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Today my family and I received our copy of the infamous musical board game Spontuneous. If your singing talent is questionable like mine and my family’s, do not let the word musical throw you off. You do NOT have to have any musical talent at all! Whew! I was thrilled to get this game, especially when it is so close to the holidays. Why not have a fun time sipping cocoa with the family by the fireplace?

Spontuneous Board Game

This game may seem hard to you at first, but it really is not. It is fun and easy enough that people of all ages are welcome to play – and trust me they will want to! When playing this game, I only saw one downside and that was that you can not play the game with only two players. The game is best played when playing with four to ten players – though I admit that we did also try to play it with 2 and 3 players. There is no way that this game couldn’t be fun and it makes for a great party type game. It has earned many awards such as 2011 Game of the Year by Creative Child Magazine, Mom’s Choice Gold Award, Parent Approved Seal of Approval and much more!

As soon as you play, this game will have you cracking up! The main purpose of Spontuneous is to stump the other players. You do this by providing a “trigger-word”. The other players must provide a song that contains that certain word (the trigger-word). As soon as you are done playing, you will be dying to play again! I even found myself thinking of songs and writing down words to use in the next game. Might I add, I am the best in my family at this game. ;) I love playing it so much because I can brag about my music knowledge to my family! I have to admit though, with my mom and dad both worked as radio deejays in the past so they had quite the upper hand. In the end, we all instantly fell in love with this game and recommend it to anyone for the holidays!

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  1. We are just getting into board games with my 3 year old, it is so much fun. Will check this out but might have to be just for the 15 year old!

  2. This looks like a great fun game! We love music in our house and the kids love board games! Cool idea!

  3. That really does look like fun! Although many times with games it ends up just being the Husband and me; so needing a lot more people would definitely be a down side. It would go in the “big family game night” pile of games that collect that are the same.

  4. This looks like so much fun!

  5. This looks like a ton of fun! I love the music aspect.

  6. This sounds like it would be fun for my whole family. We have some really good singers, and others like me who can’t carry a tune. Fun!

  7. Love a board game that no talent is required, my husband might have a chance against me then. lol

  8. I grew up in a family full of game lovers and I hope to give Michael the same sort of childhood! Daddy Michael would smoke me in this game because he listens to way more music than I do.