Next Time Wave ALL Your Fingers At Me

Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day ~

Wave All Your Fingers At Me Johnny Cash

I have a feeling that Johnny Cash was never the official holiday spokesperson.

When you go outside and see your neighbor today, be sure to greet them with ALL your fingers this time – not the one that you might be accustomed to. Why? Because it’s Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day!

Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day

I have no idea who created this holiday, nor do any of the sites that I looked at in research, but I have a strong suspicion that it was my friend Avery. He’s a real peach. 😉

Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day

Avery {aka potential holiday inventor} and my hubs {aka potential gang sign flasher}

For the most part, I really like my neighbors, especially the ones who are my direct neighbors. It’s some of the other neighbors, the ones that live further down the street that I might be most apt to greet in a less than five fingered fashion. But I never do that. I am more of the icy glare type person. I have to keep things classy, you know.

Zany Holidays suggests..

For all you angry neighbors out there, February 7th is for you! After all the drama and arguments and challenges we and our neighbors have endured, its time to put down that middle finger and raise the rest.

…Um, I know I stink at math, but doesn’t putting one finger down and raising the rest give you a 4 fingered wave? No matter, that is probably still better than waving one *special* finger at the neighbor. Unless, of course someone thinks you are flashing some sort of gang sign. Or your neighbor thinks you are just popping an upside down bird to be a smart alec.

Wave All Your Fingers Day Gang Sign

Is that a gang sign or are you just happy to see me?

At any rate, in the spirit of the holiday, give your neighbor a hearty hand wave today {with ALL your fingers raised}…and maybe even force those muscles on the sides of your face to curl your lips up into more than the usual grimace. You can do it!

Happy Holidays!

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Special thanks to Roasted Beanz for the awesome pixel work on the Johnny Cash pic. 🙂

Do You ALWAYS Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbors?


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  1. Luckily I live in a neighborhood where we seem to get a long for the most part but these are mostly the people who never come out to say hi. I love that this is considered a day though. Its awesome!

  2. Haha! I couldn’t resist when I saw Mr. Cash in the first photo. Luckily, here in the South, we don’t see much of that, especially from our neighbors. 🙂

  3. Too funny – good idea to say hi to neighbors. We hiberate in the winters, it is good to keep friendly

  4. Jenna M Wood says

    Too bad you couldn’t find the origin, I always get a kick out of these ‘unofficial’ holidays.

  5. With my neighbor, I’ll stick with the salute.

  6. We don’t know our neighbors too well – But they’re all super nice. When I actually do see them, which is rare {our houses are all a ways apart from one another} – I definitely give a sincere wave and smile! 🙂

  7. Another wacky holiday…sweet! Lol

  8. We get along with the neighbors on our block that we know of. The rest of the houses seem unoccupied or maybe their inhabitants are hibernating for the winter. I dunno. I am going to try to use the all finger wave in traffic this evening! LOL!

  9. I’ve never heard of this special wave at your friends day.
    Thankfully I have some fantastic neighbors in this area. I like them all. I don’t have to worry about being irritated by any of them.

  10. My neighborhood is pretty friendly. Love these fun “holidays.”

  11. LOL! Yes, I usually wave all of my fingers whenever I can muster up the strength. There is one set of neighbors thought that get on my nerves, but I also stick to a stare down instead. I mean come on.. they beep at each other every single time they leave the house.. can you blame me?

  12. Up here in KY we wave at everyone who drives by! When you are out driving on our small country road you better be prepared to wave with all fingers to each and every car!

    • We used to do that here, too. But some people have apparently moved here from other places and missed them memo. 😉


  13. If we ever cross paths in our neighborhood, I’ll def wave with my whole hand lol 🙂

  14. Hilarious! Some of these holidays are just outrageous.

  15. LOL! Some of these are very funny! You should link them up tomorrow night on my Sat laughs!

  16. Always wave all the fingers at my neighbors, its mostly wild life neighbors 🙂 My “hey neighbor” neighbors I love and they live close enough to love but not so close I would probably wave with less fingers.. ^_^

  17. I wanted to ave a not so nice finger at someone behind me on the road tonight. Not only were they in a truck so lights directly in my eyes but they insisted on practically riding my bumper down the road. Then they turned into my complex and blinded me the rest of the way home. Really I don’t understand if I slow down because you get so close it might be a good idea to slow down and stay back a little. If I am blinded by your lights you aren’t going to be able to get very far if you cause me to crash into something.

    • For those fools I usually slow down so slow that they finally pass me out of frustration or pull off and let them pass. Some people are real jerks. Sorry that happened to you.


  18. You are hilarious! I have a choice finger for my next door neighbor. They have a child that is a terror and they refuse to deal with it lol.

  19. That is pretty cool – you definitely got my attention with Johny Cash picture

  20. You are giving me an education on the days! I always wave at my neighbors, the ones I see anyway, most stay indoors so you never see them.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      That’s what I do {hang out inside where no one sees me, lol}. Or I get in the car and go somewhere. I don’t much hang out in my yard. The neighbors probably think I am creepy. 🙂


  21. Sometimes you have to be careful when making hand gestures as they may be mistake for Johjnny Cash’s LOL Never knew there was such a day.

  22. That is pretty funny – might work for all the other days of the week. Let’s confuse the neigbors


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