American Seniors Association: The New Voice For American Seniors #spon

American Seniors Association ~

American Seniors Association

If you are of retirement age (or approaching), then I have an organization to share with you today. American Seniors Association is here to help you as the fastest growing senior advocate group in the country and a strong ally in all issues concerning today’s seniors.

American Seniors Association

American Seniors Association believes that America’s seniors are a vital part of our culture and because of that, they deserve respect, admiration and support for all of the vital contributions that they made to our culture and the American lifestyle. American Seniors Association is founded in the principal that seniors deserve choices and that their foundations and core principals should be represented in the nation’s capitol.

American Seniors Association also believes that seniors deserve access to top medical care and benefits that will help them lead a more active and fulfilling lifestyle. American Seniors Association believes in choice and in individuality in the decision making process.

American Seniors Association 5 Core Values

  • Rebuild National Values Respecting America’s Seniors – The ASA believes that seniors’ lives should be active lives filled with choices. They believe that seniors should have equal opportunity and choices in employment, retirement, health care, lifestyles and housing.
  • Reform Social Security – The ASA believes the foundations of Social Security must be protected, and the ASA wants to work to ensure its funding structure is adequate.
  • Reform Medicare – The ASA wants to help reform the Medicare budget structure with more accountability for monetary mismanagement.
  • Reform The Tax Code – The ASA believes that the Tax Code needs to be reformed and that this reformation should be a top priority in Washington D.C.
  • Control Government Overspending – The ASA believes that the overspending in Washington is one of the major causes for budgetary shortfalls for seniors and that this needs to be addressed and remedied immediately.

If you are looking for an organization that will stand up with you and for you, then American Seniors Association is ready to work with you in getting you the rights and choices that you deserve. Join today to learn more! Make your voice heard.


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  1. I’m not there yet. It’s not too early to start thinking about it though.

  2. Great values! I will pass this post along to my parents!

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  7. It’s funny. I used to think Grandparents were the ones in retirement years, but now it’s my parents. Life sure does move faster than I ever imagined. Thanks for sharing.

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