DIY Drawer Liner Project

DIY Drawer Liner ~

DIY Drawer Liner Project

I received a piece of furniture secondhand, that was in decent shape. I think it was originally used as a desk, but I use it as a coffee station. With a bit of TLC, and some simple DIY projects, I plan on turning it in to an art studio/station. I’m not sure if I’d like to paint the entire unit, but I would like to refresh the piece a bit.

DIY Drawer Liner Project

The drawers were a bit stained, so I wanted to line them before putting anything inside. Instead of purchasing a drawer liner, I decided to make my own.

Some ideas for what to use to line your drawers:

-wrapping paper

-old calendar pages

-drawings or paintings children have made

DIY Drawer Liner Project

The drawer ‘before’.

DIY Drawer Liner Project

I decided to bring some spring-time colors in to my home, if only in my drawers.

Materials Needed For Your Drawer Liner Project

What I used:


-acrylic paint

-large sketch paper

You can use any kind of paint you’d like—just make sure that the paper you use is thick enough to handle it.

I measured the inside of the drawers and folded/cut the large sketch paper to size.

DIY Drawer Liner Project

If your drawers get a lot of use, I would recommend using a more durable material, or laminating the painting. This can be done at most office supply shops or copy shops.

You can see that I went with a general spring theme, using blue, purple, green and yellow. The thing I like about making drawer liners like this is that I can change them out seasonally. I know it’s still technically winter, but I’m ready for spring to start, aren’t you?

DIY Drawer Liner Project

I went with a simple design for the second drawer. Which one do you like better?

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  1. Great idea!! Easy and fun!

  2. Those are so pretty. What a great idea. I love the second design!

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  4. Oh wow this is cool!! I never thought of doing my own drawer liner!

  5. I just lined my pantry yesterday. This is a great idea for the cabinet drawers in there. I love the second art design.

  6. I absolutely LOVE this. Plain old drawers are so boring. I mean I love wood, but I love the added touch it gives this desk.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      A little surprise inside every drawer {and it protects it from your craft supplies}! I love Tazim’s idea!


  7. What a great idea! I could see this being something little ones would get really into as well! – Katy

  8. Jenna M Wood says:

    I love this idea, how pretty, and creative!

  9. both pretty. but I like the stars and swirls print a tad more

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  13. So pretty and such a neat and crafty idea!

  14. I would never have thought to make my own drawer liners! I love that second design, I have zero art skills though. lool

  15. What a great idea! Much more creative than just buying contact paper 😛

  16. How crafty! I never think to line my drawers, but love how they look!

  17. Good idea. I looked for some shelf paper recently to line some drawers and didn’t like any of the patterns, so this way I could have some I like.

  18. Great idea! I can see my kids loving doing this with the drawers in their dresser!

  19. Neat! I have tons of odds and ends wrapping paper that would be perfect for this project.

  20. Robin Wilson says:

    What a wonderful ~ unique idea! It is obvious that you are a super crafter! I love this!

  21. chelesa sims says:

    very cute .It does make put a little something to the drawer.I like the bottom picture.

  22. Sandy Cain says:

    I never thought of designing my own drawer liners – Usually I just get pre-printed contact paper. I think I like this idea better!

  23. Very creative ideas for the drawers liners. These are things I never would have thought of using . Saves money too and let me be creative too. Thanks for the project