Lame Duck Day – A Salute To Lame Ducks Everywhere!

Lame Duck Day ~

Lame Duck Day
February 6th is Lame Duck Day. And what exactly does that mean, pray tell? Well, it’s not a holiday to salute Daffy Duck and one of his many injuries like you might have guessed {I think that’s all year long, anyway}. It’s a holiday to salute all of those people who are leaving a position of power and might just decide to coast their way through to the end of it and accomplish nothing! Party!

Lame Ducks Need Love Too

Lame Ducks are often specifically politicians, especially those that have been voted out of office. They still have some of their term left but they can’t get anyone to back them on anything because they are seen as less powerful, thus they are seen as lame ducks. They may also just not give a rat’s butt anymore, since they were voted out, so they just stopped trying. Those that are retiring or moving to other jobs can also be seen as lame ducks. The theory is that they may not work as hard or their allegiances may lie elsewhere.

If you want a step by step guide on how to be a Lame Duck, check out this most awesome of awesome videos. I particularly like #11. A $5,000 check for me? Just for funzies? Oh, you shouldn’t have. 😉

But I’m glad you did. 😀

Seriously though {well, as serious as we can be in this most randomly weird of holidays} Lame Duck Day is set aside to celebrate the…

1933 ratification of the 20th Amendment about presidential succession. After each election there is a period of out with the old, in with the new, where the old president does his best to seem useful while the new one gets all the attention.

Whatever the reason that your favorite lame duck is now a lame duck, give them a shout out today! Why? Because they might not get any more shout outs for the rest of the year. 🙂

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Who Was Your Favorite Lame Duck?


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  1. Jimmy Carter is my favorite Lame Duck. What other president sits on a porch in the middle of town and waves at tourist all day? What other president will stand around talking to complete strangers without news/media around to “prove it”? While he may not have been a favorite in office… I think he is a remarkable person! 🙂

  2. Cute little video, I never saw the humor in Lame Ducks before.

  3. I am feeling like quite the lame duck today. Aside from the flu, my back is killing me! Love this idea for a holiday, lol!

  4. Sadly I can’t think of a favorite because I guess I ignored them along with everyone else. LOL

  5. What a funny idea for a holiday!

  6. I don’t know who my favorite lame duck president has been, but I can think of some personal examples of lame ducks in the workplace lol.

  7. Guess I never realized it was considered a “Holiday”… I think I’ll give my shout out to Daffy Duck for always giving a laugh!

  8. Awe, I can’t see the video. But I love the idea of a “lame duck”, I’d never heard of it before!

  9. I know a few lame ducks but will not shout out to them, it might make them want to start talking to me, lol. I learned something today, never knew that about politics.

  10. There is seriously a day for EVERYTHING – have to say, this was a nice and funny spin on it though. 🙂

  11. well i have a few i could mention…but i better not. 🙂

  12. Haha, cute video! I cannot think of any lame duck off the top of my head though!

  13. I have never hear of this day! Fun idea, and now I’m trying to think of who my favorite one is…will make for good dinner conversation at the least!

  14. Haha- too funny!Now I want to think who my favorite is!!!


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