glad to have one now. :)

  3. Very cool and it looks like he enjoys it!

  4. Awww, how cute! I saw these doors at BlogPaws this year…neat idea.

  5. Really nice that there is the option to lock it or detect which pet is coming in.

  6. I’ve always wanted a dog door but worried about other critters getting inside. I had no clue there was a way to limit who was allowed to come in. How cool!

  7. that doggy door looks perfect!

  8. These are really cute. We couldn’t have one for Angel right now because she would run off and the yard is not gated. But it is a great idea if we ever get it gated or one of those collars.

  9. I need this for my cats! Do you think they would be able to open it? Cute doggy BTW=)

  10. Ok, I love the electronic piece!! We have a TON of stray cats (and skunks) in our neighborhood! The last thing I want is them coming in and out of my house!! So i love that it can keep unwanted pets OUT and let my pets in and out.

  11. I love that you can lock it! This would be perfect for my Border Collie who gets bored and decides that “adventures” need to happen.

  12. Sherri Lewis says:

    I don’t know which I like better… the fact that it is energy efficient, or that it has a lock!

  13. I’m sending the link to your post to my sister in law. We were talking about the need to have a doggie door that only lets in your own dog. This is perfect for her!

  14. I’ve often wondered how pet doors worked. You’ve ans. all of my questions. Yes it has a lock and not every animal outside can get in. I wondered about raccoons and other pests getting in.

  15. Ahhh! Cute dog door!!!

  16. Sherry Compton says:

    I never would have thought about an energy efficient doggy door, but a locking one makes sense when you think about it. Not just to keep your babies in but to keep other things out at night or if you are gone. Good to know that your 4 lb little one could open the door.