Glimmer the Glow Worm From Zoobies @zoobiepets #spon

Glimmer The Glow Worm From Zoobies

Glimmer the Glow Worm

Do you have a child that is afraid of the dark? You don’t want them to be scared all night, but you might not want to leave the lights on all night either. We all know how expensive that can be over time and children can grow dependent on that, too. That’s why you need a new friend for your child – Glimmer the Glow Worm from Zoobies!

Glimmer The Glow Worm

This little critter is so soft and cuddly! This fuzzy fellow is a pillow, blanket, and cuddle buddy all in one. Glimmer the Glow Worm is perfect to give for baby showers, to help your kids not to be afraid of the dark, or to take along when traveling. This little glow worm is also super comfy to snuggle up to and makes a great fluffy pillow.

Not only does Glimmer the Glow Worm glow in the dark, but this bug also is multi-functional. Glimmer the Glow Worm is both a comfy pillow and also has a surprise when you see that you can unzip Glimmer and pull out a blanket that is perfectly sized just right for your children. Glimmer the Glow Worm also makes a nice play toy for small children without small or hard parts to worry about hurting your little one!

This is our second product from Zoobies and we couldn’t be happier with them. Their website offers so many neat things for your kids. Not only are they all soft, cute, and loveable, but they have also brought along some famous faces such as Hello Kitty and Clifford! Also, don’t forget that Christmas is just around the corner. I highly recommend these little fluffy bugs for your little babies this holiday season.

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  1. i love this i have to tellmy cousin one of the niece is scared of the dark and need one of them

  2. These are adorable . I really like the way they look. Great for gift for the new little ones too. The lanket looks so soft and comfy . This will help out with the little ones when they are scared of the e dark. They will have their own personal light with them and a blanket to snuggle both will give them the security they need for the nite time. thanks for the review and pictures

  3. How cute! These would be great for traveling.

  4. Sherry Compton says:

    I love this idea! A blanket and a stuffed animal together is great for kids. My daughter had a glow worm as a child that she took to bed with her. She liked hugging it and watching the face light up. I can see where this would really come in handy getting kids to go to bed.

  5. That is so cute. I love that it glows in the dark.

  6. This is super cute and I’m surprised by just how much it really glows!

  7. I have a little dog that would think this is the coolest thing ever. She loves to rest her head on her stuffed animals and always needs to rest on a very soft pillow or blanket. Not sure what she would think of the glow part though. I think it would be fun for a child though when they make indoor forts or to take on an sleepover somewhere.

    • I have the crocodile, too, and my dog and I both lay our heads on it and snuggle! They make great pillows. :)


  8. Anita Leibert says:

    These are so very cute! I’m certain there’s plenty of children who are afraid of the dark. This would make them feel more comfortable and they could also snuggle with the blanket! Great idea!

  9. Gina Brickell says:

    Glimmer the glow worm is sooo cute!! We haven’t had a zoobie although my son loves the pillow pets, the cuddle up its etc.. I’m surprised he hasn’t asked for a zoobie yet!! I love the fact it’s glow in the dark.. That’s awesome!

  10. I can’t even believe how cute that is! I want it for myself, and I’m not even joking!

  11. How cute it is!! I love practical gifts and it is practical and cute at the same time! What a wonderful gift this would make!!

  12. These are cute and perfect bedtime buddies.

  13. omg they are so so cute. I just want to hug them!!

  14. How cute is this!!!! Looks so soft and squishy!

  15. I love that! We have a night light and I would very much prefer the kids each having a little snuggly instead. That way they could take it wherever they needed to as well.

  16. My best friends child would love this…!!

  17. Okay this has to be the cutest thing I have seen all day. It reminds me of the old glo worms….