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Nutrisystem – One Week Down ~

Cheap Is The New Classy

So, I am one week in to the Nutrisystem Program and I have to say, it is a lot easier than I thought it would be. The only time I am really bothered with cravings is at night. Snacking goes with TV watching, right? So I have started eating my dinner a little later and that fixed that. So, have I cheated on the diet any?

Nutrisystem: One Week Down

Yes, I cheated, but only once. Hooray! I ate a ham and cheese croissant {not fast food}. I am sure the croissant was a big no-no, but the ham and cheese were probably okay. You can have them on this program {at least you can have the cheese, not 100% sure about the ham, but I feel like you could for a PowerFuel} so I didn’t blow it too bad. Hooray for the small successes. πŸ™‚

Drink Up!

The only thing that I have had a hard time with is the water. Nutrisystem likes for clients to drink 64 ounces a day {2 of the bottle shown above}. I always get to like 55 or 60, but I have never gotten the total 64 yet. However, going from drinking basically no water to drinking 60 ounces a day is great, right? I love water, so I am steadily increasing my intake daily. πŸ™‚

But, Is The Food Good?

So, is the food good? Yes, it is very good. As everyone’s tastes are different, we all like and dislike things more than others. I have found all of the foods to be very good or excellent except for one thing. And that is what is great about Nutrisystem, I don’t have to order that one item again – and I also ordered more of my most favorites for next month!

So, I bet you are wondering what my favorite foods are, so far…

Refreshing Coffee Protein Shake

As we know from last week’s post, I LOVE the Coffee Protein Shake. Yum. I have since tried the Chocolate and Strawberry and they are great, too, but the Coffee is hands down my favorite.

Homestyle Beef with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

My favorite menu item of all is the Homestyle Beef with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy. I had it the night before last and I had only ordered one for this month. I ordered 5 for next month. I think it is smart to order 1 of a huge variety of food when you first start because you really don’t know what you will like best until you try it. Then you can change your order each subsequent month depending on your own personal likes and dislikes. πŸ™‚

Nutrisystem Ice Cream Sandwich

Another favorite is the ice cream sandwich. Oh my gosh! It tastes just like other ice cream sandwiches you might purchase at the store. I am so surprised by how good Nutrisystem food really is as a whole!

My coach, Meredith, at Nutrisystem suggested that I have a salad for lunch on the days that I have a lunch bar {tastes like typical candy bars you would choose when you are not dieting – yum!}. I love her way of thinking. πŸ˜‰ I like to have a big salad that consists of spinach greens, celery, cucumber and sometimes scallions or cherry tomatoes. I also either use vinegar or fat free ranch dressing. This afternoon, I put a bunch of red peppers on it. FIESTA BABY! My mouth is still on fire, so good!

I am finding that Nutrisystem has given me lots of options and most of the items are for the pantry and completely portable. Last week, my husband, daughter and I went to Winston-Salem to catch a movie and I took my dinner with me – no cheating! Easy peasy!

So how did I do? Well, I weighed myself yesterday {6 days in} and I had lost 2 pounds. Nutrisystem says that you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds weekly on their program so I am right on track. πŸ™‚ Wish me luck for the next week!

Nutrisystem lets you track not only weight lost, but inches lost and lots more. I have measured all my body parts as instructed by the site and hope to see a great change next month when I measure again! Thanks for encouraging me on my journey!

Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling 1-888-853-4689 or by visitingΒ

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  1. CONGRATS on your weight loss! I’m also a #NSNation blogger and I’m loving it! I’m down 18.6 pounds in 6 weeks. I weigh in again on Monday and am hoping to reach the 20 pound weight loss!

    • Awesome! Good luck to you and great job! Thanks so much for letting us know about your success. πŸ™‚


  2. You’re doing great! Keep at it and I can’t wait to see your continued progress!

  3. Great job. I am on my 7th week and still loving the food. You mentioned two of my favorites too, the beef and mashed potatoes and the ice cream sandwich. I love those!!!

  4. Good for you!!!
    I could do the ice cream sandwich part… would that work for me do you think?? I’d drown in that much water! wow!!

  5. I’m actually on week 15 of Nutrisystem. Stick with it, it gets better and better! Congrats!

  6. That’s great that you’re already seeing success. Congrats!

  7. you’re doing awesome!!! keep up the great work

  8. Brenda Brown says:

    I get to start mine in October! I am so excited!

  9. CONGRATS on your weight loss so far! That is awesome

  10. Good for you and good luck!!

  11. Congrats on the weight loss! You made a huge step just by starting. Wishing you continued success.