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Driving Safety Tips For Winter Weather ~

driving safety tips winter weather and snow covered trees

Admittedly, I haven’t seen much snow this year here in North Carolina, though I did wake up to a little bit this morning. My husband is in the living room curled up on the couch next to the fireplace and my daughter is snuggled up in her bed {school is closed today due to weather conditions} and I am sitting here thinking about all of the snow we had when I lived in Virginia. My cousin, Angela, works her butt off in the cold {brrr…} clearing roads for VDOT for all of you Virginia drivers, and sometimes she sees the most spectacular snow scenes, which she has agreed to share with us today. She also sees her fair share of accidents, so we are providing you with some driving safety tips for winter weather travel.

Snow Scenes From Southwest Virginia

driving safety tips snow covered and icy roads and trees at sunrise

Though I miss the snow scenes in Southwest Virginia, I definitely DO NOT miss the icy roads {though the picture is absolutely gorgeous}. Angela and her mom live way out in the boonies, so they see this type of stuff all of the time, even when she is not at work scraping roads, cutting trees and whatever else VDOT workers due to make roads safe for travelers.

driving safety tips downed and fallen trees

driving safety tips fallen and downed trees and snow covered roads

Sadly, downed trees are just an everyday part of life living in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, especially in winter. They can make driving even more treacherous than the winter conditions already do. ย If you don’t have to go out, don’t. There is nothing out there worth risking your life over. But if you absolutely must travel out into inclement weather, do so with caution and be sure toย take extra measures to keep yourself and those around you safe.


Winter Weather Driving Safety Tips

  • Before winter arrives, make sure that your car is ready for winter travel.
  • Be sure that you are aware of weather conditions before you leave the house. Watch the news, look up the weather on the internet or TV, call friends that are along your route that you will be traveling and ask about conditions, and do whatever else you need to do to inform yourself before you leave the house.
  • Be sure to clear ALL of the snow and debris from your car. This includes the roof and headlights {even when it is not dark outside}. The snow from the roof can slide down and impede your vision. Snow on the headlights can stop other drivers from being able to see you.
  • Leave early and be sure to drive at a safe speed for the weather conditions. Slow down and don’t worry about people who drive past you or aggressive drivers. Not every driver is a safe one, so don’t judge how you should drive based on others.
  • Be sure that you and every passenger in your car is wearing their seatbelt.
  • In slick conditions, stay at least 5 seconds from the car in front of you – even more if possible. You want plenty of time to attempt to stop if you need to.
  • Stay at least 100+ feet away from VDOT trucks that are pushing snow. The materials that they spread can shatter your windshield. Do not pass one unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Be sure to take your cell phone, wear your coat and plenty of layers, and take supplies like a flashlight, water and maybe some extra food to have in your car. If you get stranded and the conditions are bad, it may be a while before someone can get to you. You want to be as safe as possible so preparing a winter weather safety kit is important.
  • Be sure to report downed trees to your local Department of Transportation. Do not try to move them yourself.


driving safety tips snow covered brush and trees

driving safety tips sunrise over fallen trees

These pictures are gorgeous, but they are not worth risking your life over. If you do not have to go out, stay home. If you must go out, please follow these tips outlined above.


All photography provided courtesy of Angela Hylton. Please do not reproduce or use without express written permission.

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  1. Y’ou’re right – these are gorgeous photos! But I’m one of those people in Kentucky who just prefers to stay off the roads when it’s icy. Thanks for the tips!

  2. I live in PA we get our fair share of snow too. My little sister is learning to drive and I’m always given her tips on what to do and not do. I’m not sure how accurate this is…. At least I hope its accurate because I told her this, but I don’t think you are ever suppose to break on ice. When I was learning to drive no one told me this and I tried to break to stop myself from slipping on ice and my entire car spun around and almost went into a tree.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Yeah, I think you are supposed to let off the gas and drive into the direction of the slide to try to regain control of the car. However, I think that now it depends on the car. I think some you are supposed to pump the brake and some you don’t touch the brake at all. I think checking the owner’s manual is the best bet on that.

      My daughter is learning to drive now, too. I hope we teach them well. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. You would be surprised how many people don’t drive safely! I think many people see snow and forget how to drive!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      For real! It always scares me when I see cars zip passed me at what appear to be the normal speed limit or even higher! I just know I will see them wrecked further down the road.


  4. YIKES! That is one icy road. Thanks for the tips!!

  5. I live in New England and we are seeing our fair share of snow this winter. All of your tips are excellent ones!

  6. Angela Hylton says

    Thank you Dawn for sharing. I hope you all enjoy the photos! Stay warm and Drice Safe!!

  7. The photos are gorgeous and it is easy to forget how treacherous winter can be with such beautiful scenery. I’ll remind others by sharing and SU.

  8. Gorgeous photos and this post is something that NEEDS to be shared. Thank you for taking the time to write it.
    All the best,

    A Spicy Boy, A Cat, and My Fat Ass

  9. Great tips Dawn. Thanks for sharing. The photos are stunning.

  10. We don’t get a lot of snow here in GA, but it’s still nice to read these tips. Those not used to driving in snow need to be even more careful when they are faced with it, IMO.

