Abraham Lincoln: A Closer Look At Our 16th President #lincoln

Abraham Lincoln ~

Abraham Lincoln - head & shoulders portrait

Abraham Lincoln, our 16th President, was born on February 12th. So, we would like to take a few moments to share some facts about this most esteemed gentleman and his amazing accomplishments.

Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace

Abraham Lincoln was born in a one-room log cabin in Kentucky, but his family moved to Indiana when he was eight. His mother died just two years later. When he was 21, he moved to southern Illinois, where he taught himself law while tending a shop and working as a postmaster. Wow! How busy can you get?

Lincoln - Douglas Statues

He moved to Springfield, Illinois in 1837 after passing the bar exam. There he met his future wife, Mary Todd, and practiced law like it was nobody’s business. He earned the nickname “Honest Abe.” He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1846, but returned home in 1849. However, shortly thereafter, he was thrust back into the political spotlight when his fierce political rival, Stephen Douglas passed an act that allowed the territories, not the federal government, to decide whether they were slave or free states. Lincoln detested slavery and quickly debated Douglas on the issue. Although he lost the race for Senate in 1858, the New Republican party surprisingly picked him as its candidate for President in 1860,  and he went on to win the election against his old rival Stephen Douglas.


In 1863, Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation, which declared all slaves were free. Lincoln considered this one of his greatest achievements, and hoped it would lead to the passing of an Amendment to the Constitution outlawing slavery entirely. This happened after his death in 1865 with the passing of the 13th Amendment.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

The Real Abe Lincoln

Of course, that’s what the history books tell us. What they leave out is the truth. Abraham Lincoln was an avid vampire hunter. His mother didn’t just die, she was killed by a vampire. He swore vengeance on these bloodsucking fiends from that moment on. He even despised leaches because they drank blood! He’s still out there, somewhere, watching. He has his eyes on that ignorant Cullen family up in the Pacific Northwest, I hear. Yeah, all you true believers stand up and be counted! Because Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter told me so.

Anyway, here’s to the man who wrote the Gettysburg Address and freed the slaves on his very special day! Happy Birthday, Abraham Lincoln!

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What Do You Think Was Abraham Lincoln’s Greatest Accomplishment?


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  1. Abolishment of slavery…against all odds. :) fair rights

  2. LOL! I love the end of your post. You just kind of sneaked in the vampire hunter part! I would say his greatest accomplishment was abolishing slavery.

  3. All so interesting! I had no idea his birthday was today.

  4. LOL! Your last paragraph cracked me up = I love the Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter movie…so funny!

  5. Thanks for the history lesson – very cool!!

  6. This was fun to read! I loved that he not only had 2 jobs, he taught himself law! Kids these days have it lucky, huh? Lol and of course, I love that he hunted vampires. Yes, I’m a believer.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      Hunting vampires must have been his 3rd job! Shew! I am tired just thinking about it.


  7. The vampire part made me laugh!! Oh, I hope vampires didn’t sparkle back then…Anywho…Happy Birthday to Abraham Lincoln!

  8. Interesting! I had no idea that he held all those jobs while teaching himself law…what an accomplishment.

  9. april yedinak says:

    We live in Hodgenville, KY which is Lincoln’s birthplace. He is a big deal around here, let me tell you. My kids are so proud of the fact that they live here, because they admire Lincoln so much.

    • Dawn McAlexander says:

      That is awesome. I am glad that they are proud of their town’s heritage. Lincoln really did a lot for this country and deserves the accolades.


  10. I love the movie Abe Lincoln vampire killer. It was great.

  11. Abraham Lincoln a vampire hunter that was a total different ending to read. He was self taught in law , h was just a busy busy man. Abolishing slavery was a big thing that he did

  12. LOL what a cute history lesson! I have to see the vampire movie- I would love it!


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