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Vintage Trouble: The Bomb Shelter Sessions ~

Vintage Trouble The Bomb Shelter Sessions

Vintage Trouble will be appearing on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight {1/15} at 11:35 PM EST/10:35 PM CST. If you like rock or blues music, then I would venture a guess that Vintage Trouble is definitely a band that you would be interested in hearing. They are currently playing shows with The Who. I recently purchased Vintage Trouble: The Bomb Shelter Sessions on Amazon so let me tell you if it’s worth your money to pick up a copy.

Vintage Trouble: The Bomb Shelter Sessions

Vintage Trouble The Bomb Shelter Sessions

We are people who like to hear an album a few times before we review it, so we added this to my computer and listened to it on repeat several times before sharing our thoughts. Also, my tastes lean more towards classic and Southern rock, country and alternative and my husband’s lean more towards classic rock, hair metal and Southern rock, so we think our diverse opinions make for a more well-rounded review. Here are our collective thoughts.

Vintage Trouble The Bomb Shelter Sessions

Highlights of the album included..

Gracefully – This ballad reminds my husband and I of something that might happen if Stevie Ray Vaughan were to meet Van Morrison.  You get the easy vibe and romance of a Van Morrison song while still getting the rock and blues of a Southern Rock band. We especially love the guitar riffs that do not take away from the smoothness of the track. This is really a song that you can just relax to and this might be our favorite on the album.

Jezebella – This song has to be Black Crowes inspired. It has a true Southern rock feel, gritty vocals and great guitar work. The entire album has great guitar work – we just feel a little more attached to this particular track. This song is for those who really dig rocking out.

Nancy Lee – Believe it or not, this song puts us in the mind of Lenny Kravitz meets Duffy. We can’t decide whether we think this song is more rock, blues or soul. We can even notice a twinge of Southern Rock. Whatever it is, we like it. It’s different and VERY cool.

Nobody Told Me – Do you like Motown? Beach Music? This song totally has the feel of the early days in Motown or of soul. With a style reminiscent of Otis Redding or one of the early Motown stars, this track is cool, mellow and a tune that should please a vast audience.

Run Outta You – Soulful and heartbreaking, with guitar work the makes us think of Jimi Hendrix, if you don’t feel this song, then there is nothing we can do for you.

Total Strangers – This song definitely has a Lenny Kravitz {a la American Woman and Are You Gonna Go My Way} feel. It rocks. Bonus: If you love live tracks, there are both studio and live offerings of this song on this album. Take your pick.

Vintage Trouble The Bomb Shelter Sessions

Vintage Trouble: The Bomb Shelter Sessions Final Thoughts

If you want an album that can cover a majority of the musical landscape and feel at home in each genre, than this is the album for you. The Bomb Shelter Sessions takes you through a musical journey from Southern Rock, to blues, to soul. It’s apparent that Vintage Trouble feels at home with each style. Whether your musical tastes lean more towards Black Crowes, Lenny Kravitz or Bill Withers type music, we think this album definitely has something to offer you. If you want an album full of stand alone material, then I feel that you will like The Bomb Shelter Sessions by Vintage Trouble. This album is not full of filler music and B side tracks and each song sounds different than the last without totally changing musical course and leaving the listener confused.

Vintage Trouble The Bomb Shelter Sessions

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  1. Jenna M Wood says

    Vintage Trouble is a little more Bluesy to me, but I still find their more mellow tracks very catchy. I easily sway along- I’m still learning to like the uptempo beats, that have more complicated storylines. Looking forward to catching them tonight!

  2. I like rock and blues so I’ll go look for their music

  3. BLues is one of my favorite Genres since living in Chicago back in the late 80s. Thanks for this!

  4. Thank you for the heads up. I will keep my eyes opened

  5. ooo i like their genre of music, i bet i’d like them!

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. Love Lenny Kravitz, I’d buy it just for that song!

  7. This soundtrack looks amazing. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  8. Sounds like a great album. I’ll go look for it on iTunes.

  9. I had never heard of them, I used to listen to good music before kids. I need to check these out for mommy time.

  10. Have to admit I have heard of them either…. but then again I don’t get out much lol I’ll have to check them out!

  11. So glad you reviewed this. I need to get out of my music rut and find some new bands!

  12. This sounds like it would be in my music collection already! I’ll check them out!

  13. I’ve never heard of them before, my music is generally laid back. I’ll have to check them out!

  14. Oh this sounds right up my alley – thanks!

  15. I saw them last night! They were really good! 🙂

  16. Ooh, this band sounds great! The blues is my second-favorite genre, steadily becoming my first 😉

  17. What an awesome review! They sound like I would really love this album. Must go check this out now, Thanks! 🙂

  18. I will have to tell my husband about this… he is the music buff!

  19. They sound really interesting! I’ll have to check them out. I missed Jay last night, so I’ll have to watch it online. Thanks for the heads up! I’m not as music savvy and my husband is, but I do like hearing about new bands.


  1. […] I reviewed their album The Bomb Shelter Sessions yesterday, so I want to be sure that you guys understand the coolness of their stage presence today. I was pleased that they performed Total Strangers – one of the many songs that was among my favorite on their new album! All of the band members were dressed up in vintage clothing. Even their equipment appeared to be vintage. My personal favorite outfit was that of the drummer. Looking like someone who had just stepped off of a western, the drummer looked seriously awesome! […]