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What can I say? I am attracted to all things unique. That is why when I saw the color change contact lenses from Uniqso, I knew I had to have a pair. Uniqso sells many different kinds of contacts for all different tastes and styles. There are natural looking contacts and then there are the “hey, look at me!” contacts. With all of their contact lenses divided into categories such as brand, color, diameter, price and more, it is easy to find exactly what you are looking for .

Contact Lenses From Uniqso

Before I even looked thoroughly through the website, I knew I wanted a pair of blue contacts! I have always wanted my eyes to be a glamorous blue, so of course I picked blue. Also, be sure to keep in mind that when you put the contacts in your eyes, they may appear a slightly different color then they appear when they aren’t on your eye. This is due to the fact that the contact is going over the original color of your eye, and contacts are somewhat transparent. This is a little but of a trial and error process. If you are adventurous like myself, then you will be pleased. :)

My eye color BEFORE Uniqso contact lenses

My eye color AFTER Uniqso contact lenses

I absolutely love my contacts! The first day I got them I tried them on instantly! I had never put contacts on my eyes before, so it took a little adjustment time. However, I have worn them several times since, including to school the very next day with no problems! Many people told me they loved my contacts and one girl even said she was jealous! I got tons of attention with my new blue eyes. :) The contacts I am wearing in the picture above are Natural Big Eyes Lenses – Dolly Eye – Blytheye Blue.

I also received two different shades of green contacts. I gave the Nudy Green contact lenses to my cousin, Tyler! :D

Tyler’s eye color BEFORE Uniqso contact lenses

Tyler’s eye color AFTER Uniqso contact lenses

I love that Uniqso offers so many different colors and styles of contacts for such a low price. If you really want something different, Uniqso can fix you right up. They offer all kinds of unusual contact lenses – for example, some even have Hello Kitty inside the perimeter of them! I chose to get the natural ones (they do make my eyes a slight bit bigger), because I planned to wear them to everyday things such as school.

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  1. These contact are really cool. I do not wear glasses but I can definitely see my sister wanting a pair.
    Love the new color on you :)

  2. Wow, those contracts completely transform the color of your eyes. I love the bright blue!


    are they comfortable?

    • Amber said that they bothered her eyes for just a bit when she put them in, but then she adjusted and they were fine after that. :)


  4. I like wearing colored lenses.I’ve tried blue,brown and green.I’ll have to check these out.

  5. Wow, that is a dramatic change!

  6. I have a pair that make my eyes purple!! I only wear them when I get all dressed up… but they get tons of attention. So fun!! You look great!

  7. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    your eyes look great. I have never had contacts becusue I think they would bother me, but perhaps I should try them oonce and find out.

  8. these look so pretty I really love the blue colored ones too

  9. I got some of these for Halloween one year! Had never worn contacts before and couldn’t believe what a hard time I had putting them in. (Reminiscent of the first time I put on eye liner…I have a difficult time putting things near my cornea, apparently.) So pretty!

  10. Wow… How cool! I love that color. Thanks for sharing

  11. Suzanne Deleon says:

    I have never tried the color change contacts before, but you definitely have peeked my curiosity! My eyes are very light blue and I have always wanted them to be a darker blue, almost violet in color. I am going to check these out the first chance I get.
    Yours look amazing! Thanks for the great review and info!

  12. Dianna Thomas says:

    wow– these are awesome– I wouldn’t mind having a pair– I think I’ll look into this

  13. chelesa sims says:

    The contacts completely changed your color. I have always wanted a pair but i have been scared to put anything in my eyes

  14. Stacy Alexander says:

    I love these lenses!! They have a bunch of cool colors! I’m thinking about trying green and/or purple!