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2002 Jeep Liberty

Cheap Is The New Classy

Yep, it’s springtime! The birds are back, and so is the pollen! And the one thing you can’t stand is to see your car covered in bird droppings and yellow pollen, not to mention the bugs and spring rain. We were sent a car cover to review from Empire Covers. Car covers protect your vehicle from these pesky little spring annoyances. We chose a car cover to fit over my wife’s 2002 Jeep Liberty, which she loves and would like to protect.

Car Covers To Protect Your Car This Spring

Empire Car Covers are made from a waterproof, four-layered material consisting of an inside and outside layer of spun bond and layer of waterproof film in the middle. Empire Covers provide excellent protection from pollutants such as rain, sun, dirt, bird droppings, dust, tree sap and more!

Empire Covers material car cover

One of the more unique qualities of Empire Covers Car Covers are the fact that even though they are waterproof they are also completely breathable. This means no condensation forms underneath them on your vehicle, and that the interior of your vehicle will not be hotter that Hades when you get inside it after removing the cover!

Empire Covers car cover buckles

Empire Covers Grommet car covers

Empire Covers also come with snap-together security straps to insure a proper, snug fit and to keep the cover from blowing off in high winds! They simply attach to the straps on the bottom of the cover and fit around the bottom of your front and rear bumpers to keep the cover snug!

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Empire Covers car cover bag

Our Thoughts on Empire Covers

Also Empire Car Covers are easy to install! It took me only a matter of a few minutes to cover our Jeep Liberty, and this was the first time I had ever used it! Since then, using the car cover has gotten easier so that now it takes me hardly any installation time at all. It’s ready in approximately 3 minutes. :) Also, the things we like best about this car cover is that all of the buckles are under your car. Nothing hard rubs against the car, so you don’t have to worry about paint damage from the car cover. It is also very light. I believe that most people could easily cover their car and uncover it alone. And it comes in a great bag, when you aren’t using it! All in all, I think it’s the best car cover we have ever used.

Empire Covers car cover for Jeep Liberty

Empire Covers car cover for a Jeep Liberty

Empire Covers have car covers to fit 99% of all vehicles, as well as covers for grills, patios, boats, motorcycles and more. Your car takes care of you when you need it, so you owe it to your vehicle to take care of it! Keep it safe and clean with a cover from Empire Covers!

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    American Armor Car Cover

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    Empire Waterproof Van Cover

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    american armour car cover for my mustang

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    the cover I would like to have is American Armor Car Cover thanks

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    American Armor Car Cover
    Size: 3 Fits: 2007 CHEVROLET CORVETTE

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    I would choose the Empire Waterproof Car Cover

    Size: 3 Fits: 1998 FORD ESCORT ZX2

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    American Armour for a 2005 Saturn Ion

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    For my car it would be the Titan Quatro 4L SUV Cover

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