Mike Iaconelli And Other Great Role Models

Mike Iaconelli and Other Great Role Models ~

Mike Iaconelli

John Austin and Mike Iaconelli

Saturday, Oct. 13 my son and my nephew got to meet a few heroes of theirs.  Casey Ashley, Marty Robinson, Gerald Swindle, Terry Scroggins, Kevin VanDam, and then their favorite Mike Iaconelli.  If you have never heard these names, then you probably do not watch any fishing shows.

Meeting Mike Iaconelli

Mike Iaconelli

Alex with Mike Iaconelli

My nephew Alex’s dream is to become a pro fisherman himself.  To get to meet these guys was amazing.  Not only did they get their picture taken with these men and get their autographs, Alex and John Austin also got to talk to them.  Mike Iaconelli actually spent an hour talking to my nephew and sharing fishing tips.  They told me that all the men were very down to earth and extremely friendly.
Kevin VanDam

John Austin with Kevin VanDam

My nephew was wearing his Mike Iaconelli shirt when he met them.  Kevin VanDam jokingly said I would be happy to give you my autograph even with that shirt on!  He even asked if Mike had seen his shirt yet.  Gerald Swindle asked him why he was wearing Iaconelli’s shirt.  Swindle said jokingly that he was taller and much better looking than Mike.  They said Gerald Swindle was extremely funny.
Gerald Swindle

John Austin and Alex with Gerald Swindle

John Austin and Alex both got to sit in some of the fishermen’s chairs.  My son John Austin was sitting in Kevin VanDam’s chair when Mike Iaconelli came by and said, “Kevin.  Kevin.  Is that you? Wow you look different.  You look taller and older on TV.”  John Austin replied, “But my fishing skills are even better.”  Mike Iaconelli got a big kick out of that.
Terry Scroggins

John Austin and Alex with Terry Scroggins

Before Janene {my sister} and the kids left, they took a few minutes to say goodbye to the fishermen.  Each one of the fishermen thanked them for coming.  The fishermen treated Janene and the kids more like friends than fans. These men were amazing and they are great role models for kids.  In my experience, in most sports the men act like getting an autograph is a huge deal.  You hardly ever see them spend time with the kids that look up to them like these men did.  I am not a big fan of fishing, but I am a big fan of these men.  They made both of “my kids” extremely happy.
Marty Robinson and Casey Ashley

Alex and John Austin with Marty Robinson {red shirt} and Casey Ashley {white shirt}

I am very lucky to have my sister Janene who took the kids to meet Mike Iaconelli and the others. She was also the one who took all these pictures.
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  1. What an amazing opportunity!! I bet they were thrilled to meet him!!

    • Johnetta Dawson says

      They were. When my sister brought them to my house after meeting them, all they could say was, “Best day ever!”

  2. That is so exciting!! That’s wonderful that they took the time to talk to him and make him feel important. Probably a dream come true!

  3. I do not watch fishing shows so I’m glad you explained who they were – glad they had a great time 🙂

    • I don’t either, regularly, though I do enjoy fishing on occasion. It’s really awesome when kids get to meet people they look up to and those people are actually really cool!


  4. Nope, never heard of them but how exciting for your kids!

  5. What a fun experience for your kids! I don’t watch fishing shows either, I like to fish off the pier at the lake or beach when we go though!

  6. Lynee Kelley says

    What a great experience! Sounds like some really great people and your son chose some great role models. I’m glad your kids were able to experience something so fun!

    • Johnetta Dawson says

      Thank you. I really can’t say enough about these men. They were wonderful with all the kids. I am so glad the kids got to meet them. 😀


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