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I have always wanted a family photo album, but I didn’t want an album that you put your pictures into pockets. With them, some of your photos are either too big or too small. If you scrapbook them, your pictures are open to the elements. The albums with those “cling” pages, don’t always cling and then the pictures fall out. That is why I was thrilled when I got to review a bound leather photo album from PrinterPix. It was exactly what I have been looking for.

Printerpix Photo Albums

With PrinterPix, you can choose what size book you want, how many pages you want your book to have and then what theme you want your photo album to have. I chose black because I thought a black background would look great for my family photo album. They also have themes like Christmas, Summer, Easter, Fall, White, etc. I think PrinterPix has a theme for everyone and every occasion.

I ordered my photo album with 100 pages. I fit 7 years into it!! I was so excited, I could hardly wait for it to get here. I also love that they have clip art that you can place into your album. That came in very handy. My niece hates a picture of her at the beach. She is in a bikini and of course she thinks she looked fat, which she didn’t. I placed a beach ball in front of her in that photo so that she wouldn’t kill me for adding it to my book. 😉

When my photo album arrived, I couldn’t wait to look through it. The pages are thick, the photos looked amazing, and I fell instantly in love with it. I told my husband we needed to buy a fire safety box just to protect this book. It will be the book that is passed down to my kids and then to theirs.

I know my photos do not do this company and my photo album justice. I kept getting a reflection of the book when I tried to take pictures of it. The photos are absolutely gorgeous and only seeing them in real life does them justice. If you are wanting a photo album done of your own family, a trip, or of anything, you should really check out the PrinterPix website. They have way more items to offer than photo albums – including photo canvases, decor items, calendars and more!

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  1. i like :http;??

  2. everywhere…in photo books, on the computer…in envelopes

  3. debbie jackson says
    debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  4. Kristen Redman says

    My pictures are on an external hard drive, the computer, and still on the camera.

  5. domestic diva says

    on my computer.

  6. That is an excellent question.They are all over the place.I have one album that my daughter gave me of the babies.That’s the only one put together!

  7. krista grandstaff says

    I have some in albums, a ton on the computer, and a ton in boxes… I have 4 huge rubbermaid totes full of them… one of these days…. 🙂

  8. krista grandstaff says

    The metal prints are amazing…but I don’t know that the would go with the rest of my frames…lol..

  9. Mostly on the computer and on my walls 🙂

  10. Pictures are not too organized. Some are prints, either in frames or waiting to go in albums. Some are in the camera, on the phone, in the pc, on cds.

  11. Nicole Bear says
  12. Nicole Bear says

    Most of my pictures are on my computer, on Facebook, and backed up on an external drive in my home safe!

  13. Sarah Hayes says

    Id get the canvas photo. I love these and they have so many sizes to choose from

  14. Sherry Compton says

    All of the above – I have some of when my kids were younger in albums. Then I just tossed them into boxes as we got busier. With digital cameras, I have those on the computer.

  15. Sherry Compton says
  16. Debbie Clauer says

    My daughters complain that my pictures live in my digital camera.

  17. Debbie Clauer says
  18. Debbie Clauer says

    I like the wooden blocks –

  19. Most of my pictures are on SD cards. lol

  20. Naomi Osborn says

    I love this:
    I also love the wooden blocks!

  21. Naomi Osborn says

    My photos are on my laptop and backed up on my removeable hard drive. 🙂

  22. Kelly Tanner says

    I would love a photo canvas!

  23. Kelly Tanner says

    I have my pictures on my laptop as well as on an external hard drive. I also have some favorites in albums.

  24. I like the photo canvas

  25. Michelle C says

    I would like the photo calendars:
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  26. Kristi Cartwright says

    I think the montage canvas prints are so cool!
    kmcartwright AT gmail DOT com

  27. Kristi Cartwright says

    I currently have pictures in ALL of those places…on the walls, on the computer, on the external harddrive, in albums, in boxes….too many places! I am slowly getting more organized….I HOPE! 🙂

  28. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says
  29. Carolyn A Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    I have pictures in all of the mentioned.

  30. I’ve got my wedding pics and the pics of the first year or so of my oldest daughter in Creative Memories albums, but the rest are in shoeboxes or still on the camera … and my oldest is 14! Stupid perfectionism …

  31. Stephanie from CT says
  32. Stephanie from CT says

    my photos are in “all if the above” some are in albums, some in a box, others on my computer. plus a lot on the wall!

  33. i really like these thanks!

  34. Heather Carter says I think this is so awesome- industrial feeling, very trendy

  35. Heather Carter says

    Almost all my pictures are currently on facebook or photobucket. I’d be lost if I ever lost them

  36. Kaitlin Boles says

    My photos are currently on the computer!

  37. Terri Moore says

    I would also like the photo on wooden block – cool looing!

  38. Terri Moore says

    All my pictures from the last 5 years are on my computer. I have a new grand-baby and would love to print up pictures of her, so I have a Grandma brag book!

  39. Alex Roach says
  40. Alex Roach says

    This looks great for storage!

  41. I use a box an this product looks great

  42. Brandi Price says
  43. We have them on our computer and in scrapbooks!

  44. I have them on my computer

  45. alena svetelska says
  46. Megan Parsons says
  47. Megan Parsons says

    Everywhere! I have thousands of pictures in albums, on my computer and on my memory cards!

  48. Desiree Dunbar says

    They are in a few boxes.

  49. Sarah Walker says
  50. Leah Shumack says

    in a box and on my memory cards

  51. I have them in all 3.

  52. I have some in photo albums,scrapbooks,on my camera and on my computer. I love the books and would love to have a place for all my pics.Thank you for the awesome giveaway! 🙂

  53. I love the canvas. I have 2 and now I want lots more. 🙂

  54. Beth Hargett says

    I like the photo calendars!

  55. Beth Hargett says

    All 3! I have some in albums (earlier ones), some in boxes, and many on the computer. 🙂

  56. an leather bound album with 8.5 by 11 pages and as many as i could

  57. most are either in one box or computer

  58. cathy henatyszen says
  59. cathy henatyszen says

    right now the photos are all over, box, computer, camera

  60. michelle dement says
  61. drawers and boxes

  62. I have my older photos in albums and more recent ones in my computer.

  63. becky worthman says

    all my pictures are on the computer, no way to really display! I do have a wedding scrapbook album my sis made me…

  64. johnny-amy lynn says

    lol….in a box and on my computer

  65. johnny-amy lynn says
  66. jennifer davis says

    on computer and hard drive

  67. jennifer davis says
  68. Sarah Hayes says

    My pics are a little but everywhere. Id love to have them organized

  69. The pictures looks adorable and cute. Thank you for sharing this! This is just so awesome! 🙂


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