Modern Western Fashions

Modern Western Fashions ~

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Modern Western Fashions
Fashion designs come and go, but some looks are classic. They never seem to go out of style. This includes denim jeans and other western-inspired looks. One of the best things about this look is that anybody can pull it off. You can go all-out in full western dress or just add a few touches to create a western fashion effect.

A hot look for this fall and winter can be built with classic denim jeans and button-up shirts. The final touch is a denim jacket. This look is not only popular, it is also comfortable.

New Twists on Old Favorites
Today’s consumers are demanding. They want clothing that looks good, that is functional, and that feels good to wear. Few things can compare to the overall package offered by denim and western fashions. Nowadays we can choose from jeans in various styles and fits. In fact, we can now choose stretch denim, which offers shaping and flexibility.
Other ‘new denim looks’ include denim pants and jackets in a wide range of colors, cropped jeans, and jeans that are ripped to give a well-worn look. Jeans of all kinds can be worn with everything from flannel shirts and traditional western-style shirts, to elegant blouses. In this day and age jeans can be dressed up or dressed down to fit almost any occasion or event.

Accessories Complete the Package
In the past a true western look would only include silver jewelry. Sterling silver and turquoise are typical western-inspired accessories. However, it is now trendy to wear diamonds, crystals, and just about anything else that sparkles, with jeans. This provides a distinct and interesting contrast. It’s like mixing something old with something shiny and new.

Cowboy and cowgirl hats now have a place on the fashion runway. Besides being functional these hats can add style to many fashion designs. Similarly, western style boots are a popular choice for many people. Resources like Langstons Western Shop make it easy to find a style right for just about anyone.

Western inspired belts can include everything from wide leather belts with huge buckles to suede belts sprinkled with turquoise stones and belts made of braided nylon. Creative individuals can use leather or soft suede to make their own western-style belts.

Handbags that have a western look include everything from Indian-inspired prints to simple or tooled leathers and handbags adorned with beads and rhinestones. The designs range in size from very large to smaller bags.

Certain hairstyles and hair accessories can be used to accentuate western fashions. Long flowing hair is a great look for western-inspired clothing. Braids and styles that keep the hair pulled back are also fabulous. To add an authentic western touch just tie leather strings or a colorful bandana over top of elastic bands.

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  1. I love the western look, but not very good at pulling it off. Will have to try some of the accessories you mentioned for just a little western flair.

  2. I live in blue jeans. Comfort is important. I’m not fond of turquoise jewelry though.

  3. Sarah Muennix says:

    Such cute outfits – I love the cowgirl hat!

  4. I love the entire outfit. The hat is gorgeous.

  5. Totally agree about the hair. I have long hair & it just seems I feel better when I dress a bit western with my hair up in a pony tail or just a swangin’ free!

  6. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I think this outfit is a classic. Conmfortable blue jeans are so important and stretch denim is wonderful

  7. Love the look!! It looks comfortable and chic!

  8. Shayla Burks says:


  9. Michelle.A. says:

    great look and great tips. I see so many people sporting western boots and I always want to pull off the look. Maybe I’ll have to jump out of my comfort zone :)

  10. Gina Brickell says:

    Even though I typically don’t wear them, I truly enjoy the look of cowboy boots and the cowboy clothing.. Love it on a guy!! The cowboy boots are really in style now especially with shorts and skirts.. I’ve seen it so much lately!!

  11. Emily Ploch says:

    I love western wear! I go line dancing every week and cowboy boots are hot right now.

  12. Marthalynn says:

    So cute! I love mixing in a little Western to my outfits. It’s so fun! I’m loving how “in” cowboy boots are right now, too.

  13. I’ll never forget walking the sidewalks of Aspen Colorado selling my hand crafted jewelry from a briefcase to any store that might perhaps buy…I was wearing a long blue shirtdress with cowboy boots! I walked right past Jill St. John coming in the opposite direction. She walked 5 inches from me and my jaw about hit the ground. Gorgeous red hair and class you could see her spark from a block away! Couldn’t believe my eyes :o) Don’t know if I had any spark though in my getup but I am sure it was

  14. Great look, I don’t wear a cowgirl hat-it’s not my style, but I love my jeans-especially when you finally find the perfect pair, Jeans and a clean cut shirt is a look that always works. & I love turquoise jewelry. Enjoyed the review-thank you

  15. Sherry Compton says:

    The look is cute and casual while still being trendy. I love that you have so many ways to add western fashion to your look. Whether you want just a few accessories or a whole outfit, you can make it fit you. Cowboy boots are very much in style and often worn with just about any outfit.


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