  11. I didn’t know you used to live in Virginia. Luckily we didn’t really have snow this year.Lots of ice,which I don’t like driving on. Thanks for the tips.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      No problem! Yes, I lived in Virginia most of my life actually. I lived in a few different places in Southwest Virginia. ๐Ÿ™‚


  12. My best tip is “stay indoors” not liking the weather at all, but the pictures are gorgeous!

  13. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    We are stationed here in Virginia and it snows just a little .WE move back to Los Angeles This year and i cant wait because im not built for the snow lol

  14. Jenna M Wood says

    I’m going to share these with my family back East!

  15. I rememeber when I was younger and winter looked more like this. Great driving tips too!

  16. WOW!! I love these photos! They are beautiful. I know it’s dangerous to drive in these conditions, but the photos really are amazing. Thanks for the tips too!

  17. Beautiful Pictures! These are wonderful tips for safe driving, thank you for sharing them. Because we seldom get snow, I stay in on the snow days. People never drive safely when they are not use to it.

  18. My husband is a stickler for that clearing all snow and debris away. He hates when people don’t do that, lol

  19. Very good tips! I so agree if you don’t have to be out then stay home!!

  20. Great tips…being Canadian, I’ve seen my fair share of bad roads. Those are some beautiful pics you took!

  21. What amazing photos. I am a whimp when it comes to winter driving. I usually stay home if the snow gets too bad or the streets are not clear. Excellent tips to help keep people safe.

  22. WOW! Amazing pictures, I love them! I live in Arizona so we do not see much snow here although it did snow very little a couple days ago but melted right away when I started raining right after. Thank you for sharing the safety tips ๐Ÿ˜€

  23. I will have to remember these if I ever get the chance to see snow. I am trying to move but my husband has dug in his heels, lol.

  24. I prefer to stay inside during the nasty winter weather. People often forget that you need to slow down in the snowy weather.

    • Winter season is likely the most difficult and dangerous weather of all, I guess. As for mine, I tend to ensure that my engine is perfectly fine, specially the tires. I have winter tires, just in case the road is quite unusual. Thanks for the great tips!

  25. I love those pictures! They’re gorgeous, albeit a little scary too. I live in the Poconos, an area known for its snow. I am terrified to drive in the snow, though. Your tips are so helpful! Thank you!

  26. Thanks for the tips. We’re having our third weekend in a row with a snowstorm! One of the most important things is to have good snow tires.

  27. Those photos are pretty amazing!

  28. Winter can make for such pretty scenery but you’re right, it’s so dangerous. I remember when I was little and we went to Yosemite in the winter. My dad was forced to put snow chains on the tires of our mini van. This post reminded me of that.

  29. When I lived in upstate NY, I stayed off the roads as much as possible during the winter. Now that I am in GA, I miss the snow. This is really important info that you shared!

  30. Those pictures are so beautiful, but I definitely would not want to be driving in that. Thanks for the tips!

  31. These tips are great. We don’t have snow or ice much, but it’s amazing how many Texans think they can just go out and drive on that stuff! ha! Thanks for sharing

  32. Looks familiar! I’ve lived through many winters that look like this, so glad we haven’t had a storm that bad this year. Great pics!

  33. Great tips and beautiful photos!

  34. Very pretty photos! Growing up in Wisconsin I think we are born knowing how to drive in snow lol

  35. These are awesome tips. I try to live by them too! Those pictures are gorgeous, and so scary at the same time. Angela is a great photographer! Tell her we said thank you for showing us what nature is really capable of doing. People please please please pay attention when you’re driving, and they’re right. If you do not have to go out don’t!

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Amen! Stay inside if you don’t have to go out and I will be sure to pass the message on. ๐Ÿ™‚


  36. Great tips!! Driving in winter weather is so tricky. Thanks for sharing.

  37. Some really good tips there. That said…I think I’ll just stay home and not bother about all that. Much safer for me and any folks that have to be out there.

  38. Thanks for the wonderful tips, it was not easy to deal with a bad weather so itโ€™s better to know these safety tips.

  39. Just would like to add, it is good to keep your oil tank full while driving through snows at winter. It will hep to keep your car warm and also it will add some extra wight which will help you to drive through snow.

  40. Sherry Compton says

    Good points. Winter is tricky. Icy patches can suddenly appear and get you sliding. Your tires may not grip or your lights work. Try to prepare beforehand. Pack an emergency kit for winter survival. Always have an ice scraper, cell phone, charger, flashlight, batteries, and some food and water. Better to pack more ham you’ll ever need than regret it later. Drive safe.

  41. Always have a car check before going on a road trip. ESPecially if it is winter season, check everything including tires.

    • Dawn McAlexander says

      Yes definitely. I had to replace tires before two trips recently {a different one each time}. Both trips could have ended in disaster had we not checked the tires as one was actually splitting!


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