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Duck Tape® DIY Crafts For Kids ~

Corkboard to Chalkboard Project - Back-To-School DIY project for kids using Duck Tape

Did you know that you can make some of the coolest crafts as well as personalize your kids’ school supplies cost effectively and easily with Duck Tape®? Walmart has a full assortment of Duck Tape® for back to school, which can be found in both the Paint Department and the Craft Department. For instance, we will show you how we converted an old corkboard into a new chalkboard with just some supplies we had around the house and some colorful Duck Tape®!

Duck Tape For Easy Personalization

Duck Tape® is a very cost effective way to create, embellish and decorate! There are tons of awesome DIY projects that you and your child can do with Duck Tape® including teacher gifts, custom name plate for your children’s desk or classroom cubby, or even locker customization for middle school lockers.

We used Duck Tape in our Corkboard to Chalkboard DIY project and it worked brilliantly. You can use a neutral color and just make a natural “frame,” or you can do what we did and pick a bright color {in our case red} and make a project that with accents that really stands out. It’s really up to you!

Duck Tape Projects For Homeschool and Pre-Schoolers

You can buy Duck Tape at Walmart which can be used to make really cool projects for children who aren’t yet old enough to go to traditional school and is also great to help teach children from home.

  • Cut Duck Tape® into shapes and have your children learn shapes
  • Use Duck Tape® to create a colorful learning wall
  • Use it to decorate binders
  • Make homemade wallets to help with math skills

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  1. I use duct tape for just about everything. My husband teases me about it.

  2. Rebecca Parsons says

    This is nifty and I like that you can put this on anything.

  3. Gail Williams says

    Wow! I wish I had thought of this. I won some colored duct a few months ago, but never thought of such a great idea as this. My granddaughters would love making minature ones of these and hanging them on their bedroom doors! They go to Grandma to help them think of crafts…our next project is now in my mind. Thanks.

  4. natalie parvis says

    This is a really cute idea! My niece would love it.

  5. I have not seen this before. I have seen like a paint on type of chalkboard. I like this idea better because you can do it and put it away when not using it. Takes up less space. My grandson like to draw on a eraser board but I keep having to buy the markers – this would be way cheaper . thanks

  6. Sherry Compton says

    We joke about duct tape being he fix it all, use for anything,but that really seems to be the case now. Duct tape does projects and is used to make tons of items. It even comes in fun colors and designs

  7. Judy Gregory says

    Heah’ in th’ deep south. We’uns cahn’t leave th’ house withou’ our fix-it-all. Get ‘er dun!

  8. Jennifer Hiles says

    These are really neat. My niece uses duct tape to make all kinds of cool stuff. She makes these really neat wallets using only duct tape. Now, they make tons of different design and colors of tape too!