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Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2~

Soundfreaq Speaker

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Do you love music? Of course you do! You wouldn’t be reading this post otherwise! I bet you love the mix on your iPod or smartphone, but hate having to put those annoying ear buds in your ears to listen to it. Well, I just might have the solution for you. It’s called Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2. We recently received this little bundle of electronic joy to review, and I am very impressed.

No Need For Headphones

The Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 gives you the ease of listening to your iPod or smartphone mix without the annoying ear buds or headphones. How? Through Bluetooth technology. The Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 pairs with your mobile device via Bluetooth and makes it possible for you to access your playlist right in your living room. And, here’s the good part, it delivers high quality sound. And with a pair of Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 speakers, you can have stereo quality sound right in your living room. And you can control the volume from your phone,  so no getting up to adjust the volume is necessary.

Soundfreaq Playlist

Soundfreaq does offer an app for your smartphone, but I must caution you. I would stay away from it until the app is improved. There’s not really much you can do with the app at this point.  Once it is perfected, I am sure, though, that it will be fine. Don’t let that stop you from buying this great product, though. There are tons of other great apps you can use.


“Cool Night” by Paul Davis sounds awesome on Soundfreaq

The Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2, however, is excellent! I streamed my “soft songs” playlist through it from my phone, and it sounded so good that even Dawn, who normally doesn’t like to mess with the technology stuff too much, asked me to pair her phone with it so that she could play her song mix as well. We really enjoy the sound quality that is provided through the Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 that you just can’t get when listening to your music on your phone or other device.

Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 Bluetooth

Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 Docking Station

If you still like to dock your phone like those docking stations, or you haven’t yet mastered Bluetooth technology, don’t worry. You can still connect through a standard headphone jack to the Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 and listen that way. It even has a convenient docking station right on the front. Also, if you don’t have music on your phone or other device that you want to listen to, the Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 also has a radio player built in for listening to your favorite radio station!

Soundfreaq Platform

We were looking for something to play our music on in the living room without eating up a lot of space, and we found it with the Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2! This is a great value and a handy piece of equipment to have around the house.  If you are a music lover as I, well,  we are, then the Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 is exactly what you need!

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  1. SUCH a smart idea!

  2. This sounds (no pun intended) awesome!

  3. So is this only for apple products? I always like to see stuff like this but can never find anything decent for my devices, lol

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      We used it with our Android Samsung phones. No iphones in this house. 🙂

  4. I still have to plug in through a cord to my speaker set. This would be a really cool option! Love this!

  5. I can’t wear earbuds, so that’s awesome!

  6. Looks like something cool my hubby would like to check out!

  7. Sherry Compton says:

    Very useful and convenient! I can see where this would really go over. I agree with you about the app. I am one to wait until the get the bugs worked out.


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