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I have to say, I am in love with a new website called Knock Knock. They offer so many cool things that you probably would not find anywhere else. When we got the chance to work with them, we took it right away. I have to admit though, there was one problem…. deciding what to pick when there was so much to choose from! In the end, we ended up getting and “All Out Of” pad, the Takeout Menu Organizer, a “Pack This” pad, and a Clump-O-Lump.

Fun Stuff From Knock Knock

The first thing was the “All Out Of” pad {$6.50}. This is a note pad that lists things that people commonly run out of such as toilet paper, salt, dog food, and light bulbs. The items they list range from kitchen things to toiletry. This is so neat because you can just mark the box beside the item so that the person running to the store can tear of the sheet and take it with them. I ALWAYS forget something at the store – this is definitely something that I need. :)

Knock Knock Stuff Pack This

The next thing we received was the Pack This! Pad {$6.50} which helps you remember things to pack. I think this might be my favorite thing out of all the items that we received! This is very helpful for when you are going on business trips or when your kid is going away on a school trip or to summer camp! It lists everything you could possibly need for going anywhere, such as clothing, entertainment things, and documents. I hate forgetting stuff at home and having to spend some of my vacation money on things like hairbrushes and toothpaste.

Takeout Menu Organizer

Takeout Menu Organizer

We then picked out the Takeout Menu Organizer {$20.00}. This is very handy. In our house previously, we had all our menus either shoved into a drawer or hung up on the fridge. It created such a mess. And it made our fridge look crazy! Also, because of the fact that we were so unorganized, a lot of times we were unable to find the menu that we needed. Now, all we have to do is grab our menu binder and find the one we need right away. This organizer also comes with stickers to label your menu categories and thumbs up and thumbs down stickers to rate your restaurant dishes! Ha! Love it!

Lastly, we got this cool little new thing called a Clump-O-Lump. Frog-O The Frog is a cute little fellow! This is also great for any baby or toddler. It is an animal that can be unzipped and then rezipped to a piece of another one and then turned into another animal, completely! It is so fun! Some of the animals they offer are a tiger, shark, bee, and squid.

Frog-O Frog the Clump-O-Lump

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How would you like to win ALL of the products I mentioned above including the All Out Of Pad, the Pack This Pad, the Takeout Menu Organizer and Frog-O Frog the Clump-O-Lump? Just enter the easy pease rafflecopter below! Be sure to come back for the daily entries for more chances to win! And don’t forget the linky below!! Good luck!

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